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the most epic fail of 2017

how can i enjoy kino when there's a black bar covering the left side of the screen?
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They'll patch it in iPhone 11
the notch is for storing your headphone adapter

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>"Read More"
>comments not visible on mobile version
>nonstop images loading, altering the layout while you're trying to read the page, misdirecting your clicks
>autoplay videos

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>redirecting to malicious ad sites
>phone literally vibrates and makes high pitch noises

Why is this even possible?
that's what you get for being a dumb phoneposter

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What kind of a twisted timeline is this?
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Apple has gone into the deep-end.

Everybody has drunk the Kool-Aids, and there is nobody inside in high-enough place to call out the bullshit.

Even paid shill sites like The Verge are getting sick of it.
What's wrong with it? Sounds like a nice idea.
They can do whatever at this point seeing home people worship apple

>knock someone unconscious and use their face to unlock their phone

>NSA uses accurate reconstruction of their face to unlock their phone

No fucking thanks.
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It probably scans the iris too, so that wouldn't work.
>open eyelids while they are unconscious
Then it might work, but how would you do that?

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Does anyone with one of these actually have a girlfriend? Or even friends? rofl
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Send from my Windows Phone 10
Yes, over 80% of people in the smartphone market don't have any relationships.
But you cannot afford an iPhone, anon, and that's why you are shilling it on /g/

Can someone please explain to me the draw of a flagship phone?
>You're never going to use all the power you're paying for
>Almost all your fancy features are present a year later on budget phones
>Lets be honest, if you need an 800$ camera, you're going to buy an actual camera
>Nowadays every decent higher-tier budget phone has a nice metal body
At least with something like a sports car, even if you never use all that horsepower or whatever, it stands out and draws attention. When I walk into a lecture room a good 80% of the students are using either an iPhone or a Samsung S7/8. Go buy a Redmi or something.
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The amortized cost of a flagship is only a tad more than a budget phone's. The iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S5 are still getting updates, which makes their effective lifespan 4 years (divide their launch price by this number). The vast majority of budget trash does not get even a single update. "Budget flagships" like OnePlus are supported for at most 2 years. After that, you're forced to use Lineage, which comes with a degradation in camera quality, wonky Bluetooth, etc.
tl;dr - flagships are actually better value for money if you're not a consumerist whore
Some people want the "best" regardless of their use cases. While that isn't particularly wise to do with money, some people just don't care. You can't control them so it makes no sense worrying about it.

I bought a Galaxy S5 when it came out in 2014 and I still use it for a few hours everyday, but that's me. Everyone is different. Don't stress over it anon.
i can try, but if you just made this thread to bitch and whine then you're not going to be in a state of mind to be receptive to hearing why people other than you might be drawn to a flagship phone. are you prepared to accept some rationale even though it doesn't make you want one? because if you're not, then what you're really asking is for me to sell you on flagship phones, which isn't fair unless you're willing to tell us a lot more about yourself, and also maybe give me a reason to give any shits at all what you do.

>You're never going to use all the power you're paying for
virtually nobody in the world buys a car and then exploits all of the power available to them

>Almost all your fancy features are present a year later on budget phones
you have to buy a phone at some point. you can either buy a phone that'll be on par with budget phones in a year (and be obsolete in 3 years), or buy a phone that's a year further along on that life cycle on day 1 (i.e. a budget phone). some people would prefer to enjoy riding that wave of having modern tech for longer.

>Lets be honest, if you need an 800$ camera, you're going to buy an actual camera
you're not buying an $800 camera. you're buying an $800 device which has, among like a dozen other functions, a camera. if you're buying a flagship phone solely for the camera, then maybe you're in the wrong part of the store.

>Nowadays every decent higher-tier budget phone has a nice metal body
this just seems like a random thought. people aren't saying "finally, a phone with a metal body. this is what i was holding out for". it's just a nice thing to have.

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In this thread we discuss apple technologies.

