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Is there a relatively easy way to hack into someone's snapchat account? Or phone in general I guess. It's just always something that has interested me. And this is coming from someone that knows shit about technology.
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install gentoo
I fucking hate this website
Try youtube. They have some sweet videos where anonymous hackers do tutorials through notepad.

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>silicon is used for both my fleshlight and my CPU
That's pretty rad when I think about it
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your cpu uses silicon, your fleshlight uses silicone
my boss always calls it silicone valley and I'm not sure if he's retarded or making a joke
my dick is made of flesh and and my right hand is made of flesh.

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How do Internet service providers get internet?

tl;dr: If the end of net neutrality becomes a thing how do I provide my own internet?
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>too long; didn't read is longer than the actual post
The ISPs own the network infrastructure that connects everything together, the only way to provide internet to yourself is to create your own network infrastructure, or buy it, both of which are obscenely expensive
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The internet is a series of tubes....

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Listen to this podcast about how the the originator of ZCASH cryotocurrency goes to insane measures to insure privacy during a private key generation, and Google / Android nearly jacks the operation.

You fa/gg/ots keep poking fun at iOS but it's light years ahead of Botroid in terms of security. Fuck you and 'muh configurability'

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zcash is not secure but neither is android
Everywhere I've seen the usual advice is "it's impossible to use a smartphone - Apple or Android - in a manner that respects your privacy."

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Gamers are the worst fucking people. Literal manchildren ruining the internet with their obsession with flashy children's toys. The most uncultured, uneducated scum in existence.The only reason they care about computers are to play the latest "epic vidya bro!!!". For this reason, I propose video games, and gamer software like Windows are reasoning for a permanent ban on /g/.
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Nice blog anon, where can I donate?
Actually, internet surfers are the worst fucking people. Literal manchildren ruining the world with their obsession with flashy children's toys. The most uncultured, uneducated scum in existence.The only reason they care about computers are to open the latest "epic site bro!!!". For this reason, I propose internet, and internet software like Linux are reasoning for a permanent death penalty.
Does emacs count as a gayme?

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>want to make guest account on pc for guests that are coming over.
>no downloading allowed and other restrictions etc.
>windows 10.
>ask for a new microsoft email for the guest account.
>make one anyways.
>since its a child account it also wants my debit card.
>fuck you but fine.
>also wants to do a 50 cent charge.

Why does microsoft make it so fucking hard to make a FUCKING GUEST ACCOUNT. At this point I think I'm just not going to let them use my computer. And to boot it has this tracking shit.
inb4; why using windows 10
>asks for my
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This is a technical support thread
These threads are frowned upon
Please use google, read the sticky, install gentoo and then take your computer to geek squad. They will be able to do what you want.

Totally not going to sage this cancerous thread
? I just made a second account with no password called Guest. No idea what you're on about OP.
not technical support faggot, im complaining about microsoft as a company.

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>build a steam engine
>call it a quantum computer
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its possible.
>write software full of bugs
>say it uses q-bits because it works only 50% of the time
I want a quantum computer

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>hick neighbor is blasting music on his shitty radio
>find station
>turn on my transmitter
>blast gay porn over the waves
>watch him freak out
one word
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B-but anon!
Thats illegal!
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>Be a radio fag
>have gay porn on your computer

Sounds about right.
>hick neighbour decides to call the police
>it appears i was disturbing the neighbourhood
>try to explain to them my neighbour was blasting music
>tfw neighbours say they only heard gay porn
>get arrested

Hi /g/,
I'm hating so much a fckng colleague of mine so I started to kick him off from our working LAN but I'm not so good with CLI, so I decided to use this service to make the job.
Anyone ever heard about ARCAI netcut ?
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Anon, lets talk about the real issue;
Why do you hate him?
i you knew her, you should know the reason why.
She's a shit face, snob girl that need to kicked out.
you sound like the snob

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What's the most cross platform shell scripting language?
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If it runs under dash, it should run under all POSIX compliant shells.

dash also runs much faster than bash and is a pure unsoiled implementation of the Bourne shell, all Debian startup scripts were rewritten to be posix compliant for this reason
This. Use dash whenever possible, it exists on Linux (not just GNU either), *BSD, Solaris, etc.

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These two roaches made a pc with 5 Turkish liras = 1.23 Euro

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>roaches in a computer
This is noting new.
You too can go to a recycling centre and pick up a PC for free too.

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Is it just the area I live in (KY) that has a lot of these faux-mennonite types, or is it a common thing?

What I'm referring to is this trend where programmers and engineers will build houses in the country and try to live off the grid as much as they can. Even going to the extent of not having running water in their house. But at the same time be working in the tech industry and be interested in all manner of hacking and diy tech projects.

Have you ever met these people? Are you one of them?
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Never met one but I noticed that software engineers / programmers are often on the edges of society so it doesn't surprise me so much
>white people
bump for interest

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2 weeks ago, it's started giving me black screens (mostly while playing games). I'm %100 sure it's the graphics card because I tested it on another rig and the same thing happened on that one too. It's still under warranty, so I gave it to technical support(it it what you call them?) at 7th, still waiting. Some fucking how my friend with the same card(sapphire nitro r9 390, bought it 2-3 later than me) is having similar issues as well.(BSOD's, black screens) Is this card doomed to fail? Should I expect my replacement (or my repaired) card to die in another 1,5 years? Was a memed into a shitty product produced by a shitty company?
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warranty it, sell the replacement to miners for the absurd prices they;re willing to pay and get a 1070 with that cash desu senpai
Never buy power hungry cards is what I have learned. Only reason I bought 1080s were because of the low power consumption. Even then , wait until your card arrives. Linus has had 390s since forever and they seem to be lasting very well. Only time will tell friend.

I need a new smart phone. Any suggestions?
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Smart phones are botnet and are nasty.
Here are the only phones I would consider, ranked from best to still better than everything else.
Samsung Galaxy Note4
Yota Phone 2
Fairphone 2
Whatever Huawei's newest ~$200 USD price-point phone is.
One Plus 3T or the 5
I know 1+ did something weird for their benchmarks for the 5 but it's still a good 2017 phone for $479... You could pick up a 3T on Amazon for $440ish.
Good if you care about specs. Also Dash Charge kicks butt but I know there's plenty of Android's with similar speed charging.

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Dutchfag here in need of your help. Some dipshit stole my precious OP3 phone yesterday. I was able to locate the device through google phone finder, but was unable to intercept the bastard before the power was cut. I was wondering if someone could give me some advice how to track the phone via IMEI number. I do have the IMEI number, but local police refused to track it. Thanks in advance.
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...Get it back... Levi?
Kan je de telefoon niet locken via google phone finder?
Ja is gelockt door mij, maar ik vermoed dat er een hardreset is uitgevoerd aangezien het signaal verloren is. Begreep dat via IMEI ongeacht simkaart telefoon traceerbaar is.

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