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Thinking of buying my own modem instead of having to rent onw through my provider.

Anything I should know? I'm going to be getting 100/35 speeds.
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Don't take it from me, but my guess is that for apartment living, most modems get the job done
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did i accidentally travel back in time or something
Thanks bud. So helpful

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The is the future liberals want?
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Looks good to me.
only nazi drumpflings wil get mad about this

back to /pol/ btw
If you guys hate women so much why don't you just cut your balls off or fuck each other?

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>to change configuration you have to apply the changes to the source code and recompile the program
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Parsing text files is hard especially when you don't know the encoding
This is why fork and customize my own autisitic version of furryfox and I don't know how some of you find it worth while

What makes this so comfortable that we actually spend time and put effort into making modern systems look 20+ years old?
Was it so good?
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just worked
You know, this would be a valid point for anyone old enough to have used Windows 95 back when it was new but I can't believe that everyone with a Windows 95 rice is already 30 or older. I mean, I started out on XP but I've been using 95 themed XFCE for years

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Alright, here's the deal: it's almost the end of 2017 and I've been using strictly only wireless Bluetooth headphones for the couple last years, simply out of principle and to gather all the needed first-hand experience on this entire "wired VS wireless" debacle. So, after using strictly only wireless headphones on a daily basis for almost two-and-a-half years, I can definitely without any doubt openly state that the "always pro-wired only" and "only highly expensive portable players, no pleb-tier smartphones" pseudo-audiophilic FAGGOTS are completely and absolutely FULL OF SHIT. I won't argue with anyone here that wireless headphones in general and wireless sound technologies in overall were utter garbage just 5-or-so years ago, but nowadays it's NOWHERE even remotely close to being as bad as it was in 2012 and further down the line. Everything (literally EVERY THING) the so-called self-proclaimed pseudo-audiophilic kiddie shithead trolls are openly and absolutely brainlessly proclaiming loudly everywhere about MODERN wireless sound technologies being "bad" or "not on par with wired" is COMPLETE, 100% BULLSHIT. Abso-effing-lute LIE. These retarded deaf kiddies clearly never used any modern wireless headphone piece that cost more than 50$ (and actually good/worthwhile wireless headphones start from the 140$ mark AT THE VERY LEAST) and/or they never tried Apt-X LL or ESPECIALLY the GODLIKE LDAC. The fags basically don't know jack about any of this, but they act like they're the hottest and most knowledgeable shits around the block while in reality they not hot shits, but just shit. Modern wireless sound IS actually very good and does NOT lose to wired at all by the sheer quality of sound and latency (if it's apt-X LL or LDAC), WHILE being WAAAY more convenient and comfortable to use due to headphones being completely (WELL, DUH!) wireless. Fuck all those pseudo-audiophilic pseudo-elitistic sudo-entitled "pro-wired" shitheads, I say. They know fucking NOTHING.
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I have a cheap set of Amazon special wireless earbuds. Can't even remember what I paid for them, couldn't be more than $15. I use them more than my wired earbuds because they're more convenient, even if they sound marginally worse (barely notice really). Aside from one time when they didn't want to play nice with my laptop's bluetooth, they "just work." I can listen to crappy Eurobeat, class lectures, and podcasts just fine.

If I want things to sound good, I'll go listen on my Rokit KRK speakers hooked up to my desktop.
Enjoy your brain cancer.

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I've hopped around a few distros, but I think I'm gonna use ubuntu or elementary. Is the hate it gets here warranted?
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Ubuntu 18.04 will be the one I stick to, come hell or high water. I don't have the time or interest to distro hop anymore and I want to leave Windows for good.
No but the hate it gets for choosing gnome as default DE is more than justified.
>why does ubuntu suck?
It doesn't.

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If I already have a powerful desktop PC at home, is one of these sufficient to fill my need for a portable device?

All I care about is
>light weight
>good battery life
>touch screen
>less than $200

These things show up on refurbished/open box deals all the time. I can also dual boot Win10 if I need it, but honestly I'm not sure. What does /g/ think of Chromebooks?
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>dual boot win10

Not on most of these you won't.

I know there were issues getting earlier models/ARM ones to dual boot windows, but since most of them are running regular Intel processors now shouldn't they mostly be able to run it at this point? This doesn't really influence my decision since I rely mostly on Google docs/sheets/slides rather than MS Office, but it's a nice option in case I get bored and want to play Rollercoaster Tycoon in my downtime at school.
Just chroot into Linux bud.

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>make amazing torrent client
>comes with a trial, encrypt current and future downloaded files after it expires until you buy the full client
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>Made with Electron with <3
Just use rtorrent and quit bitching
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>write 5 mb of drivers
>need a way for users to install them
>make a 300 mb installer
>bundle some useless software
>require users to log in to download the drivers

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Anybody still doing these?
I just retired mine after like two years since everyone who would connect to it would just spam the chat asking for internet or would just disconnect when there's no internet connection
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yes me and my frends doing it shere insaide jokes ect plus we roming europe and put them on intrestinf places ,the ting we mostly do take pictures and we know the next generation if wifi has no net they wont use it
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english pls
mine is also just lying around

Some mad physicist has managed to make a device that can solve any computational problem in linear time by creating a pocket universe seeded with the problem with largely smaller Planck constants.

Every problem is now in P.

How is the wold affected?
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Wouldn't this kill encryption?
Only assymetrical, one time pads are safe. Plus there still is quantum stuff.

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Anything besides Ubuntu is welcomed
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Fedora. I've used it for too long and switching a distro would be too much of a hassle. I'd like to give NixOS a try though.

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Are decentralized sites like Social GNU and MediaGoblin usable at this moment?
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Just be wary. Mastodon has a lot of lefty/Tumblr instances that ban other instances which breaks up the fabric of a Federated society (you know, the same shit they do in real life). GNUSocial however, doesn't do that.

https://social.guhnoo.org/ is a good place to start looking for instances to join. Keep in mind that whichever one you're on, you're (supposed) to be able to follow people from any other.
Thank you.
I'll stay wary from political-involved instances.
Can I join even if im not Gnu user?

So I have a fuckton of amazon vouchers from work. Was wondering what's the best gaming PC build that can be obtained via Amazon for under £650. I've done some looking but wanted to lean on the knowledge here.
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Ryzen 5 1600 and a b350 motherboard with any 3200mhz ddr4. Your questions would have been answered if you just looked at /pcbg/

If GNU's not Unix, then where is all of this software from? And what is Vim?
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>then where is all of this software from?
Hard work replicating and cloning utilities.

>And what is Vim?
An editor.
Its rewritten software, compatible with unix. They choose UNIX because it was popular and modular, making it useful and easy to rewrite.
as in AT&T UNIX because they sued everyone on welcome

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Let's say a Deepmind AI beat the human champion of starcraft II tomorrow.
Would you be impressed? If not what videogame AI victory would it take to impress you?
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>Would you be impressed?

>If not what videogame AI victory would it take to impress you?
Video games are extremely domain specific, something AIs are exceptionally good at.
All of them
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Depends on the APM of the system. If it can beat professionals with human speed, and not just win by outplaying micromanagement, then I'd be very erect.

Looking forward to see AI's in competitive fighting games like smash.

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