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What is the best version of office ever 2003 or 2010?
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Alright /g/, we need countermeasures against anti-adblock shit. We need something that that:

- replaces google's ad scripts with another script that mimics them, so as to prevent that from tipping them off

- replaces actual ad elements with empty DIVs instead of removing them entirely, so as to not take fuckadblock's bait

- replaces fuckadblock and similar scripts with alternatives that always report adblock to be off
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Just disable javascript, lmao
So you don't know how to use your ad blocker....

Neo g right here.
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>right click on the anti adblock pop-up
>block element
Wow that was hard as fuck I should ask gee what they have for this.
Eventually download other people's filters if you do not want to do anything and activate them. Is it really that hard?

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The so-called "perfect torrent site that will never have any ads" has just added this notice to the top of all of their pages:

>This space has been reserved for a single static image banner ad.
>Please contact as mentioned in about page.
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Who is this couple?
the guy is the singer in red hot chilli peppers I think...
the red hot chili peppers guy is even more hebe than the fags at cripplechan

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Found a Vega 56 in stock for 425 euros, im buying that shit
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Good luck.
and... It's gone.
it has 51 pieces in stock

If ISP's start to mess with what they shouldn't and throttling and caps and restrictions and censorship begins to run amok, will 4chan do anything about it? If that happens then I immediately will drop everything and getting rid of Pai and the FCC and such will be my only goal. How does the rest of 4chan feel?
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net neutrality is a scam anon, it's nothing more than protectionist bullshit
Net Neutrality is for fucktards. It and the "people" that support it deserve to die.

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How do I get notified when some channel on youtube posts a new video and get to watch it without going to the site? I've deleted all my google accounts and I don't really want to deal with their shit anymore.
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you need an account and you need to subscribe to their channel

dumb frogposter

dude please help me, using google services make me physically sick

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how do we save /g/?
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the demographics changed. not much you can do.
Everyone hates /pol/, even /pol/ hates /pol/.
That's why they get to stay.
we have to ask mook to redirect all boards.4chan.org/g queries to reddit.com/r/iamverysmart

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Do there exist any technology-related subscription box services that aren't videogayms? I wouldn't mind trying one out just for fun.

Easy mode: Any subscription box service you think is good
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What consumable good would you want to receive on a monthly basis that isn't tacky licensed superhero garbage and a """geek""" tshirt?
Dragon Dildos and flavored lube
I would subscribe to one desu

What year do you think traditional Windows programs will be phased out in W10?
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2023 after Windows 8.1 is out of extended support
I'm sure they wouldn't do that. If they do, you would still be able to pat for that functionality. I would just switch to Linux either way.
>how long until Microsoft becomes a shitty as Apple
hopefully soon

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How do we replace DNS?
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replace with what?
just type in the IP, you don't really have to remember the IP since any modern browser will match ip/website name
This script makes it easy af on linux famalama

Is MacBook Pro the most perfect, comfiest laptop/computing experience?

When I was 15, I had a gaming laptop so I could play the latest vidya all day. Of course, it was windows.

Now that I’m 25, have a job, girlfriend and social life, I have a MacBook Pro.
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I'm 25, have a job, a wife, a house and two children. I run Windows on my desktop, Debian in VMware and Ubuntu on a Thinkpad. I think I'm in a pretty good spot. Therefore, fuck Macbooks.
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Are mactoddlers the most autistic, brainlet consumer sheep?

When mactoddlers are 15, they jam their iphone up their ass all day and play angrybirds. Of course, it was angrybirdsOS.

Now that they're 25, they have a McJob flipping McBurgers, a boyfriend and "social life", they have a Throttlebook "Pro".

what is your favorite DE and why its XFCE?
XCFE is the perfect DE, its the balance between stability, customization and lightweight.
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this is how you spot a first time Linux user whose only other DE was WindowsDWM
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it doesn't have a good launcher though
xfce lacks too many features

like for example the windows button doesn't do anything doesn't open the whisker menu doesn't let you quickly search an application to run, like are you kidding mane? And no, binding it manually doesn't work well

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>haven't had a holiday in an entire month
>working 70-100 weeks
>currently on the 30th hour of a web dev binge
>fucking suicidal at this point
>ironic thing is, the site is about stress relief and burnout recovery
Gonna go grab another non-carbonated energy drink. Fuck my heart hurts
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How the fuck are you working this much for web dev? /g/ told me you just copy paste shit and use templates.
Yeah, that's why fa/g/gots are out there making millions on their profitable website. It's just soooo easy.
Nice blog, keep me posted

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Finding an open source project has two options:
>abandoned by its creator lame shit
>outstanding product used by millions which doesn't need a code-monkey like you
Where do am I supposed to get experience? Halp
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Creating your own project, so it can be a success or suck forever
Fork the abandoned project if it's something you'd like to work on
How many full-time developers created their own successful project?

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Is it acceptable to use only SSD for my pc if i dont download much and dont need storage?
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Ssd is for speed
perfectly fine.

Speed Speed Drive to be exact.

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