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>gigantic cpu die.
>pcb glued ontop of another pcb
>still needs delidding
>still poopaste.

intel is dead.
intelfags confirmed coffee tables.
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intel is still the only choice if you want high single threaded performance
deny the importance of this all you want
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>l'chaim schlomo, lets just GLUE them together, it worked for AMD
You're not buying high core count box for single thread performance.

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when did you realize Linus was a shill

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dude are you retarded or just weak bait
he's always been a shill

>literally every top comment

looks like even the LTTards are catching on as well

must be because his 20 min walking and crying about i9's is backfiring after we found out the 7700k is still faster than Ryzen's and the cheaper i7-8 series is faster than threadrippers along with cheaper mobos

coupled with AMD's complete failure with Vega

>literally resorting to Dell prebuilt ryzen reviews
What was his name again?

how the hell am i supposed to de-google and still translate websites?
is my only option to go full botnet
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Or you can stop being an EOP.
Stop being a dumbshit and search for other translator alternatives.
why do you think im asking here

t. poo in denial

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Hey /g/,

I think Google is exhibiting Anti-Competitive Behaviour. Google Docs keeps crashing on me when I'm using Microsoft Edge. I like Edge, it's a fast browser. Should I just use Chrome?
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Your fault for using a shit browser. Just use Chrome.
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>"I like Edge, it's a fast browser"
>he unironically uses the shit botnet browser
How cute
Google marketing team here?

If you have never coded before and want to dive in, here's a tutorial on React.js

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Shill your shitty "article" somewhere else, nigger.
you should unironically consider suicide
"medium.com" should be blacklisted by mods

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I need a decent printer/scanner for uni stuff.
I also need the scanner to be with a lid like pic related, none of that document scanner shit.
What does /g/ recommend? I hear Brother printers are nice.
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Stealing your thread with a related question
I need a printer for good quality printing, mostly books and shit like that
Brother printers are fine from my experience. They're cheap and even cheaper if you use off-brand ink.
get a laser one.

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>job interview
>recruiter gives me a task:
>"draw a circle in GIMP"
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What's the difficult, nigger?

>do a circle
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>Select a circle
>Menu: Select -> Border
>1 px
>Paint bucket inside the selection

You don't deserve that job nigger.
>paint bucket
Does GIMP not have anti aliasing or something?

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What's the best <300$ portable device to give to a TOTAL tech illiterate for web browsing, email, youtube videos and such?
Laptop? Android tablet?
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just buy a cheap thinkpad and chuck on debian/ubuntu and you're sorted
Chromebook. It was literally made for illiterates so they can't fuck anything up.
is this real lol

What would it take to convince you to purchase a smart watch?
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absolutely nothing

why would i buy an overpriced gimmicky wrist phone when i already have one that does the job?
Timekeeping features
Ironically everybody ignores this part when developing one
If I could walk in my city without risking some ese stealing my shoes I would think of getting anything worth >100usd

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If every distro of Linux/BSD suddenly became the same price as windows would you still choose it over windows 10? (in this hypothetical you can't pirate)
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Depends on the distro, what they were offering and what kind of support/security they offered but generally yes, anything is better than windows 10 at this point
Would it still be free as in freedom or at least open source?

If yes, then your question is nonsensical, because anyone could just release the source.

If no, your question is still nonsensical, because someone will fork the previous free version and a free as in freedom and free beer Linux fork will live on.

If "but how about we go back in time and make it so that any modern version of Linux was never free at all" then no, because I only use Linux because it is open source / free as in freedom.
Only if I couldn't pirate windows 10 either

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Should I get Antergos or should I stick with Windows 7
>Antergos because it's stable, I don't have to install it via command line like Arch Linux, it's Arch Linux based, it has good ass repositories and it's very ezzy peezy 2 use
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> Arch Linux based
> stable
Windows 7 Best OS
It's beito you fucking weeb

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Who switched to Linux this year?
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Your mom
Install gentoo
I just installed Linux Mint on my laptop, I study computer science on nooblevel and my teacher recommended Mint. I like working with the terminal

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>his computer comes with MITM adware pre-installed

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My X200 doesn't come with any adware.
low quality shitpost.
neck yourself
>being this butthurt over truth
Enjoying that chink botnet, anon?

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>tfw your sister is a scriptkiddie and gets the malware out of some internet forum
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Haha I was a script kiddie too when I was 13, I remember I had a bot net with like 70 infected pc's, with some most likely backdoored RAT I got off hackforums.
Funniest shit was when I turned on some guys cam and caught him having a wank, so I start spamming popups in front of his video to fuck with him, straight faced, he keeps wanking, closing every single pop up, for about 20 minutes straight, he was determined to finish no matter what.
I saw how easy it was to phish and got bored because there weren't any interesting challenges available there.

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Can you guys recommend good darknet markets that can buy non-drug stuffs?
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Like what? Guns? Children?
Illegal memes
i would also like to know this

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