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>Linux still uses PS1 for bash
>the PS4 has existed since 2014
how do freetards defend their outdated, decrepit software?
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Back to >>/v/ ugly poltard, Games are no technology related,Games are for kids.

Me thinks you don't know what that means. /v/ and /pol/ hate each other a lot.
if you didn't understand OP's joke then I can name only 2 anons in this thread who should go back to /v/

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What's going on with wikipedia? is it only this page? who is JonBenet Ramsey?

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"[email protected]@k mom what i did with script injection"
>who is JonBenet Ramsey?
A little grill that was kidnapped and murdered in the 90s.
I see, I thought it was from GOT

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get rekt.jpg
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Well what do you guys think?
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I keep seeing this shit all over facebook, and I chuckle each time.

>the people that are sharing it have no clue what those specs mean
Fuck off. This is the third thread with this same fuckin' image. We get it.
Well... At least the IPhone X has no headphone jack so that makes it a 2017 phone and not a 2015 phone.

It also has a premium price that Galaxy s6 never could have sold for. Check mate poorfag.

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what the fuck should i stick in this computer?

it's been years since i built this thing and it shows:

APU: AMD A6-7400K @ 3.5GHz
Graphics: GeForce GT 710

i don't even know where to start. i just wanna play 2k comfortably lol
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>dedicated graphics card worst than the apu
Nothing. Do not add anything to this build. It's time to let go. Maybe keep the case.
athlon 860k if the bios upgrade supports it or the A8/10

new gpu, maybe a SH 750ti or the amd equivalent

that's it

may anyone recommend a good UML tool that respects my freedoms?
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As long as you don't require any advanced features, Dia just works and respects your freedumbs.

allright thanks, im using lucidcharts right miow and its pretty ok... but its directly on the browser so fuck it

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>iphone x
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>he can't afford the new iPhone so he shitposts on /g/ to make himself feel better about his poverty
>wasting your money on trash
wanna know how I know you're poor?

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>people pronouncing it as 'where as'

How come AMD CPU market share is still losing despite Ryzen?
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Because Steam hardware stats collecting is opt-in and therefore unreliable.
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There is a market for high end PC hardware outside of MUH GAYMES despite what the autistic shriek squad around here would have you believe.

Also, most of those numbers are being inflated by shitty Intel laptops. Look at the CPU speeds.

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>tfw ublock+noscript
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>he uses noscript instead of umatrix
Best combo, anon.
noscript is cool if you dont need all the features of umatrix
i still recommend it for OP too, you could easily replace your combo with umatrix and let it do all your blocking

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HTTPS is LIFE, HTTPS is Love !!!

Without the basic encryption people can watch our browsing history and here on 4chan we all know what it contains XD
Whether it's a parent, a neighbore or some fat guy working for ISP
4chan needs to grow to the HTTPS MasterRace and start using encryption
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4chan has been using https for years anon.
it didnt work until recently but
Now it works XD I guess it was temporary
it should use it by default though :)

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>boot up the Windows partition after months of Linux only
>antivirus needs 180 MB update
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why dont you just install it on a smaller partition that doesnt have room for the update?
problem solved i dont know how you couldnt think of this on your own

you'll get:

3 new backdoors
4 calls to C&C
2 false positives

and . . .

an added botnet pack from microjew due to the aforementioned (((FEATURES)))

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Sick and tired of you guys talking about how certain countries have faster internet (when we know they don't).

If you're a gamer, and you're connecting to a server IN your country, it won't matter how fast other people say their internet is; your speed will always be faster.

If you live next door to fucking google, your speed will be inherently better than someone with 10 mb of speed above you.
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Bait or retard
Depends on down/upload speed and the latency.
Autism : the post

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What does "weighted performance" mean?
The results of several different benchmarks get combined.

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Sup, /g/oons?

I want to create a forum. Sort of like pic related, though I'm going to make it more modern, perhaps. Does anyone know where to get started on such a project?
Which language do you recommend creating this in? Or is there a theme I could use, because I can't find shit so far.
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How the fuck aren't you able to find information over the internet?
You can use Go, Ruby using the Rails Framework (Ruby on Rails), Python... many options.
Everything is basically wordpress plugins and shit, which I don't want to do.

I was aiming at people with experience for information. So if you don't have that, which you don't, GTFO

>Bought a Pentium G4560
>Find a Random bios hack for G4560 on the web.
>Why not?
>Bios hack makes G4560 overclockable
>Overclock a G4560? HELL YESS!
>Set to 4ghz....from 3.5 it's runs on 45°C with the default fan...
Run a Bencmark...ITS almost 2* as strong as normally...Bios hack made it a LOT more stronger.
>Try 4.6ghz 55C at idle.
>Successfull Bencmark at 72C
>Gets addicted to Overclocking
>Decides to buy a Better fan for my G4560.
>It's still air Cooling ... I can run a 5.7ghz Bencmark at 88C
>This CPU is a fucking GOD
>Bought a professional Water Cooling System for my CPU
> I am really just doing nothing else than Overclock the shit out of my G4560
> Finally after many attempts 7 ghz Bencmark without crashing
>Reality check
>My Bencmark gets almost the same point as I7-6700K

Currently my G4560 runs with this setting :
Base Clock : 5.2 ghz
Turbo Clock : 6.0 ghz
Max Voltage Offset : 999V (Maximal value)
Max Power Draw : 999W

It's usually under 70C

What's wrong with me???
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I want to buy a Liquid nitrogen setup to make this to a even higher level :D
Sounds like it could be autism

Nice job though
I know this is cheap bait, but

>1000 watts at 1000 volts
Your chip would instantly fry. That's not how silicon works. Also

>Boost clock
Putting aside the rest of the stupidity in the post, the boost clock on Intel CPUs is disabled if you manually change the BCLK or multiplier, which are the two ways to overclock a chip.

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