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Do you ever use fixed-width integers? If so, for what purpose?
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don't you think it's more discreet & obvious this way? You don't want your compiler fucking things up for some part of the codes.

Bernstein went even further than standards by redefining string literals and various pointers in his tools.
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Writing binary format
Explicitly supporting a certain range of integers
Memory conservation and alignment
If by "fixed-width integers" you mean padded numbers, it's usually used for serializing things. 000001, 000002, 000003...

If you mean fixed-byte lengths, I'm not sure wtf you're talking about, as any language worth a damn only gives you fixed lengths data types in RAM.

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ITT: things that trigger newfags
"I use 3 VPN services"
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"go back to r*ddit"

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Hey /g/ how is t-mobile I got version and consider to switch to t mobile for saving money

>pic unrelated
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If you need data outside metropolitan statistical areas, you'll need to check sprint coverage to leave big red. Tmo is no go almost everywhere outside cities.
It's really cool, meng! You get a free pizza from Papa Johns once every three months.
This. Greater metropolitan area? Expect 2-3 bars. Outside of that don't expect service at all.

General refreshed products thread.
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Meant to post this pic instead, oh well.
How can Intel claim the 7700k has 15% better performance, when it's just a rebadged 6700k.
I never understood this.

Now Intel is claiming a 51% performance jump and a 11% IPC jump in their 8th gen is.
When the 8700k is just a 6700k with 2 extra cores on 14nm+++++++++++
AMD will refresh both Vega and Zen in Q1 2018

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really makes you think...
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Because they can't compete with their low prices. They're the best seller on amazon for a reason.
Because they make tons of sub-$500 laptops.

Some people buy $350 laptop and expect it to work as well as an $1,800 ThinkPad, then get mad when they find out it doesn't.

Acer's higher-end lines are fine.

Besides a beginner learning the syntax. What else is their to learn besides algorithms and data structures. Also how do I strengthen my problem solving skills? Anything else a beginner programmer needs to know? I really want to learn C++ but I've decided to start with C#. I've been on it for 2 weeks now and really enjoying it. I want to eventually learn other languages too but I'm focusing on learning the languages I need to be employed first. One day I'll be on linux but not yet gang. Please no elitism, just enlightenment.
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You bastards can't help?
>What else is their to learn besides algorithms and data structures
Computer architecture, and Software engineering principles possibly.
Math too depending on what you want to do

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images (31).jpg
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>Install Ubuntu
>Firefox preinstalled
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>he didn't use the mini.iso
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Anyone got that image of browser tiers??

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What's wrong with this app?
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>required to download messenger to message people

Not today, (((zuckerberg)))
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It regularly shoots up to multiple hundred mb for what can be replaced with a fucking web wrapper
It'll give you cancer

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Hey /g/, I just bought my girlfriend a Chromebook Pixel (Core i5 processor, none of that dumb ARM shit the later product line had, only $260 on eBay) and I'm going to be dualbooting ChromeOS and Linux.

What distro is touchscreen/high-resolution ultrabook friendly? I was thinking Manjaro using Deepin since she's not tech savvy.

Does /g/ approve?
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Please do us the favor and wipe off the original OS, OP. It'll make me happy.
Wiping the OS is a pain in the ass but she's gonna be using Linux full time.

Thanks m8, looks good

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redpill me on this
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It' shit.
Its botnet trash.It sends your urls to home base on every input
It's own by an advertising agency. It sucks. Use uBlock Origin

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Trying to fall for this meme but the official documentation is a bit over my head.
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install gentooo
CloverOS is a good start.
maymay ebin

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Hey guys! Anyone good at Python? Ive just started and currently using version 3.6.
I cant for the love of everything holy get the input to work.
It doesnt react when I type something.
for example, I wrote a little code that was as simple as:
name = input("What is your name?")
print ("Hello " + name)
and it wont work, nomatter what I do.
Any takers?
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I've been at it for some time, cant figure it out.

>doesnt notify unless facebook is installed
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>using jew products
What difference does it make if you already have a facebook account.
>pixel art
Kys you'reself please.

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whats the best dock app for windows, like the one in mac? is there any worthy alternatives to docky?
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wtf do you need a third party dock for when you have the taskbar? the windows taskbar literally IS a dock at this point
that's a good question, fuck you.

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Why does Spotify try to appeal to weed smoking liberal sjws? They're losing tons of money all the time. Meanwhile Apple appeals to professionals and conservatives and actual productive members of society with Apple Music and just keeps getting more and more money and more and more labels to sign on. Really makes you ponder.
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Is this /g/ humour?
I use Spotify while I drive, I can swipe left and right to go through songs while Applel music I have to press the next or previous button
>the state of apple

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