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male privilege.jpg
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How do I pirate games on PSP 1004? I'm autistic so step by step guide would be great.
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Step one: kill yourself
this image cracks me up every time.
Step two: kill yourself

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Why would you pay 300 for an Intel Core i7-7700K when you can get a AMD Ryzen 5 1600 for 200.
Not trolling, but where does that extra 100 go.
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To actual quality :^)
I have no idea. Why don't you go find some benchmarks and post the screenshots here so I can figure it out.
>but where does that extra 100 go.
Right into Intels pockets

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What's a good enterprise level ultrabook as sysadmin/developer?
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HP Elitebook x360
Dell XPS
>broken thunderbolt support
into the trash

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Does anyone have a good pc case with maximum airflow, is cheap and looks cool? if so, please tell me where you got it.
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I have good gaming rig.
It's not cheep, but cool.
Price of this build - $3000, to be exact.
I was looking at some decent cheap ones on amazon the other day.

If you're buying all new parts check out TigerDirect, I'm not sure if they have a computer builder form if not you could easily find one on google.

If you're transferring previous hardware into it make sure it supports it all and also that everything fits. Keep in mind any upgrades you might want to do in the future such as:

upgrading graphics card, adding fans / liquid cooling.

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Where do (((they))) keep our info, /g/? Where do (((they))) store our data?
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find out yourself

Probably in servers
Old ps1/2 memory cards.

I don't really play games on Steam anymore and I'm still using Windows, should I make the switch over to Linux?
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Is there another alternative to Working Model 2D? This shit is like a Wi98 software (maybe it is) and not very user friendly.
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Hey Giuseppe, make me a pizza.
Microsoft Visio or one of the alternatives:

>>This shit is like a Wi98 software (maybe it is)
it is! It hasn't changed at all since like 2003! You might try algodoo, it's free as in beer. It even runs just fine on wine!
Pic related: AUTISM

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I learnt how to use linux today! I am a computer master. Ubuntu was very hard but it was okay!
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>Ubuntu was hard

Oh my sweet summer child
I was hard while using ubuntu too they asked me to log off and leave the library
Is it bait?

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Do the real red rooms, drug markets, and other dark, scary shit go down outside of tor?
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>tfw dont even know how to find the dark web
Not anymore, you're fucking late retard
Drug markets? Yes. Murder streams? No.

>Windows 98 can run like a top with 256mb of RAM
>Modern operating systems use upwards of 4GB of RAM while idle

why? what are new OSes doing that is so much more complicated than old ones?
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Telemetry, graphics, background processes, etc.

>Linux bud
A combination of additional services, keeping frequently used application assets in memory and visual rice.

Oh and botnet. /g/ wouldn't let me get away without mentioning telemetry.
>Modern operating systems use upwards of 4GB of RAM while idle
no they don't, Windows 10 uses 4GB of ram - Windows isn't the sole OS in the world

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Hit me up with the latest tor sites guys
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I'll pm you the solution
OP here, nvm found it.
You're not op faggot. I am

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Is tor all there is to the deep or dark web?
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the sites where the real stuff goes down will never be indexed / publicized sadly
there are a few places you can look that aren't in indexers. sadly the best place i know is on plebbit. r/dnms
If they are not indexed, how do people get to them? And also what web extension? (like .onion)
I'm a noob but i hope you're willing to help

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Can anyone advice me on an issue I'm having with an RC script?

The script itself works fine when called directly, eg. '/etc/rc.d/app start|stop|restart'. However, when I run 'service app start', nothing happens.

Any ideas?

Also general BSD master race thread, I suppose
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>master race
install systemd, fag
I don't run freebsd but everything you should ever need is in the handbook and manpages.

give the bottom part of this page a read


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rage moar
You probably want to talk to /biz/?. Aren't they the only losers messing with crypto currency?.

Been looking at pic related and seems to be a decent monitor arm for the price and doesn't have turbo autism branding on it. Would it be better to get two single arm mounts or one dual arm mount?


Post more monitor arm, share stories/experiences, shill for your monitor arm idc
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Amazon branded arms look really good actually but seem to be a little too pricey

why are these things so expensive!?!
They are ergotron arms just amazon branded, really good value for money.

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