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Moz://a has really gone down the shitter
wtf i hate mozilla now
Mozila india more like uhhhh POOZILA

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Are you simplifying or complicating your life?
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Your mind is simple, too, right? Either way, enjoy your botnet.
Heh, one is a cock sucker and one a kiddie fiddler.
I installed linux on my MacBook.

Seriously Microsoft? Let me think... Because i wanted to end some unresponsive application?
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Hey now, they're just asking nicely, you don't have to be a dick about it.
Oops, something happened
>Asking instead of commanding

Never gonna make it

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I have a 24" philips monitor i have been using for over 3 years and last night when i was watching a movie i got one of this green lines on the right side of my screen and its annoying the shit out of me.

How do i get rid of this thing. I tried a few online solutions but nothing seems to be working
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You could throw it out of a window or use a trashcan like a normie.
Install Gentoo
You could place it on the street in front of your house. Usually stuff disappears after a few days.

Is this the most autistic input device ever created?
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not even close
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Infrared keyboard.jpg
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I don't know, these keyboards seem pretty autistic.
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emacs foot pedals

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You do use Firejail, don't you?
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How is that compared to iptables?
Yes, definitely when using Linux.

t. OpenBSD user
Not comparable at all since it performs a different function. It would be closer to AppArmor in functionality but writing rules for Firejail is much simpler while still enhancing security and allowing you to "hide" personal files from applications.

What's the oldest computer virus you can recall having on your PC?
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I don't know but I recall my antivirus catching over 1000 viruses on my computer when I scanned it for the first time, and deleting half of my games because of it.
Windows, until my good friend Richard Stallman told me it was malware at that I should be using a FSF-approved distribution of GNU/Linux instead
russian porn dialers. remember my dad got mad and had to reinstall windows

>Pic related says it all
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>There are people on this website who still defend ajit simply because trump likes him
I saw one that says OP is gay.
Trump is great, but Ajit is really terrible. That's sad to hear.

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>coding course
>that photo

What can be done about this people? Besides genocide.
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Just kys op
1) Unclinch
2) Find something to do that makes you happy
>yet another perpetually buttrustled autist whinging about people who improve their own lives instead of wallowing in the stench of dried semen and failure
Many such cases!

Incase you missed it.

Been in stock since yesterday
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Thanks, but no thanks.
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>Quadro P1000
>Single slot
>5000 score in pissmark
>47 watt
How the fuck
they also have XFX 580's in stock.

Just saying.

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hackintosh by intel.jpg
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my newest project.
this is what's shipping to the world soon
mass produced baby
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Nintendo 64 controller couldn't be a more terrible controller if they tried
FUCK you, dumb fuck nigger monkey. don't fucking talk if you don't know shit. it's real simple isn't it?
I'm the next Steve Jobs

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This is a piece of shit.

Every other Micorosft office alternative, including web apps are absolute crap.

I can't write a proper CV without MS office.
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After wasting my time for a long time, I've installed latest windows 10 version and only used built-in / group policies for privacy tweaking to the possible minimum - then I've just blocked router level the telemetry servers and other servers which trasfered data randomly, left most shit out because I want system to work perfectly fine.. and yea - Microsoft office, visual studio, a google for software which does JOB X asap, if it's paid - I just crack it, run it in sandboxie - do the job, remove it...

I just use Linux for server, I develop for it from visual studio.. I use the tools that are only on linux via linux subsystem or VMware Workstation.

I've realized how dumb it is and very time consuming to use Linux as daily driver to get shit done.. Impossible.

I've also never activated my windows and I don't plan to - I'd rather re-install every 30 days when all my trails expires and use professional software for free again without risking viruses cracks or wasting time myself trying to crack it.

Tho most of professional software simply require you to hosts / firewall block their activation servers and google a keygen. I still prefer the 30 days - re-install route, I'll soon finish my optimized powershell script so 30-40 minutes every 30 days for a working workstation.

IF I WANT to do illegal shit, I just use a t400 - x200 with FOSS bios, public networks and shit and have no connection with my house hardware. In my country I can just pay 5 - 10$ once and have pretty much unlimited 4G internet on a sim with a new IP every time I reconnect + I don't have to identify myself at shop.
My job only requires gedit.
Maybe you just suck at using simple programs?

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>Google wants to know your location
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>he still thinks he a choice and not the illusion of one

How do you clean your screens?
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damp microfiber cloth
fpbp. Literally this
vagina juice extract

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>buy lenovo laptop with 4gb ram
>buy 2x8gb ram
>ram is solderd
>no memory slot
>store takes back my laptop i get my money back
>check other laptops
>every laptop have soldered ram

why they do this?
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1. Thinner profiles
2. Consumers are forced to buy whole new computers instead of upgrading

Any laptop that comes with 4 GB is going to be shit overall. You should have known.
>every cheap laptop has soldered ram

Don't buy trash. Move along

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