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I'm building a rig, I want to play 1440p at max @60fps for the next two years or so before having to upgrade.

at $400 extra is it worth it to go with the 1080ti strix as oppose to the 1080 strix?
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thanks, mate appreciate it! I heard the %30 performance difference can translate to like 10 fps at most depending on the game.
1080 ti is worth it, in two years you can probably add another one onto it and play in 4k for a year or two before it starts getting outdated.

The 1080 will last you 2 years at 1440p not sure about max but close to it!

What fonts do you guys uses when your read stuff on tablets on laptops?

I am currently using TNR, but it fucks me up when I read pseudocode in TNR.
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monaco, hack and fantasque sans mono

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I am looking for a way to make money online. I was looking at stuff like clickworker and uhrs but I dont know if I could make enough at it. Does anyone know of a better way to make money online?
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You made your post have a thinkpad just to get our attention
Fuck off bait
Shilling Apple products on /g/ doesn't pay a lot but you get nice discounts.
Got a refurbished Macbook Pro 2016 for 45% off.

Just inform at your local Apple store.
Yeah, investing in programming classes online and getting a job.

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>Organize a programming conference in central Europe.
>Invite non-binary SJW to give a talk about "spoon theory".
>Two people show up.

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>having a presentation on a subject that has nothing to do with programming at a programming convention
Yeah I wouldn't go either.
I cannot believe I have to do this, but..... for once I think the sjw is k.
It hurts telling this but ..... I think that if the idea is that you have limited energy everyday and you should use that energy carefully, this is not a bad idea. Is this connected to programming? Well, kind of, but not really. Still, it could have been a side presentation that is not marketed as important. That being said, I too would have liked if the presenter did not look like an autist
there's your problem
isn't 99% computer tech based on binary logic?

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Why is AMD so shit at tuning cards?

I was able to undervolt my card to 1050mV (12.5%) and overclock to 1630Mhz (5%) and now it's drawing less than 270W which isn't super low, but also not that bad either. It's also not throttling at all anymore.
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>windows user
thread disregarded
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>he fell for the amd meme
>he bought vega
GN had similar results,for 100W less you only cut 5% on performance.

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I need an opinion on which visualization tool you find better? Power BI or Tableau
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Depends, userbase knowledge and size, backend data state (how clean is it?). Also what are you trying to build? Scoreboards, Dashboards. Give more details.
mfw I may get a BIA job soon, bump for interest
I need to compare these two for a uni project. I will use clean data (or some online DB if possible). My goal is to see which one is easier to use as a non-tech employee for some simple calculations and dashboard designs.

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>/g/-tard's giving other /g/-tards shit for using proprietary software
>"muh freedom"
>"windows users should be burned alive"
>"game developers are retarded because they make their games closed-source"
>/g/-tards don't realise that game developers need money too and if they released the source code no-one would buy the game because you could just compile it yourself, resulting in being homeless
>praises a fat-ass who goes on autistic fits about free software and proprietary software and shit

I agree that the free-software and open-source movement's are essential, and they are important, but jesus christ Is there some other place that doesn't have autistic fits like /g/?
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>Ill agree here at the end cause I'm non-confrontation-ally passive aggressive
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>the year is 2020
>stallman elected US president
>all games must now be free as in freedom
>the only games now are made by people with no incentive besides their drive to make great games
Free-software is a meme here, no one takes it seriously, OP.

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Sup /g/,

im trying to get into this whole usenet thing, after using OCH (gerfag, can't torrent) for years.

I've heard quite a bunch of good things about it.

Is it worth it and which provider would you recommend?

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I'm going to take a couple days off,
you could safe me a lot of time and trouble with this /g/
Why can't a "gerfag" [sic] use the torrent protocol?
Cuz it's friggin unsafe without a thousand proxies...

