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Anyone here use pdanet+ to tether? What kind of speed do you get via USB? Does it match up to your phones speed? My phone gets pic related but on my computer I'm showing about 0.5 down and 0.3 up. Any suggestions?
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I used pdanet free witg my alcatel phone because the wifi hotspot proprietary shit crashed. I just bought a new phone (huawei p10 lite), use native proprietary wifi hotspot, works gr8. Pdanet is cool but I don't want to pay for something as basic as a wifi hotspot
Why would you need a app for this when Android has tethering built in?
Because att limits to 10gb monthly. I regularly hit a TB. The app blocks them from seeing that it's tether data

Looking into getting a portable A/C. Guess I'll be spending somewhere around $200. My room's 120ft2. Saw this model in the pic, and wondering if it's any good.

I live in a dreadfully hot area. No kind of A/C in my house, and been 100 degrees farenheit outside, so it can get up to 90 in my room. Would this model even be worth be getting? Would it be able to cool my room to let's say like 70? That would be ideal.
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I suggest waiting anon because summer is over soon within a month unless you live in Africa. Get a portable A/C next year or during Black Friday when they go on sale for dirt cheap.
It's been known to stay up into the late 90s in the area I live until September. I seriously love Northern California for its natural beauty, but not the weather.
I live in NorCal as well anon. I would still suggest you to wait. Hell it just rained/sprinkle out of no where today. You'll be fine.

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Hello /g/,

I came to a very disturbing realization the other day. "Google" and "Baidu" mean pretty much the same thing. A "google" is the number 10^100, and "baidu" literally means "hundred degrees". In the context of complex numbers the degree/angle/phase would equal the exponent (e^ix).

What gets even more strange is when you take "Baidu" as an English and "Google" as Chinese. "Baidu" sounds like "by do", or "do by" backwards, as though they are commanding you to use them. We know that Google's scam similarly is to try to pretend they are the internet itself. "Google" if taken as Chinese sounds like "古狗 gugou” ("ancient dog"), which sounds like a reference to ancient Rome, the original SJWs of Western civilization. "Baidu" similarly is a line taken from Chinese classical poetry.

So what is really going on? Is Google a part of some globalist conspiracy trying to brainwash people with some form of mind control?

>pic is one of the things that I saw that makes me think the above is not some mere coincidence, especially the part about swapping English/Chinese
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None of these Alex Jones fans can even define the word "globalist"
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>dogs <-> humans
For those who don't know, the mythological founders of ancient Rome was Romulus who was suckled by a dog
Refute a single word I just posted, I dare you.

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Why is there so little discussion about physx?
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It's proprietary gaymurrfag garbage.
It's great when you see it working but most of the time it just a taken for granted thing and don't even think about it.
Except Planetside 2, that shit was the bomb, too bad it was removed, literally the only reason to play the game.

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Speccy thread.
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hello friends isn't it nice to have your own computer .
this is my computer , and not somebody elses
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Thankfully, I didn't fall for the 16GB RAM meme.

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/g/, what is your favorite font for terminal/programming?
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which font is that, OP?
Ubuntu Mono

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how will intel even compete?
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Every fucking Intel cpu I see on that list is 3.5 stars . I didn't realize quite how fucked Intel currently is
The whole kabylake-x line-up is shit

They still hold the best gaming cpu's with the skylake/kabylake i7's though

It will be interesting to see what Cannonlake will do

What is better: the XPS13 or ThinkPad Carbon X1, and why is it the XPS13?
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neither, intel cpus cause coil whine, the xps is famous for it, hopefully raven ridge will change that
ThinkPad 4 clit

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How do we fix C++? Here are my proposals:

>Fork current C++
>Cut off C source level compatibility
>Modules, support wildcard in module imports
>Lazy iterators and ranges
>Lifetime specifier, borrow check system (optional)
>Pattern matching
>Variant types
>Hygienic macros
>Adopt Meson as the standard build system and dep management tool
>Free and open source, cross platform Language Server Protocol
>Get rid of C preprocessors
>Call it D++
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Congratulations you just made Rust.
Rust doesn't have variant types
It does you retarded shitnigger.

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Why haven't terminal emulators evolved since the 1980s? Why do they still emulate terminals from the 1980s?
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Why change perfection?
1. Its just text.

2. No one is stopping you from doing this if you have such great ideas.

3. There already are redesigns.
>3. There already are redesigns.
Can you show me some?

What is the last large thing you downloaded?
What large downloads have you done in the past?
Did you get much use out of them?

How big was the largest thing you've downloaded?
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OP5 recovery image
Xilinx iSE Webpack, Android Studio lots of versions
I believethe version of iSE was just over 4GB packed.
Kiwix. Around 55gb

So headed off to Uni in about a month, and am in need of a new rig. Thing is, I probably won’t be back home for at least a year at which point I’ll be home for about 3-4 months. Should I bother waiting a year or so (more like 9 mos.) to build a rig or would it not matter as far as pricing a year out from now. Anything new on the horizon?

Also, how much do components generally devalue after a years time? Cheers
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Enjoy trying to get a good gpu for not twice the value
Huh? What do you mean by this
Ryzen recently came out, and intel has nothing but housefires, so now is a good time for CPUs.
Shitcoin miners have absolutely fucked over the GPU market, so that shit is going to be expensive.

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This thread is for professionals only - amateurs need not apply.
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post your opensourcefu
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Is that Nixie? What happened to her? Didn't she get sick or something?
yes but shes back from the dead
yes, fournier gangrene

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Think about it, toilets and latrines are proprietary bathware that restrict the ability to relief yourself to a fixed spot. If you don't want them to become ridden with virus then you must pay extra for cleaning apps, not to mention you need to subscribe and pay a monthly fee to third party service providers (water, electricity if they are "smart") if you want them to work.

By using a public toilet you accept and unwritten EULA that openly discriminates between people (toilets exclusively for men, women, blacks, trans, disabled, parents with their babies), you can't pick the cleanest or the less crowded toilet and in some places they even charge you a fee!

Open defecation/designated shitting streets is a free alternative that respects your right to choose. No subscriptions, no payments, no installation required, just poo it.
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nice try pajeet
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Free Shitting Foundation logo

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