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Well Ryzen exists and it's raping intel. But what a suprise the poo in loo pajeets failed.
Raja's literally the only pooloo and he has a good record. The chinks are behind literally every single fuck up since Fiji. Power hungry, under performing, CLEARLY bottlenecked. The original GCN team was slowly let go and the chinks took over and this is the result. A hot and hungry mess that has more compute than the front-end can feed.
1080-tier card with more power consumption...ayy

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So my Galaxy S7 active got dunked today in some river water, and stopped working... Samsung won't warranty it and nor will my insurance cover it.

So I am looking for another phone, Around the same size, same specs and preferably a "tough" phone. Any suggestions? Has to work with AT&T
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Isn't it water proof?
Apparently not
It's water resistant, not waterproof.

Speccy thread
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Them gigs.

>An actual DCI 4K screen

How many kidneys did that cost you?

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Kind of hard to spot there, bud...
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Why does Google need helicopter detection capabilities?
turn on legacy captcha retard
It's a complete disaster. Many of these which ask you to select cars accept signboards as the correct answer and vice versa.
Whoever decided to pair up captchas with model training is a moron.

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/g/ how do you feel about Ham radio operating? For some reason it appeals to me. Communication with friends without the need for the internet or cell service sounds awesome.

I guess ITT General Ham Radio Discussion
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What if you made a global network of independently-run HAM radio stations in order to form an Internet run without ISPs? I don't know much about radio; is there enough frequency space to transmit that much data? Is it at least theoretically possible?
I can guarantee you that no "communication" will happen over ham radio. Also, those people are not your "friends". Finally,
>no need for internet or cell service
So you're a neo-luddite.

Ham radio is a sad little mix of feeling like you're in control of the conversation because you can turn it off any time or spout some bullshit and then go to another channel, and also being way too scared to see the other person's face. It's essentially an even more luddite, retarded boomer version of IRC.
Damn.. someone was bullied when they were younger.

In the event of a disaster a ham radio would come in handy. Plus going innawoods, it would be neat.

>The 8-core Threadripper has 200 MHz higher base clock than Ryzen 7 1800X. AMD will offer Threadripper 1900X for only 50 USD more, but considering the cost of the whole X399 platform, it may actually make sense to keep the difference low.

>This means that AMD has three Threadrippers ready, with a strong likelihood of introducing non-X parts soon.

>The 16-core Ryzen Threadripper 1950X and 12-core 1920X will be available on August 10th, whereas the 8-core 1900X will be available on August 31st.


Call the ambulance! Intel is sick!
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>64 lanes
>quad chanel
>no bullshit raid keys
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It still made sense to go for a non X 1700 build IMO....
1700 went for $269. Mobo was $100 .. $369.

2 x 1700 = $538. So, i'd have to pay twice as much for a Threadripper 1900x.
Not going to get twice as much performance. I do like the higher clocks on threadripper. I'm assuming because they are using 2 dies... which is comforting because each die has its own Memory controller and 2 channels of DDR4.

So, I think a 1700 build is solid for testing out the Ryzen ecosystem.
If it checks out, I'd go straight to a 1950x for the x399.
I don't see the value at any other points.
I either need a hellavuh lot more compute and will pay the premium or I can be comfy at 1700 scale compute.

Way less cost and risk doing so.
Someone will say just buy a 1900x and x399 but i'd be paying double the price on the CPU and likely triple or quadruple the price on the mobo. Just doesn't work out for the same number of cores. I doubt 8 cores will be memory starved on dual channel DDR. So, there's that.

$369 for a mobo/cpu with all other parts being transferable to X399 is comfy
Extremely impressive clockspeeds there.

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Hey /g/, I built my pc a while ago and I have Windows 10 on it cause games. I was wondering if their is a modified Windows 10 without all the spying and the updates I'm unable to block?
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>he's connecting to the internet (built by the gov)
>cares about spying
you can always install those closed source placebo shits that "remove the spying" on your closed source operating system

they also work for linux via wine :^)
>I was wondering if their is a modified Windows 10 without all the spying and the updates

Win 7

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C++ or Golang?
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Google is getting pretty desperate, isn't it?

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>Fill an array with the names of all women who won't have sex with me
>Run out of ram after 800TB
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> 800TB Ram
Ramlet normalfags gtfo my board
>2 kB for a single name
install gen2
Assuming 70 characters max per name
3.5 billion women * 70 characters per name (max) * 1 byte per character = 245,000,000,000
That's 245 gigabytes
Not 800 TB


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>look up how to fix problem
>find thread on google "how do i fix this?"
>"nvm i fixed it"
>marked as solved
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>think about what kind of thread i could post on /g/
>decide to make a repost of a repost instead of something original
>add frog image to it
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>Google my problem
>first result has [SOLVED] in the title
>open it
>the question was answered by a literal Indian and it's not even related to the OP's question
Fucking pajeets

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/r/amd is upset
Nvidia measures their power consumption in rather stupid ways. A 1080 can spike up to 300+ watts.

stop stop stop whoa what is in the $699 pack? It's kinda confusing

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>put on movie
>movie ends
>this popped up sometime during
wat do
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Check device manager if something now is there wich should not be there
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nothing updated.. hmm

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What's the most fail-proof external flash memory?
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multiple units from different manufacturers storing redundant data stored in different locations.
external seagate drives


Be nice, no shills pls
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210 watt TDP for 10.5TFLOP and $400 sounds amazing if true. But not sure 4GB is enough unless the HBCC works in all games without needing specific driver support. Being "TBC" makes it sound like it won't be the same 8GB.
TDP and clocks for the liquid ones are interesting.

Just look at Vega 10 XL. It was to have a performance equal to or higher than 1080 Ti, seriously!

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>putting a new computer together
>being curious about what noises the new machine will make and what it will smell like
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Go back to /v/.
>implying it's a gaymen pc
>make GUI
>glitchy af and buttons don't do what they're supposed to

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