So I've been talking to my dad who's been working pretty much all his life in IT, starting out with sys-admin work then moving on to Info sec and finally auditing and less technical broader compliance work. He used to work in Wall St. for companies like Merrill lynch/Bear sterns back in 90's early millennium. It sounded like totally different world when literally if you could do ctrl-alt-del and knew bone basics of NT 4.0/server 2000 you could basically get a job. I know finding work is still hard in this slow growth shitty economy but when I heard my dad was recently offered a job paying an hourly wage of $30 doing PCI compliance work I was aghast that they could even find someone willing to work for such a pathetic rate let alone someone with 30+ years of experience in the industry.

My feelings are this,
1. They can actually find purple squirrels with xyz hands-on 7 years of experience with share point, data-loss prevention CISSPI/CISSA and everything else in between super neckbeard type especially when it's application/software engineering related.
2.These job postings especially when asking for experience requirements for products that have not been released for the time they are asking for, and these listings are just placeholders so these firms can pretend they can't find qualified workers so they can....(next line)
3.Hiring h1b Pajeets and Valds because they can pay them significantly less and also hold them by the balls immigration status wise.
For myself I'm really considering dropping out of college (or get an assoc.) and starting/focusing on a business completely unrelated to IT ( I already own/run an aquarium/aquaculture side gig) or even go into a trade. That or i'm going to do what Snowden did and walk up to the HR people at one of the big 4 and prove his worth.
So for those who make this their living what are you thoughts/experiences. Honestly everything that I see is trending to a smaller and smaller game of musical chairs.
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It really depends, but you are right though in one aspect. The whole "WE NEED PEOPLE IN IT NAO" is a complete load of bullshit and it's really disingenuous to tell kids and students this is a insta ticket to getting a steady career.
Also without sounding like a /pol/tard, the pajeets and overseas outsourcing have made IT professions no longer an exclusive skill, because you have shit smearing pajeets who are willing to basically work for peanuts and the employers know this.

Even the more creative front end web development work is being moved offshore or consolidated.
>Even the more creative front end web development work is being moved offshore or consolidated.

can you please cite?
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aslong as i'm not working out in the sun or busting my ass for the same pay =v)

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Decided to ditch this failing piece of garbage after it started deleting the content of my files on save after some shitty package update. Tried Sublime, VS Code and all of them suck. I just want an editor that highlights syntax and reindents on save. Please help me /g/.

Is Vim a meme?
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Vim is not a meme, Vim shortkeys are fucking smart
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use acme or sam
Vim is amazing but the learning curve is steep

>land of the free
>the authorities can lock you down until you let them search your computer at the airport
>They can actually "search" your devices within 100 miles away from a border
>They can coerce you to let them scroll through your gmail, facebook and other social media (anecdotal).

Can grub (or another bootloader) be configured to boot on a certain partition unless a combination of keys are pressed on the keyboard?
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Why would you even want to go to niggerland?
You can set the grub timeout to be zero so the menu only shows up while holding shift. Then set the top entry to by the normie one.
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What are you trying to hide?

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So now that Tor is officially working on a way to stop "racism" and "hate speech" on their platform, what anonymization software should we use that actually respects our freedoms?
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Why the fuck are they accepting this dumb shit?
You weren't truly anon on Tor in the first place
>but don't stop 10000 CP sites
wew lad what a time

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I need help /g/. I got this External Hard drive not to long ago but now its corrupted when i was doing cable management. What is the best way to repair/ get the files back?
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Define "corrupted" for us. You plug it in, then what?
then it asks for money
chkdsk the drive.

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If I have a 64 bit processor, is there any advantage to using a 32bit is at all? In any way?
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Have a taste of the "American Dream" - the pic
btw yes. 32-bit's only advantage is legacy software. You don't need 32-bit unless you use those shitty software like vs 2005 or some 32-bit database or some pre win7 winshit
32 bit need less space

15.2 TB write over the course of 5 years is good?
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What am I doing wrong?
If you had a hard disk in it, it was probably failing after 5 years. An ssd has most of the time a TBW of 70 or more. So it doesn't care much.

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