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>tfw owning the most powerful smartphone powered by A11 Bionic on Sept 22nd

Why have you not joined the Apple A11 Bionic master race, /g/?
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Being able to film in native 24fps is actually a really cool feature on the iPhone X.

Probably going to get an s8 when I'm eligible for upgrade tho.
I'm getting kinda tired of seeing all these apple threads.
Because I'm waiting until I can try an X myself. Really leaning toward replacing my 6 with a 8+. I hate that fucking notch.

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>"...many autists can type faster with the orbiTouch than with a QWERTYboard."

Why aren't you using the orbiTouch, anon?
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I'll buy one if they make the handles shaped like titties.
As a virgin neet who will never touch a girl, I approve of this.
Because it's autistic as fuck and I'm not that autistic.

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Some anon asked me in a now-archived thread where I got pic related.
Here's the link.
Also share old webpages, I guess. Or let this thread die, I just wanted to deliver to the anon who asked.
oocities.org has a huge collection of old geocities pages.
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Yep we just jacked this dick dry but let's have another shitty thread about it with the same 15 links, 5 pictures about the modern web, and same shitty stories about "back in the day". So I'm actually interested in the archive of geocities because it will encourage potential circlejerklet-shits to view the thing they're jacking off about in question, to see how shitty it was.

Assuming this thread takes off because all the failures have to pretend to live in a different time because they've failed in this one, note how nobody will actually go to any of the links. It will just be "oh cool" or something vague or there won't even be a response. Because nobody is going to these links because they just want to pretend. Nostalgia shits really do hate the geocities archive because it easily gives them access to it, they want it to be hard to get and find so they can forever pine for it and not actually get it.
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Let me guess, you're the same guy that replied to my chat rooms thread?
Literally everyone on this board is wanting tech to go back to being as honest as it used to.
Have fun with W10 and Discord
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Catchy song btw. Really getting the urge to hang some nigger now though... hmmm

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>Dual-core processors widely available since 2005
>Twelve years later, consumer chips are pushing double digit core counts
>Parallel computing is still somehow in its infancy

How does that happen? You'd think that a decade and some change would see new developments there, but it seems that there's more focus on simple multitasking.

Secondary question: with ARM and big.LITTLE, can this change?
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99% of what consumers do would show no appreciable benefit from parallelization

anyone who can actually benefit is already relegated to a handful of govt funded HPC centers
>have two or more applications open at the same time
You are now parallel computing sir.
What of enthusiasts?

The word you're looking for is multitasking.

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Are there any off-brand Volcanos that are basically as good, but cheaper? I really like the idea but $600 is a bit much.
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I use the Arizer Extreme Q. It does both bags and the whip. Its a great starter vape and I've used mine for 3 years now with no issues! Its not as good as the volcano, but if you go on eBay they're only about $160 new. Vape critic has some good reviews you could check out to for basically every vape on the market
+1 for arizer extreme q

I'm just gonna leave this here
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>16 MP
More megapixels does not equal better image quality.
iPhone X is already Retina®. More pixel density won't help.
>8 core CPU
iPhone X has the fastest SoC on the market as shows by Geekbench scores.
>unlocked NFC
What use could this possibly have? It's for making payments and that's about it.
>headphone jack
Just buy bluetooth headphones already, grandpa.

>split screen apps
A clusterfuck on such a small screen. It would just be confusing and annoying.
>downloads in the browser
iPhones don't even need file systems, so they don't need generic file downloads either. If you want to download a file, do it in an app that can use it.
It's a fucking PHONE. Who the fuck wants to have multiple user accounts on a phone?
Shit tier bait, but you got me to respond. 7/10.
I don't want to sound like a pajeet Android fanboy who made that pic (and fuck Google, seriously), but:
>no headphone jack
>no fingerprint reader
>still no LED for notifications

The iPhone is looking worse and worse every year.
The only thing I really like about it is the camera. (And I guess that fact that it gets updates for years, but then iOS is also worse in many ways.)

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>AI won't take jobs that require creativity
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i hate game of cucks fans so goddamn much
You'll have friends someday, don't worry.

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After I read about that piratebay thing I installed Noscript. How well I did /g/ also any tips for using this?
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I actually have a hack for this
Click the option that says "Allow Scripts Globally"
Guaranteed to work much better and faster
>not uMatrix

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What am i in for, /g/ ?
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The C programming language, mostly. It's a really good book. Take your time with it.
If you know Python, JS, and C++ datatypes, a rehash of everything you already know.

You learn basically the entire language which is tiny.

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Is there any good compilers for C on Windows?
I just need a fucking compiler, that's it.
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gcc. Oh wait, you said good.
Is it true that with Code::blocks and Dev-C++ you can't use paths with spaces because MinGW doesn't allow it?

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