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So, there is any SBC with not retarded price that allows me to plug a regular sata drive to ir already?

Can ARM trash even compete against actual computers running rtorrent for autodl aggro seedbox mode?

I have 1GB FTTH so it would need decent speeds too
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You know there are x86 SBCs right?
The only ones have a price point where you can just buy a integrated cpu mobo and have a real computer
Go away Intel pajeet, your SBC will never catch on because it's too expensive and it has a hardware backdoor.

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Just finished my Tutorial about this application here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Simply-Control-Motor-by-Mobile-Phone/

What do you think of the control concept? What would you use it for?
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>what do you think of the control concept

>what would you use if for
Adding insecurities in my home network.
There is no reason to give the Motor access to the Internet. yet :)
>What would you use it for?
Building a fucking machine.

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Alright /g/, which used laptop would you get?

Dell Inspiron 14R 5420:
> Quad-core i7-3612QM
> 320GB HDD
> Nvidia GT 630M
> $440


Samsung Chronos 7
> Dual-core i5 2450m
> 120GB SSD
> AMD Radeon HD6750m
> $480

> pic related
> inb4 thinkpads, where I live they're expensive trash (even used)
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>used laptop

Fuck that.
Why not?
> be poorfag
> have ~$500 budget
> Only shitty i3 wallmart laptop available at that price range
> i5/i7s available if used
Only brainlets would get a new one
>"thinkpad are too expensive where I live"
>mentions Walmart

So you're in America? Ever heard of eBay?

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What's the deal with PHP hate? Why do people consider it worse than python?
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Because it is.
For me, doing any work with PHP is just a headache. Python is much easier to troubleshoot in my experience.
Numale children learned python first and can't handle a strict language

Like cmooon maaan semicolons should be free broseph let's go smoke doobs and play hackysack senpai

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>open more than 10 tabs on firefox
>firefox crashes
>podcasts that I haven't listen to close and I don't know where I left off

Please, I need a browser that supports addons but also functions
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also install gentoo
I bet you are a stupid phone poster.
I don't own a phone

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Why don't /g/ start a free (as in libre) CPU company to battle Intel and AMD's dominance?
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No capital, hardware engineers and marketing.
i'll do the logo
We need a logo and a mascot.

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What is the best anti-virus to use for Windows operating system?
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common sense and windows defender.

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>get a contract
>requires use of software that only runs in microshit wangblows (the open source equivalent actually runs smoother)
>well whatever, i guess it's time to blow the dust off the old windows 10 partition
>takes 8 minutes to boot up

are you kidding me? i did a clean install 6 months ago and it's just been sitting there doing nothing, i haven't even booted into it.

>finally boots
>open edge to install chrome
>bombarded with pathetic attempts to make me think that "edge is optimized for the optimal windows experience!!!"
>download the cisco VPN client to access the remote data
>VPN won't connect
>after trying to troubleshoot for 20 minutes, get a popup urging me to restart to install windows updates
>almost didn't even notice it between all the other benign popups trying to get me to set up cortana or buy faggot candy crush premium or whatever
>takes 15 fucking minutes to download the update
>screen just sits there wasting my time while it "configures the update"
>eventually bluescreens due to memory error
>won't even boot into the partition now, bluescreens immediately

what the fuck? i thought you fucking microcuck faggots said that it "just works". i've never had linux or any other FOSS software shit itself and die so spectacularly. is this the "simple experience" you're shelling out so much money for? what a fucking joke. this company cannot die fast enough

>oomg ur jus 2 install a update!!!
uh, no sweetie, this POS killed itself all on its own doing its own update

>but linox crashes all da time!!!!
i'd rather figure out bugs i can actually fix than have my entire system die and have to talk to ranjeesh poomanjari as he reads off a list of "common causes" over the phone
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Use a Win 8.1 VM like a sane person.

>open OS after months
>theres updates

this is fucking any OS you fucking faggot


>8 min to boot

thats your shitty HDD faget

it takes seconds on my SSD

also if you JUST booted it up today you probably were prompted to install the creators update which was finally pushed out globally and takes a while to install cause its an entire reinstall of the OS, if you were smart you would have just downloaded the latest windows ISO and install that
>if you were smart you would have just downloaded the latest windows ISO and install that
So it's OP's fault for not somehow magically knowing that he would get a better experience by downloading an OS update, making an ISO, and installing it manually? Don't you realize this is the opposite of "it just works"?

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>roastie has stickers on her laptop
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Nice, what kind of stickers?
Bernie, r/trees, my body my choice, communism
fucking christ

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I'm a CS major working towards my BS. I don't want to be a software developer or code monkey. What are some other things I can do? Should I continue to graduate school to open up more options?
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But why the fuck are you studying computer science if you don't want to do computer science?
networking, deployment of software, general maintenance is always needed if you like that shit.

I dunno about OS schools but here we part at two on both CS and engineering. You either start making shit or you start with maintenance. From my class we all parted in that way so many are welll making shit like me or are typical network engineers and what not
>if you don't want to do computer science?
I do want to do computer science. I just don't want to build lame web apps for random companies or something. I am strongly considering continuing onto graduate school, because I want to be involved in academic research and related work

or not yet?
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And most of PC game revenue is from MMORPG.

I start my final year of college soon and have decided I want to enroll on a computer architecture module which has a bit of MIPS assembly programming in it, what does /g/ think about MIPS? Any tips on learning x86 assembly programming?
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I'm here for the destep and phon threds bro
Learn binary first.
I think you misread "final year" as "first year" in my sentence.

Speccy Thread, roast edition
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Worth it.
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Serious question, why spend so much on the motherboard and not go full banana on the CPU?
I honestly didn't feel the need for the extra cores

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Pen thread! what do you write with /g/?
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I use this and I like it. Probably pleb tier to you pen elitists but what ever.
What's that paper called? I like it. Will post my pens when I'm home later
looks cool, finer than most ballpoints right?


this desu

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What's the best build tool?

GNU make
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>POSIX make

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