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Cpu-z phone edition.
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hey /g i just booted up the Tails OS on an old laptop . can anyone give me some good beginner links for the dark web?
i have moderwate knowledge of network security
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>dark web
don't use tor, is a fucking honeypot

Don't listen to this troll, it's not. The leaked NSA documents show that it's still something that has no been seriously undermined.

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ITT: Tech celebs/devs/entrepreneurs who you hope suffer a career threatening and/or potentially life threatening injury
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No one, I wish everyone a long and healthy life.
People do what they can, you can agree or disagree with them but wishing someone death or illness is not nice desu.
Lennart just needs to be slapped in the face and told "Get your shit together!". Steve Jobs on the other hand should have died much more painfully, and much sooner than he did. Elon Musk doesn't deserve to die but does deserve to have all his companies fail and go bankrupt.
For sure, Steve Jobs was a son of a bitch that exploited kids, not arguing that.

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>finally save up enough to buy it
>new model released
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Just buy the new model ',:^)
>buy new iphone on sept 8
consumerist cucklord teens

Are there ways to hack SimpleMachines forums? Are there any interesting exploits those forums have? is there a way to view forums only mods and admins can?
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There sure is, bud. Heres a link on getting started.
com / l33sdj1

I get a 404. :-(
Works for me? Did you type it in right???

Some dumb fuck gave me a WD black 2tb drive because he snapped off the sata power connector bit thing.

Are these molex SATA adapters really a firehazard or is that just another shitty /g/ meme?

Also what's some free shit you've gotten for your PC?
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You type like a retard and ask retarded questions.
Shush my dear retarded nugget and answer the question :')
you shouldve posted this on /sqt/ anyway, i made a older molex to 4 satas to power my hdds, (scrapped old psu) i've checked multiple times to see if they were heating up or if my disks were stealing power from each other, since then, i had no problems so far. I assume it's safe, as long the cables are thick.

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# rm -f --no-preserve-root /
this nerd's linux laptop today.

He started crying and shit. It was funny.
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>and then everybody clapped

Dumb frogposter
nice blog post faggot
He was an idiot for not aliasing it.

should I join the beta and upgrade to android o right now? It's apparently got support for system wide themes using substratum, Google says they're doing carrier testing and I'm not sure which one to use for EE in the UK, I don't want to upgrade and then I can't use my data on my phone, if I want to downgrade then I have to wipe my device and backing up 110+Gb of data over usb 3.0 is slow as hell and for some reason my usb ports are buggy when connected to phones, what do you guys think I should do?
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why does that damn thing look so gay
That sounds awefuly like discriminatory speech, anon.
Just install lineage OS and get over it.

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Also resume thread I guess
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Hey I'm working on some web dev projects with a friend and he's making me sign up for these obscure websites to work in. Examples "trello, airtable, mural" and all these arbitrary third party websites apparently designed to help developers.

Are these like real things developers use or is he giving me fake news? What do most developers use, just github? or do they actually use these things? pic unrelated
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Yes.Trello is especially helpful.
Trello is pretty legit. The others are new to me.
I see. I guess I'm stuck in 2005 since my entire workflow is in text editors, compilers, and excel.

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The only good software on Linux is the web browser.
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i wonder why this board is getting raided, i mean what are you going to win?
>t. mactoddler
Liquid Wars
Tux Racer

I won't wait for your turbonigger response you dumbfuck. Kill yourself. You lost a battle on the internet.

>looking for a used laptop on eBay
>old MacBook from: $500
>old, similarly spec'd ThinkPad: $200

How the fuck does this happen?
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MacBooks look generally better.
My school just sold off its stock of nearly 20k Thinkpads to some chink company. There are shit tons of them on the market.
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Mactoddlers will buy anything with a fruity toy logo on it.

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Is the internet dead?

It becomes more and more closed-off every year, 99% of users seldom stray from their corporate owner's walled garden. Only consuming content and rehashing stakeholder-friendly material, never creating anything original, doing marketing work for free. Viewing only curated results inside their self-selected bubble. For some people there is literally nothing beyond whatever their provider has zero-rated. The internet is their social network.
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how do you use the internet then, fuckwit?
>What happened?

We let normies use the internet. Normies who couldn't handle the hate machine literally invented a social movement out of online bullying. And because normies aren't curious and don't like new or hard things, they all congregate in just a few websites. Eventually all the infrastructure, technology, and talent become just a select few and exist in one place in the country. They all know eachother and they all have the same political alignment. And now we're here:

tl;dr: Activists with deep pockets and the normie herd that support them killed the internet.
commercialization and popularization of things have a way of killing originality

I can't help but wonder if that's a property of consumerism in general, or if it's just internet- and technology-specific.

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ITT: Post pictures of technology you restored.
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Got that turntable for $50 along with hundreds of early 2000's club and idm records. I think last time I checked the turntable goes for about $600. On too of that is a song trinitron that I found for free off Craigslist.
Literally sat in a box for over a decade before I finally decided to fix it.

So for audio we have opus, but what's the next revolution in image compression?
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webp, ebay already uses it

Then something involving AV1 after that.

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