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ITT we vote for our most used OS.

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yeah, nah.
>macOS and iOS
>BSD family
macOS and iOS are BSD.
Go shitpost somewhere else

Could anyone post a link to a download of a coding software so i can practice C. thanks in advance.
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here you go, bud

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Just a friendly reminder, if you're a manager and require employees to keep track of what they work on with an Excel document, you're a piece of shit and deserve AIDS.
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Of course not. There is Microsoft Project, after all.
What's the issue in this , Enlighten me.
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>Hey Anon, I'm too fucking incompetent to do my own job of being aware of what you're doing, so if you could just detail what you've worked on today, that'd be great, yeah.

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What do you /g/uys think about this?
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Clearly a shill, you can disable the observatory, it is neither opt in or opt out, as soon as you install the add on it asks you if you are willing to use the observatory.

on top of it all, Smart HTTPS is no longer being developed.

also, why the fuck are so many posts deleted? fucking reddit so shit.
The proposed solution is webmadters making HTTPS default. It they did that there wouldn't be a need for HTTPS everywhere in the firdr place. Typical "knowledge but no understanding" Reddit post.
>on top of it all, Smart HTTPS is no longer being developed.
that's coz the current version works well. it doesn't need lists or anything complex like that.

personally, I've had so many issues with HTTPSEveryhwere that I uninstalled it few times.

What is the absolute best laptop available right now if money is no object?

pic unrelated
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some clevo/sager
Acer Predator 21 X.
That's not the ZBook Studio

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Is google botnet?
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Is this your first day on /g?
Just fucking use it and stop worrying about shit.

it's just data mining, profiling and seliing

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recommend me some weaboo/nerd websites please, like nyaa.se or chiru.no, looking to chill late into night.
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External HDD suddenly started to look unformatted in under Windows disk management.
Searched online found testdisk. It gives this error.

Hilf mir.
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Looks like your HDD is dead.

Check the SMART. Crystaldiskinfo is a good start.
I did just now, shows blue for all except "current pending sector count" which is yellow

Am I fucked in term of the data on the drive?
>Am I fucked in term of the data on the drive?
Yup. Throw it in the bin and restore your backups.

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so i just opened my brother's macbook and in the file explorer thing there was my computer's name, it's like he has a shared connection thing with my computer, like he can access what's in my computer through his macbook. we're on the same wi-fi. how can i know (with my Windows 10 computer) if someone is having a shared connection thing with my computer ? and how do i block it from my computer ?

i don't want to ask him to stop. i don't want to be seen like i'm hiding something pathetic like porn or something (of course i am).
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You don't belong here.
Install gentoo

why are we having this sudden influx of retards not reading the sticky ?

and OP why do you ask this shit if there is fucking google man. just look into the firewall properties of your shitbook and shove up your ass like all apple retards

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How to switch to old youtube theme? I'm dropping frames on all browsers.
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use mp4. it's HW accelerated by even the shittiest graphics cards. nothing accelerates vp9.
what kind of shit tastic resolution is that? Specs?
Have you tried using H264ify and reading the sticky?
How to change codec on youtube?

has there ever been such a thing as a /htg/ hackintosh general thread on /g/?
i have osx running like butter on my t520 thus making it one of my favourite devices to use
feel free to call me a dicksucker, i know you guys get a kick out of that
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fuck generals. argh
your laptop is lookin' good though :3
fair enough, generals do suck, thinking about it now a /htg/ sounds like a double autism magnet
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How the fuck do you not know how to take a screenshot in macOS?

Also there's a good discord for Hackintoshers.

Don't mind these fa/g/s, they're just jealous because they're not using macOS.


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Which one do I choose for my
powermac g5 anons? What one should install for the best performance and security?
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Just sell it.

The Powermac G5 is such a beautiful workstation, but that lack of support for the PPC architecture renders it completely useless for any of today's tasks. It is barely able to stream 480p on YouTube.

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more like >NotUEFIOS
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>into the trash it goes


>16:9 monitor
>16:10 monitor

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Niche market.

Because 8:5 tards are in the same gullible category as audiophiles.
it's not called the golden ration for no reason


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8:58 “Glued together” is a possible technical term
please kill yourself
wtf I hate linus now

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