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I have a MacBook Pro from 2015. I want to run Windows on it and am planning to buy a product key for it. The reason is I want to be able to access exclusive windows apps and to play some pc games on it. I would also be able to still have my Mac OS so would have access to both operating systems on a single laptop. But I was wondering if it's worth it? Like does Windows 10 preform as well on a Mac or should I just spend $300 on an Acer aspire at Walmart?
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google it
fuck off and buy a shitty thinkpad if you want Windows
I have a 2015 MBP. Windows runs like shit on it, battery life is cut in half and it runs hot as hell.

>buying a windows key in [2017]

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hahaha this is worse than Rust
pic related are the one's who are developing the Go language
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jbd seems like the least insane one.
What is the white man's language /g/ ?
She was the one who publicly threatened to resign if Google didn't fire James Damore

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How many programming languages is it possible to master, or at least be good at?
How do you know when you've really become good at a particular language?
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When you can read other people's code and improve it.
But that's the bare minimum
(You) only need Java, so one.

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>Robots will not deatroy humani-
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They won't, apparently they are trying to save it
>tfw no ebony trump gf
>they lightened her skin for the profile pic

what did they mean by this?

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Hey /g/ I'm a newfag to this board so please don't ruin my insides for not knowing tech lingo and an in-depth understanding of technology. I currently have upgraded from an hp pavilion 2009 laptop to an HP Omen Gaming Laptop. I spent $1100 on the laptop, and I wanted to know if that was a good deal in terms of how large this upgrade is. Should I be looking for an upgrade to a high end gaming desktop or a medium end gaming desktop like an Asus within the next four years? I have a lower middle-class income and a budget range of $1100-$2750 for the modem/tower (I can get the funds for a gaming mouse and headphones and keyboard, etc within a 6 month period after I buy aforementioned new computer). My problem is that I've never used a desktop for gaming besides plants vs zombies and the Turok cd-rom game on an old ass hp 2005 modem with windows Xp and an acer monitor, so I am apprehensive cause I don't know If I will be able to comprehend all the jargon that might be involved in the setting up and personalization of modern day desktop pcs. I'm not asking for advice, more so different points of view and some pros and cons from people who know what will be important to faggots like you and me and the rest of tard mcgees.
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Learn what a paragraph is.
You can usually bang out a gaming rig for about $1500 and run literally everything at the time on ultra. With that said right now is a catastrophically bad time for a purchase since RAM prices are high as are GPU prices and to some extent HDD prices, luckily you can get SSDs relatively cheap these days.

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Sup /g/

U just bougth this monitor its a samsung CF791
and im planing on geting a new graphics card, im not sure if i should get a GTX 1080ti or what for Vega.

What do you recomend?
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You'd need to post your specs and expected performance. It's entirely possible the 1080 is overkill.
its a 3440x1440p, 34 inches whit 100hz refresh rate it also has freesync

but i actually dont want wait for vega because its gonna take some extra weeks to get to my country
Idk if it's youre camera or wat mang but it looks bent as hell hahaha send that shit back

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What do you wanna make?

2D vidya in browser and phone

Daydreaming: Bitcoin exchange, 3D games,
constantly googling shit is programming

So is there any good theme or icons for gnome/unity that are NOT material design or macOS inspired?
I want to refresh the look a bit but they all seem to fall into one of these categories or are shit/don't have enough icons.
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diaper theme
Very mature, what was I expecting of /g/?
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bro, have i got the icon theme for you

Firefox mobile just went full Chrome.
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>light theme
it has a dark theme?
At least it doesn't look like it's from the late Symbian era or something.


Never buy meme CPUs like RYZEN MOAR CORES
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intel wins again!
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>intel 18/36 $2000
>amd 16/32 $1000
>only 5% + performance
>hahahaha intel wins again!

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I'm the only system admin at a company with a 3 person IT dept. My boss is a "programmer" who insists on making apps in vb and pronounces SQL as sequel.

We have 10 servers that were horribly configured by him and security is a joke. The other day he told me to quit worrying about the server config, because servers are "set and forget kind of thing"

Is it time to find a new job?
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Sql is pronounced sequel you dumb faggot
You sound like a retard. That shit is like nails on a chalkboard.
Go interview at a real company and call it s q l
Only retards don't call it sequel

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>[email protected] is already taken?

what do?
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[email protected]
Self host on a free as in freedom operating system
install gentoo

WOW!! Every product from this guys is AMAZING!
Their editor, Visual Studio(the tiny file editor one)
I don't even have to look up documentations, the things just writes it for me, gives me hint, and if i want i can add a COMPILER to the EDITOR.
Yes, you heard right, a compiler!
Thank you.
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Great thread
Thanks for providing us such a great operating systeam, that is easy to use, fast, and reliable.
Cringe thread

I really can't get if people are sarcastic or serious here...
Anyways this scene is cringe as fuck

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Hi newfriend. On this board we only hate Mozilla for being SJW and ignore it when Google is just as bad if not worse.
How did these people not get this nonsense beaten out of them at school?
The kids these day think being a fag is cool and look up to people who make videos of themselves playing video games.

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Can we have another one of these?

>essentially glorified toaster over
>qr code scanner so you dont have to enter the cooking time
>$36 for 3 prepackaged meals

Don't you want airplane food in the comfort of you're own home /g/?
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Killer web design
>Good home cooking takes too much effort.
that's not true at all

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