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>he cannot write 5 lines without worrying about the color of his text
Enjoy your eye cancer
I like this. What colorscheme is it?

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>just remembered I had a facebook account
How do I remove all traces of my identity from the internet?
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It's too late
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move to europe, then file a request under european laws to have information about your entered information completely erased from the website
then move back to wherever

but other websites will still know

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This guy named Artbyrobot is on twitch taking questions about his robot he is planning on making and he is answer my questions but i'm too dumb to ask really good questions he is saying all this shit like im thinking about making it bulletproof, teaching it to fight, and always obey him. the pic is his robot hand
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the skin for his robot hand

keep me posted

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What are essential Kodi addons? I am currently using Covenant for movies. What about live sports or anything else worthwhile? Is Phoenix still any good?
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>Watching some pajeet record a theatre showing of some box office trash with his phone
>not dank anime and childhood cartoons you forgot
>What about live sports or anything else worthwhile?
pay for IPTV
lol. kodi is dead kiddo, you are late

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Printers are technology. Had a Canon Pixma MG5220 for a couple of years, but I guess the ol' jewish PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE COUNTER reached its limit and I was met with a sudden error, a B200 error to be exact.
An error which doesn't describe what the problem is other than it's an error and the printer needs serviced.
Managed to dig up some holistic remedies which fixed it. And by fixed it I mean turned the error from a B200 to a U052 which means the wrong print head is installed.
Currently waiting for the print head to dry after cleaning it with rubbing alcohol, but I'm not giving my hopes up.

So what's a good printer to get these days?
HP can't be much better. How about Epson?
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>but I guess the ol' jewish PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE COUNTER reached its limit
my advice is stop blaming things on a Jewish boogeyman. It makes you sound crazy and possibly a little manic.
How else do you explain a printer that was fine printing the night before suddenly "break" and give an error with no troubleshooting dialog?
Why easily fix the problem myself when I can just spend the money to buy an all new printer?
I can't navigate search results as well as I used to because they're all ads or paid for getting top results first and not best results, so I can't make hide nor hair of what's good anymore.
In my research I did see that new printers come with ink "chambers" instead of cartridges. That sounds a hell of a lot better for 3rd party refills than OEM stuff.

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hey guys, how do i get started in bitmining? i just bought thes but idk what to do with them?
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Don't quit your job at McDonald's yet.
Firstly take them out of the packaging and rub them along that rug quite a lot. That will activate the mining functions within the cards and allow it to mine more efficiently
Too late faggot.

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Explain the responsive design meme to me
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So there are these things with a small screen, and you can do a website that can be used on boh small and big screen alike! Wow!
disgusting titlebar color

please change it

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 RESULT="`wget -q0- https://translate.yandex.com/?lang=en-pl&text=shit`"

echo $RESULT

Why the fuck can I see my /home/ filenames in the variable?
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My guess would be that it's storing the webpage in a file in your homedir. Because wget downloads things.
| sed -r 's/\*//g'
Just use curl instead.

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What are you supposed to do with this? Can I do anything lewd with alexa?
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Shove it up your ass.
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Do it and post pics with timestamp
poor cia guys getting called "alexa" the whole day

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This shit just boggles my mind. Here is what I tried:
A few different free dns servers.
Clearing cookies, changing browsers.
Switching networks and devices (same thing happens on my mobile even on 3g)
And now comes the mindfuck part: the site works for every friend I asked from the same city I am located in.
I can load the site using a proxy, but I can't log in that way, however at this point I am more interested in the mystery of it, because the fact it does the same thing on different devices, but doesn't do it for different people is verging on paranormal
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OS might have cached the entry saying "this site doesn't exist". Search for how to flush the caches on your OS. Or just use the Windows solution and just reboot it, that usually works.
cant be. I mentioned it does the same thing on 3g

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Richard Stallman has portrayed himself as the defender of computing freedom. Even though he does not have the three years of legal education real lawyers have, he portrays himself as somewhat of a legal expert. He uses his clout to stigmatize certain software projects as not being "free." (Most people can use them for free, but that doesn't count.) In the end, though, he has derailed the most important free software project of all: Linux.

He has derailed the Linux movement by creating his own forks of various projects. For example, he started Gnome, which diverted volunteers from KDE. He also created his own version of RPM (deb). I hypothesize that he is doing this for personal glory more than anything else. He tries to steal the spotlight by creating differences where there aren't any. He criticizes software makers for not allowing commercial enterprises to use their software for free. They still allow regular users to use them. So the only freedom he is defending in that case is the freedom of corporations! He also claims that he deserves equal credit for Linux, as if GNU contributed 50% of the work to Linux. Of course neither Linus nor Stallman deserves 50% of the credit. It's pointless trolling.

Anytime there is a Linux distribution that might challenge Windows, Stallman seems to go after it. Freespire, openSUSE, and Xandros have all been tarnished by a stigma from paranoid wannabe lawyers like Stallman. They are the easiest to use distributions today and have the newest software packages. However, Linux users are gravitating toward Ubuntu, which needs a lot of work.

I am not sure if Linux will ever challenge Microsoft or Apple. There are too many projects and Stallman seems intent on creating more. He will soon introduce his own kernel (Hurd) which will introduce more bugs that will need to be fixed. The only winners in this battle have been evil corporations like Apple and Microsoft.
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didn't read
ITT: One anon doesn't understand what "free" means in the context of software.
ur opinion doesnt matter if you dont tldr it senpai

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I found my old 3DS yesterday and tried a few games, and some of it's features. Although it still has the access controls that were set by my stepfather in 2013. He's gone now, so I'm fucked.
Is there any way I can change the MAC Address of the device or tamper with the router? It's BT if that helps anyone.
Thought /g/ would know something.
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reset the router to factory settings
Can I do that manually?

This is the designated xperia shitposting thread. I was expecting something a little different for the new XZ1 but no the new XZ1 and XZ are pretty much the same on the outside. Only a sonyfag can tell the difference by looking at the rear panel. the hardware will be new, but considering the XZ probably getting the Oreo update, what could motivate people to buy this new one? the fancy slo-mo camera can be had with the midlife refresh XZs model, too.

I guess the biggest change will be XZ1 compact, which is claimed to correct the mistake of X compact and have basically the same hardware as XZ1 but in a smaller body with a 4.6 inch screen. Ultimate manlet phone will make a return apparently.

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Did they fix the damn camera software with the newer models?
t. Z1 owner
Some fag on /g/ mentioned something about an upcoming thin bezel'd Xperia.

Have I been bamboozled?
Still better than Samshit.

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Wife is going back to school now that kids are a little older, and she wants one of them new fangled 2in1 laptop/tablets. I used to know anything and everything and about tech and computers, but life has steered me away from it. So I thought I would ask yall, can you recommend me one? Preferably not bank breaking. She's literally just going to use for school. Maybe jewbook. Thanks.
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She wants a chinkpad

Sage goes in all fields

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Hi all,

I have the following dilemma: do I set the fan in red to intake or extract? I have 2x 140mm intakes in green, the top 2 fans are the radiator for the CPU AIO and I'm wondering whether to have the single 140mm on the back as an extract or intake.
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Forgot to say that obviously that center block is the GPU
Out i guess because its higher up and the warm air needs to get OUT
Convection doesn't exist when you add fans.
Seriously, you can pull from the top if you want, the point is to produce flow.

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