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>AMD RX Vega 64 Eclipses Polaris In Ethereum Mining Efficiency By 2X – Achieves 43.5MH/s At 130W
GAYMERS BTFO. No vega for gaymers this year.
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Well. At least AMD will win and Navi will be the blow that kills nVidia.
>just wait™
>mfw Gibbo was right all along

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Oi me ni/g/nogs, help me choose a password manager for a SOHO. What could I get that keeps the (((cloud))) down the well? Is KeepAss safe enough? Are LastAss and Memelane too (((cloud-integrated)))?
I wouldn't be using it, it would be for the owner, who is technical but isn't interested in shenanigans.

+ encrypted storage
+ master password/keyfile
+ sharing
+ (((Windows))) client
+ (((iOS))) client
+ (((android))) client
= gahnoo leenox client
= emergency one-use password
- NO (((native cloud))) functionality
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A piece of paper you keep in your desk/wallet. Not everything needs to be on the computer.
It's what they currently use. It has its charms, but it's too visible, and a PITA to sync random char passwords through layer-9 protocols.
something wrong with your parenthesis keys?

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What IM do you use? Is Pidgin any good?
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its default for xubuntu and id imagine other distros
and anything thats default sucks
just irc with hexchat
Weechat for that hacker feel

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R is a trolling language. It was never meant to be anything other than something to throw novice developers off the path.

It's like a master carpenter is training an apprentice, but doesn't want him around, so he tells him to go bang nails into scrap wood. The master says that banging nails into scrap wood is a modern and relevant contribution to the field.

Teaching young people R is like hijacking a highschool in America and teaching everybody to speak in Urdu. That's not to say learning Urdo isn't helpful, but the things you could do that are displaced by Urdo learning is a real loss to those people you harmed.

In the same way, R is damage to the minds of people who are fooled into it. It's a trolling language, it's how you tell someone to "go harm themselves" by doing so in a way where the target actually does. We put criminals into concrete boxes when they get too effective at tricking others into harming themselves, setting traps for others to fall in, to eliminate them as competition.

The fact that python is overtaking R is people slowing coming to this realization, which I believe I can prove beyond reasonable doubt, enough so a neutral person would acknowledge the hidden and defecting agendas behind the obvious facades.

R is not the future of data science, charting, machine learning, computer vision, or any of that. At least languages like Chef "whitespace" and "Piet" make their trolling intentions obvious, R does the same while maintaining the ruse.

For all the people doubting me, what you need is some R programming. Write some programs in R and use up your brain space with it, Go ahead, see what happens. Lets get back together in 5, 10 and 15 years. Give me an opportunity to laugh at you after I've been proved right, and kick you while you're down so you can call me an insensitive asshole.
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wanna know how I know you're a mathlet? You don't see the reason people use R
Not everything is software engineering, anon.
Lets see how many butthurt comments I can get from the R community lol. I'm a programmer who had R forced on them for a class, it was the worst class of the entire program, everyone agreed, R truly has no redeeming quality. I can really rustle the jimmies of the R community because when it comes down to point-by-point debate and argument by argument, I can indeed prove this point as more true than it is false. And I can do it by many avenues, character witnesses, the language itself, the libraries around it, the concensus of people who were forced into it, the novices who learn it and realize they have been taught wrong, the people in the people who use it not being programmers, having trouble wrapping their minds around "Variables" because R does away with the concept of "data type". Line of execution isn't stable. It's absolutly barking mad and insane. And the people who can't see it have no knowledge of compiler design and world class level enterprise engineering. That's just one tangent of hundreds of others I can use to demolish the R dummies.

Walk into a Dev shop and celebrate your experience in 'R' on your resume. The experienced people there are going to stifle laughter, and you will not be taken seriously. And if you are, it's because they want to harm their employer by bringing dummies who have negative ROI on the payroll. You can take that to the bank. Look for this out there, this is what you will find.

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>fail google captcha on purpose
>it still accepts it

who twisted fucking psychopath here?
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epic ftw
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yes. i write callu on all calle captchas and it gets accepted every time.

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Just got my new mouse pad, you mad?
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anon want mommy
Thats pretty cool anon
That's a blanket

Not sure where to put this thread, so I'll start with /g/ first.

I thought about adding a game to my Retropie library and I normally don't have any trouble with this, but this one has me stumped. I'm trying to play a MAME arcade game and none of the emulators seem to work for it. I can try to start it but it immediately backs out into the previous menu. Anybody know what Retropie emulator I need to play this?

Links to the files: https://www.emuparadise.me/M.A.M.E._-_Multiple_Arcade_Machine_Emulator_ROMs/Mushihime-Sama_Futari_Black_Label_-_Another_Ver_(2009--11--27_INTERNATIONAL_BL)/177683
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And stay there.
like, forever.

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Not quite sure where to post this, but I'm sure someone here has an answer to my question.

I want to start making podcasts and I'm looking for a software that will allow me to route audio input/output throughout my computer among various programs and hardware devices. I'll be talking with my co-hosts and guests on Discord or Skype, and will also need to include sound effects and music in the podcast and have them be audible to myself and the other participants while recording. I also want to be able to record myself, the other members and the sound effects on different channels or tracks in Ableton/Audacity/whatever so that I will be able to trim them or edit the volumes separately in post production. I tried Virtual Audio Cable but it's not really ideal for this application because the complexity of the "audio web" I'm setting up requires me to run a lot of different instances of channel splitters at once, all in different tiny windows which is very complicated to manage. It also takes a long time to set up each time I want to record and does not allow you to save any of it as a preconfiguration. So is there a better alternative? I appreciate any suggestions or alternative ideas to achieve the same goal. Pic related is what I need to happen.
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audio routes 2.png
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Here's perhaps a more organized diagram which depicts the function that I need the software to perform. Does it exist?
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use a MIXER anon

So, my mum doesn't have any use for her iPad and she gave it to me. I'm a student and rn the only thing I'm planning to do with it is downloading a few school books and using them there.
Any cool tips and tricks?
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Sell it and get something that isn't shit.
She probably wouldn't want me to sell it, she "borrowed" it without an end date but it's still "hers", even though we both know I'm not going to give it back.
I know it sounds autistic but that's how it is.
Give it back Jamal.

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Share your home theater /g/
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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What do you guys use to download anime on linux?
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torrent by Transmission :*

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Entertain God and your ass will follow.
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So this OS is 100k lines of code long? Isn't it kind of a... small number?
That's the point you no brain niggermonkey. A retard can make it complicated, but it takes a genius to make it simple.

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Do solar keyboards actually work or is it just a gimmick?
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Who the fuck uses a keyboard outside?
>not using geothermal keyboards
>not having a sterling generator wrist rest that runs off arm heat

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So I finally subscribed to a paid VPN service. Been downloading movies/porn all weekend. What else is there though? What do /g/entlemen do on their VPN?
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Bump for interest.
Send secure communications to Russia from, erm, actually don't worry about it.
>He pays to use his paid internet

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Need some /g/ood advice

Looking for a powerful enough laptop under 1,000 USD for primarily animation, therefore preferably one with the whole touchscreen gimmick since I can draw right on it.

Looked at HP x360, people apparently shit on HP as much as I thought, being a mid-level tech guy at best, Dell was shit on, now I'm unsure. A lot of comments on the jewtube video made it seem like you need a 'dedicated gpu', better memory, etc. I don't know my way around these basic terms because a lot of it is bullshit "bigger sounds better" marketing.

So I need the real answers from you folk
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Thinkpad t60
Is this a meme around here, not a frequent /g/ visitor
Lenovo Yoga

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