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What phone is this?
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If it has no fingerprint scanner, it's a iPhone 5.

Otherwise it could be either a 5S or SE. Check the back.
Those are some thick bezels

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This got to be the greatest scam ever.

4k resolution is going to become the norm in 2018 and people are already buying ultrawide memes without realizing that it supports questionable and inferior resolutions, display ratio, causes neck pain, causes mouse inaccuracy, comes with issues requiring RMA over and over and much more. I haven't noticed an increase in my productivity since I bought this piece of shit and I'm thinking about going back to three monitors.

I really want people to know this is a terrible fucking meme but the autists who bought it will insist it's the best purchase ever so they can justify wasting money on this shit.
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maybe your just an idiot?
Whats shit about it?
Most of the issues sound like a firmware/software issue, so maybe the monitor you bought is just shit or your computer is shit
>4k resolution is going to become the norm in 2018
Fucking 1920x1080 is barely "the norm" you idiot.

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>Cat hair in computer
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>Cat in computer
>having pets
you asked for it

this. love animals and shit but fuck them getting hair anywhere.

my dawgs don't fuck up shit. the kitty kat at my gf's apartment is fine. if your cats and dogs shed kill them.

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>Checking up on my accounts as usual, changing passwords
>Try to sign into my G-Mail
>Literally only use this for shit like Origin, Steam, GoG, etc.
>Never put a phone number to it because Google
>Too lazy to switch it all over to another e-mail, plus Origin is a bitch about it too
>Sign in with password
>"This device isn't recognized. For your security, Google wants to make sure it's really you."
>"Enter a phone number to get a text message with a verification code."
>Never gave them my phone number in the first place
>They know I'm entering the correct password but they won't let me sign in
>Try using an alternate email address to verify it's me
>"Couldn't verify it's you, give us your phone number though. :^)"
>Locked out of my account unless I give Google my phone number
I have never given them my phone number, what the fuck is Google's problem? Fuck the botnet, why'd I have to be so lazy?
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Should have used cock.li
>my phone number
Why do you even have a phone if allegedly you're into privacy? I haven't used a mobile in over 4 years. You deserve to be fucked in the ass. Also:
>using Google

We post our used programming languages. People try and guess our reason for programming/job. Go.

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being a CS/statistics faggot

Ok, my turn, I'll group them by reason.




Thinks he's a full stack developer, but he's actually a basement dwelling neckbeard who writes hentai apps for their phone
>but he's actually a basement dwelling neckbeard who writes hentai apps for their phone
Hah, I wish I was that talented. But unfortunately I'm a fullstack dev.

Repeat after me:

1070 level performance
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>Nvidia fanboys can be this desperate
like 300watt 1070 levels desperation?
With Nvidia's latest driver gains, more like 1060 3gb performance. The 580 has been bumped down to 1030 performance.

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iphone 8 rendders.jpg
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What are /g/'s thoughts on the recent speculation on the iPhone 8? Will it bomb and force apple to sell out to samsung or will it succeed?
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If the renders are true it's the best looking phone ever made and I want one, but I also don't want to pay $999 for it. Which apple will inevitably charge. They put up the price a hundred bucks or so since the iPhone 3. Sadface.
I'll always love apple no matter what. Fuck the CIA niggers and fuck the Google Android monopoly.

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Redmi 4X.jpg
14KB, 430x279px
I just bought Xiaomi Redmi 4X.
How did I do?
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>asking for validation for your whorish consumerism from anonymous strangers on a mongolian hatmaking imageboard
No I just wanted to know if I spent the money that I wageslave my ass off for every month on a good phone you overanalyzing pig.
Read the sticky and just fuck off shitskin

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Serious question,

People who exclusivity use Linux, how did you let go of PC gaming for good? Did you just lost interest or use WINE? Something else? I want to use Linux exclusively, but I have always have trouble leaving because "muh games".
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I keep a laptop with Linux
and a Windows desktop for games and photoshop

I dont do any work on Windows. (because I use work computers for that)

and I only do my banking and other private stuff on the Linux
>just lost interest
This pretty much. Everything failed to caught my attention for the last three steam sales.

I'm becoming too old for this shit and i'm just 23.
The only games I play are XP-era and they all run great in WINE, so about a month ago I finally wiped my Windows 7 drive because I hadn't booted into it in over a year. The only games I play in WINE are Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2 because they're just too good. The communities are still active as well. Newer games are just shit though. The only recent game I play is Minecraft (Yes, I'm an autistic adult and I enjoy this) and it has native Linux support.

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what IDE does /g/ use?
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qtcreator for c++
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>the die is bigger than he is
Seems accurate.
Nice wart on your face, chink
that's a microphone you fucking autismo

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File: Untitled.png (965B, 81x23px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
965B, 81x23px

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Old Thread: >>61656577

What are you working on, /g/?
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first for trips
Sup fags. It's been so long since the last thread.


Wolfenstein 2 unterst├╝tzt FP16 und Vulkan

grabbing id from nvidia teasing the usage of fp16 on games
making games more compute heavy
relying them more on the hardware sc

just when you though amd was done with raping the entire industry here comes another great news

i wonder what excuse nvidia will use for their non existance hardware sc
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given the stellar perfomance of pascal on anything compute this will be a murder

Please kill yourself
>/g/ - Technology
>GPUs are technology

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Post your 2D OpenGL projects here!

I'm looking for some information about using OpenGL 3 for 2D games, preferably C only. I'd really love to write something like Terraria using modern OpenGL, however everything I could find was very basic stuff without batching or with fixed pipeline.

So if anyone has good sources or wants to show of some of their projects, go ahead.
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It seems OpenGL is used for 3D graphics almost exclusively. While you can do 2D with it too obviously, no one really seems to bother with it.
>While you can do 2D with it too obviously, no one really seems to bother with it.
Because you just need to implement your 2d vector drawing library and then use that.
Usually the window library / GUI already provide functions for 2D drawing so there's no need to reimplement them again in opengl.
Just use pixi.js on top of WebGL on top of OpenGL or Godot, if you hunger for the 2D GL experience.

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