Why media is saying this? Has iPhone killed itself or it's doing damage to kids?
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every year /g/ says that apple has shot itself in the foot and that it'll be dead in a year or two years or whatever. and every year those idiots slink away into the shadows again so they can make their bullshit claims again the following year with impunity.

there's some shit in the iphone x that looks stupid, but i also thought the ipad was fucking stupid and when the iphone was first announced 10 years ago i thought the premise of a device that played music and took phone calls sharing the same battery was fucking stupid, and i have to admit that i was wrong. or at least, my finger wasn't on the pulse of everyday people.
Apple is like a luxury item welfare queens use to display it's rich.
Not matter what, always idiots will buy it because it's regarded as a premium jewelry
>fox "news"

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Debian Bullseye here. AMA anything.
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Why do I get lag on Wayland but not X?
Why are you not straight?
Why does your package manager suck cock

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What happened to them /g/?
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(((they))) happened.
A company run by Japs got involved with keiks and decided to cater to Chinese, who are literally all so autistic that they need to see a flag of their country in a movie in order to want to go watch it.

Pander to the chinks, you end up like Canada.
>nationalism is bad when chinks do it

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Why aren't you using FreeBSD as a desktop right now?
Not scared of the CLI, are you?
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>garbage hardware support
>garbage virtualization support
>shit package support
>linux layer is buggy as shit

The real question (genuine question desu senpai) is why not use smartos or openindiana.
I've always loathed BSD package management. Its like they went put of their way to make it as unintuitive as possible.

There's also less hardware support than Linux. It just seems to be an alternative for the sake of being an alternative.
I had it on my Thinkpad for a while but there's a recurring bug with X and sleep and my ATI chip which eventually causes a hang, so I switched to Devuan.

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We pay for 50mbps... this is disappointing, bell. And I'm the only one using the network right now...
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$70/ month

Can't complain. No data cap
Is it legal to not give advertised speeds? I get around the speed that is advertised (20mbps down 6mbps up) sometimes more, sometimes less, but not much.
That's what you get when you download over 1TB of Chinese cartoons every month.

Apple is a company unironically worth 800 billion dollars and yet people on /g/ and lebbit think they know better than the people at Apple making the decision.

Can anyone explain this meme to me
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It's not just /g/. Even """"""analysts"""""" like Gene Munster who actually get paid to prognosticate have been repeating the tired old "Apple is finished and bankrup!!1" every year like clockwork for the past 15 years.
Even Nate Aluminum has a better track record than these chucklefucks.
If you spend enough time on Windows to start hating it you either use it for work and switch to Mac or your a fucking Neet and you pop Linux onto it because you have nothing better to do.
you're right anon..... we should take over apple

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How did we go from this...
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...to fucking this
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Hardware stagnation.
You NEED a gimmick like animojis to move phones to normies, because we're reaching a point where form-factor and speed are pretty much set in stone across the industry for all devices.

Nobody cares if the new Apple processor has a clock speed two fingers faster than the old one if literally nothing takes advantage of it.

That's why Apple's "courage" and "revolution" went from introducing the modern smartphone/tablet standard and increasing screen resolution to outrageous levels (things that can be found everywhere now and are taken for granted) to fucking pencils and poop emojis that smile when you grimace, and removing the headphone jack.

The consumer is comfortable using 5+ year old hardware, and now innovation is relegated to whichever company can take that, add some fancy flair, lock it tight and sell the keys.
I still can't understand how people brought the 7 and now this trash with no headphone jack.

One point for FFox over Chrome that I never see mentioned here is the excellent built in reader mode, it's great.
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What about multiple tabs without freezing? Firefox can and chrome can't.
I never had this problem, I can open hundreds of tabs in both browsers with no issues. When I was on winshit10 having 2 youtube videos open would cause my noticeable lag, on arch 4.12 I could probably open 50 before I could tell I was lagging.
>reading murdoch media

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How do you feel about this?

If the deal goes through, SK Hynix and Toshiba will together control slightly over 30% of global NAND flash market share, making it a close second after Samsung.
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It's a private equity company that Mitt Romney used to run.
thats a big deal

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