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Is there actually a good driver updater tool that scans versions with a database?
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yeah, called gentoo
>yeah, called gentoo
True but what about for Windows? Linux rarely needs any drivers due to everything being compiled into the kernel as modules nowadays.
I just use driver booster, although i've never tried any alternative


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>New to /tpg/ or looking for purchasing advice? (hint: use the advice request template, it makes life easier)

>If you're looking for purchase advice, READ THE BUYERS GUIDE FIRST. Then post, stating budget and requirements (e.g. size and performance).

>Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T, X, and W/P SERIES; and Dell Latitude/Precision (E6430, E6440, E7440) if you want the Real Business Experience™

>Recommended models and mod guide:

>Used ThinkPad buyers guide:

>xsauc buyers guide:

>EPP discount for new ThinkPads (USA & Canada only, usually 15%+ off):

>Helpful links and resources (Wiki, lookup tools and wallpapers):
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First for T420
Second for T530 with classic keyboard
Third for gore


>No Terry/TempleOS



What should we do now, Mr. God?

God Says...

they idea high million most in beauty fell machine woman note neck and hear more such dad excite doctor picture hill yet broke line silent rain next master mix discuss molecule lie
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Forgive us, uncle Terry.
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It's my birthday and I'm posting in this Terry thread for the glory of God

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what's the best distro for gaming laptops
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unironically this
Uh, Windows...?
Are you fucking retarded?

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If Linux's biggest weakness is that it can't run .exe files why don't they just make a distro that can?
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dumb frogposter
a thread died for this, but if it was a /pol/ thread then i congratulate you
why don't they just make computers that can integrate with ur mind and take over the entire earth in 1 microsecond?

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Ruined my day
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He is probably right though.
Can you imagine being so autistic you communicate with your team through commit messages?

Why doesn't he just shout at you directly?
Everyone who posts a link to lmgify is a giant faggot. You have full right to smack him across the face offline.

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What's the easiest way to build an application with little to no actual programming know-how? Currently I use autohotkey to bodge together solutions.
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that sounds good enough. Thats how one of my coworkers got started back in the day

I guess take something you've built in autohotkey and try to re-write it in python.

You'll be googling a lot, maybe youll learn something

Good luck
I know you're trying to encourage me to better myself but I work 60 hours a week and really just need an easy way to do this without having to dedicate a bunch of time to it.

Should I just pay a programmer then?
Pay someone else to do it for you.

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evil mode.jpg
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Emacs can emulate Vim, Vim can't emulate Emacs. Case closed.
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>mfw i write >1000 lines of code using vim while you are still tweaking your emacs config

Speed is everything
I use vim keybinding right now you retard. The difference is I get emacs in insert mode AND I get configs and plugins. Suck my cock.
>there are people on this board right now that don't use cat to view and sed to edit

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So I'm an 18 year old that just graduated high school got in a car crash and I'm gonna be on a wheelchair for atleast 9 months.

So I'm basically a Neet for 9 months and I was wondering could I learn a program language? And do some freelance?

I'm not that good at math btw.
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You totally can. There will be a discussion over which language to learn here, but let this be clear: there has never been a better moment for learning programming. The internet is full of resources.

About the language...

Don't listen to this

OS creation: c and asm86 you could also try with rust but i have never used that language so i dont know how good it is.

Small term Money: css javascript

Long term money: python, java,C# and go make some professional software or game

With the upcoming release of IOS 11 it is far from overdue that come up with a concept to break more Iphones

This thread will act as a spitball competition where you can throw out your ideas and pick what you think will be the best, along with providing concept art if you wish

I've been throwing around the idea of "IOS Rumble" with a few autists I know. The rundown of the idea is that IOS 11 introduces a new feature that detects when your phone is dropped through the accelerometer and will begin to heavily use the vibrate feature so when the phone hits the ground the forces cancel out. One of the main benefits to this idea is that not all phones will break if you drop them, leading people to drop their phones and if they are not broken and completely fine then they will proceed to tell others "yes it totally works" leading more and more people to believe it as apposed to with apple wave where everyone suffered their phones blowing up. Then again it's just a simple thought thrown out at lunch.
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There was a /b/ thread a couple of months ago, people had some thoughts about claiming the new iphone to be modular with a removeable battery, I thought that you could get people to shove shit into the lightning port or maybe getting a screw driver into it. A bit more complex than putting shit into the microwave, however if tech rax could drill into the iphone than I think it could be possible.

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do we really need military class components in our graphics cards?
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Does it give you double xp?
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Marketing marketing marketing. Whatever MSI advertise about military grade reliability is all bollocks and never true by their engineering practices. Even try to tear down their pricier boards and you'll eventually find dirt cheap Nikos mosfets or some very poor powerstage arrangement in them somewhere.

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This is fun. Bump
come on niggers.

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Welcome to the botnet.
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What he said wasn't harsh enough. SJWs (and their male counterparts, the 'bros') are against logic so that is why they can't code.

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Apple will be doing a replacement program where customers with a broken iPhone 7 device can get an iPhone 8 as their replacement, for free. Wow, that's very charitable of Apple.

I'm sure plenty of scammers and trolls will purposefully break their iPhones for a free upgrade but we should spread the news to help our fellow Apple fans!
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this has to be bait
seems legit
I dunno. But it would be funny if some kangz broke their phones and Apple doesn't replace them.

File: Opera 12.15.png (94KB, 1154x811px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Opera 12.15.png
94KB, 1154x811px
Source Code: https://bitbucket.org/prestocore-fan/presto (Mirrored at https://git.teknik.io/Zero3K/presto)
Patches: https://github.com/PrestoXen/openopera-patches
Issue Tracker: https://github.com/PrestoXen/openopera-issues/issues
IRC Channel: #openopera on crowley.anonnet.org:6697 (via a SSL connection)
Webchat: http://site.anonnet.org/webirc/openopera
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/WV9s9uw
Forum: http://forum.timsky.ru
Custom 32-bit Build (with Patches applied): https://u.teknik.io/wLUu9.zip
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>forum is russian

So is Opera with presto now a Russian botnet ?
Of course not.
just use otter

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