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Daily reminder that if the window manager you use is not a fork of dwm you wrote yourself, you aren't getting the most out of your TWM.
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i3 is still better boi
>being this ricefag
go install arch in a corner
What if I cant program? I started using i3 this week and its breddy gud with all the stuff I can easily customize.

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/g/uys, I'm trying to learn C. Any tips for me?
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Just fucking do it, and don't come back until you hit a brick wall.
Make sure you know A and B first.
Don't procrastinate

Redpill me on Soulseek
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better than private trackers
absolute shit

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How is there no thread about this yet?
>Wondering how that’s even possible?
>Up until a few months ago, Tesla sold a 60kWh version of its Model S and Model X vehicles — but the battery in those cars was actually rated at 75kWh. The thinking: Tesla could offer a more affordable 60kWh version to those who didn’t need the full range of the 75kWh battery — but to keep things simple, they’d just use the same 75kWh battery and lock it on the software side. If 60kWh buyers found they needed more range and wanted to upgrade later, they could… or if Tesla wanted to suddenly bestow owners with some extra range in case of an emergency, they could.
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>electric cars are a ploy to take your real cars away and make you impotent and controlled good goyim
>I'll save your life, goy, but you better buy your kids a Tesla after this
>Alas, the upgrade won’t stick around forever — Tesla generally charges at least $5,000 for the permanent equivalent. Members on the Tesla Motors Club fan forum report that the temporary update will be reversed on September 16th
Stallman was right again

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Is /g/ following this Equifax crisis?

How do you fuck up so badly and expose 150 MILLION American's private info?

Any /security/ fa/gs/ wanna chime in here?
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TeaMp0isoN fag here.

Like this.
they got sloppy with their security, their it was probably outsourced to pajeets anyway, with so much attack surface breach like this was bound to happen sooner or later.
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>CSO has a Master's in Music Composition

This is the woman in charge of guarding hundreds of millions of credit card #'s, SSN's and other highly sensitive information?

God I hate nepotism so much. Like, if you'd holding on to my fucking SSN and CC info, I want you to have a PhD in fucking Data Security or something.

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>that JavaScript programmers have been mind-fucked into thinking that JavaScript is a good programming language. The president speaks of “mass psychosis” and “crowd thinking”
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name one language that just works™ like javascript

protip: you cant
>name one language that just works™ like javascript
>protip: you cant
As much I think it is used way too much for other reasons than scripting, Python is the just werkz language.
You can paste pseudo-code ans expect it to work. (Hi scientists friends :) )
Python 2 or python 3?:^)

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What sort of tech would you guys take into a basement to wait out a hurricane? are any of you currently waiting them out?

I'd have
>buy a bunch of battery packs in advance
>a cheap feature phone for the extra battery life
> an e-reader
>a few 4tb external drives filled with movies, tv shows, other media and some first aid stuff
>a tablet and laptop to watch the stuff on
>a dynamo type charger so if my other stuff fails i can still get a bit of power for emergencies
>a shit ton of food and water
>some battery lights
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Dragon dildo
>go into the basement to avoid hurricane
are you stupid? You trying to drown yourself?
A bicycle powered generator

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How's that gaming laptop holding up /g/?
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It's been fine for 3 years except for the FUCKING CHARGING CABLE THAT KEEPS BREAKING. Literally gone through at least 1 per year.
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>spending $800 on a VR rig and then compromising it with a gaming laptop that throttles after five minutes in SteamVR Home

if tor has gone to shit can /g/ make its own version?
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1.) /g/ is memeing you about Tor. /g/ tends to focus on all the wrong things and come to inaccurate conclusions about many things.
2.) No. They can make a logo, though.
Great idea! I can make the logo
No one would host the servers

I’m currently in the process of upgrading from windows/android products to apple products.

2 months ago: I bought an iPhone 7
Last month: I bought an iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard
This month: I bought an Apple Watch Series 2 and an Apple Pencil for my iPad Pro.

What next?
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iPhone 8 obviously
Get a 27 inch iMac

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is there anything other than Orb Composer?
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That looks like Macintosh 7. Pretty neat.
I don't know keykit but it looks like you could make something similar with max/msp or even puredata, if you put in a bit of work.
What's so unique about it vs regular DAWs?
So having looked at the website it looks very nice, I'm gonna put it on my thinkpad (running XP embedded) and give it a go.
You might want to try Numerology but it's mac only AFAIK.

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What's /g/'s favourite IRC client? I use Hexchat.

Discordfags gtfo.
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hexchat is good but i wish it supported theming
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is it still possible to be 100% anon?
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It never was. School systems, birth records, social security, etc.

If you mean online, well sure!
You just have to be good at it.
How do you pronounce anon?

Personally: ah-non(French non).
Of course. You have to have absolute discipline though, many don't realize the amount of data the typical device leaks.

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Why do engineering/IT students want to work at Microsoft?
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why not?
Probably because it pays a lot of money and gives a rather stable foresight whereas free software foundations means you'll have to move in with your mother and startups can mean bankrupcy.

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Which RSS reader do you use?
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Liferea. It's okay
Elfeed (emacs)

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