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Why are there so many anti apple shills on /g/?

It seems impossible to discuss Apple products without someone spamming the thread with anti apple stuff.

Is it just butt blasted pajeets who can't afford Apple products or actual shills paid by Samsung/Lenovo?
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it's a board full of NEETs trying to convince themselves that their $200 (all they can afford) used cum-encrusted thinkpads are better than the newest macbook
1 pajeet working overtime for Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichai.
It's only apple shills. All of them are from apple.

OK facial recognition is whatever but why isn't the whole fucking screen a fingerprint reader then? Do they seriously not have the tech to do it or are they just holding it back for the IPhone XI?

Retarded. Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave.
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Just stop posting the same shit over days course you pig-ass snorting faggot, your question is the too dumb to be even considered comparable to the size of the ant's brain.
I miss concentration camps
>make the entire screen a giant finger print scanner

not everyone likes giving there finger prints to apple and shit

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Show your installed extensions.
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> Using DEs

ay lmao
I'd like to keep them secret, if you don't mind, for those instances where shitposters start spouting off about their opinions of Gnome.There's some really nice ones out there, don't lose hope.

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>firefox 57 out in a few months
>almost all my addons don't have webext working
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>using shit addons
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>tfw no random agent spoofer for firefox 57
> Using mocuck memefox


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Hahaha into the trash it goes

>who /devilish/ here
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look gaywad, either use adblock or don't, but don't be a fucking fruitcake about it.
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how about I use adblock and be a fucking fruitcake about it, nigger?

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Is it worth installing this over void linux? I have an old computer and I am going to either install void or gentoo on it. Is gentoo install much harder than arch? I know it's a lot more time consuming.
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It's not difficult but compiling can take a while on an old computer. If you have another more powerful computer you can use distcc, just make sure to set -march manually instead of -march=native.
but is it worth the time? Liek will I get more performance out of my computer?
The Hard/Time Consuming part starts after the install

>Be Me
>*Current year*
>Stuck with 2001 era DSL (Not the year, the movie)
>No options for better speed
>No plans to upgrade till 2025 at the earliest.
>Holding company trying to offer a fiber connection (500Mb/s for $40) in local court for price dumping.
>Complain to ISP; Frontier
>They do nothing
>hatch a plan
>Buy a shit ton of orange pi boards off alibaba for 10 cents a piece
>Contact several people on craigslist who have frontier internet
>pass out orange pi boards configured to automatically speed test and save the results to spreadsheets on my google drive.
>After a couple weeks, submit the test and plan to FCC
>Frontier is now scrambling to check all the boxes for issues and likely moved up upgrade plans

Did I do well?
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Wait really?
>10 cents a piece
this, link or fake&gay

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Let's answer this once and for all:
Why do people even use Haskell?
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why not?
They don't

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Mac/Unix Friend here.

Looking to start a friendly discussion on Mac VS GNU/linux as a desktop OS

I use both regularly. I have an iMac, MacBook pro, and iPhone for personal use. I use a Fedora 26 box at work (Im a Systems/DevOps Engineer).

What does /g/ think?

Here my pros of both:

>great touch pad with gestures
>seamless integration with iPhone and other macs
>software suites like Adobe and MS Office
>iCloud is pretty tight (backups, email, google drive clone)
>iMessage desktop client
>some games (blizzard for me mostly)
>portable+good out of the box battery life

>best open source virtualization support (qemu+KVM, xen, etc)
>native support for containers
>native package managers
>best privacy

did I miss anything?
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>What does /g/ think?
Nothing. Use what you want
Maybe somebody knows something that I don't that could be of benefit to me or others.

This is why we have discussions
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The One M7 revolutionized android smartphones.
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...in terms of ugliness, look at that bloated homescreen"

t. OP
>that fucking chin
>those bezels
Looking at this phone actually makes my stomach hurt desu.

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Which is the best language to make software?
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unironically assembly
C# and C++. C brainlets GTFO

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hey /g/, I am completely disconnected with reality, what headphones do normal people wear?
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IEMs included, also
Whatever's around. I wear Sony MDR XB 450, which I purchased on clearance for 15 dollars. It was the same price as Sony's cheapest set, and was normally 50 bucks.
>what headphones do normal people wear?
Garbage ones.

>net worth: 900 million dollars
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Chris Pirillo?
>he had *a tattoo*

what's the deal with these garbage threads anyway. explain yourself OP
Literally who?
Why should I care?
she is probably just some sjw boyband member.

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is upgrading from Moto G 1st Gen to 5 Plus worth it? Does it still have the same clear Android experience without bloatware and shit?
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Practically the same thing. Not worth
Yes but only if necessary for you to change phones.

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What are you working on, /g/?

Old thread: >>62477169
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Rust is a language with promise
can't even initialize a struct on the heap without crossing your fingers and hoping the optimizer elides the copy
I'm writing a switch function but when I the default case is used, it prints out the statement 3 times

int value(char romanChar) {
switch (romanChar)
case 'I':return 1;
case 'V':return 5;
case 'X':return 10;
case 'L':return 50;
case 'C':return 100;
case 'D':return 500;
case 'M':return 1000; //cout << "Sorry, '" << romanChar << "' is not a Roman numeral. Please enter a Roman numeral :";
cout << ":)";

So it prints out ":):):)"

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