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4K TV is a meme?
Curved TV is a meme?

I'm planing to buy a Samsung 4K 50" 120hz.
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4k is not a meme at that screen size. it will look great. now the quality of the panel is even more important.

Is it OLED? always check for the costumer reviews

what are yo going to use it for, OP?

Also, the 120Hz is a meme at 4k. there's NO content for it. 4K at 60Hz 4:4:4 is where's at. even HDR is fine, but drop the 120Hz boat. it's usually just interpolation and other shitty techniques.
>Is it OLED? always check for the costumer reviews
NO idea, OLED has better image quality?
>what are yo going to use it for, OP?
1080p movies, xvideos, twitch.tv
I'm not upgrading until they come out with 4k smartphones.

does richard stallman only eat food with open recipé?
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What's his stance on proprietary genetic modification of produce?
jokes aside I asked him about "proprietary justice" in an email (some typical american shit about indiana judges using a mysterious method to decide their sentences against certain people, but it's property of some company they work with so allowing citizens to know why and how they are sentenced to prison would violate a trade secret) and he said what he always says, software freedom is completely different than any other issue and it's not comparable. default to typical commiefucked lefty views and idpol if you want his spiel on a given issue that isn't muh software.

you didn't want an autistic serious response but you got one
he actually talked about this in an interview
comparing recipes&cooks to code&compilers.

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What fields of CS or programming languages are the most sought out and well paid?
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code of conduct writer
Go away Pajeet

If youre in CS just to get paid you would be equally well making websites on indialance.com

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What do people have against Adblock Plus? I suddenly see people using it like a dirty word
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Blocking ads is immoral and tantamount to theft.
Whitelists are worse than hitler.
they made some deals with advertisers to let their ads bypass the blocker

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Why is the warez scene so stagnant?


There is a dearth of anything worth pirating these days.
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>pirating software
In my case, most useful soft is either free or already implemented in the OS to some extent.

As for stuff still worth pirating, like adobe cs, fl studio, I am still running ancient versions that run perfectly fine.

Almost impossible to run pirated games if you want to play online. In any case, I want to support my favorite game developers.
Steam. You make purchasing easy and unintrusive and no one will ever pirate.

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hey /g/ if intel i9 is so good, then how come my friends buy ryzen for gaming?

are they falling for the ryzen meme?
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Educate you're friends
Because intel is not good for gayming.
>if intel i9 is so good

Literally nobody has claimed this.

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DBAN is fucked, what's the better alternative or at least another free data removal software, or both?
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Blancco Drive Eraser
I don't want to pay a dime

Enjoy not having any certifiable proof that your data has been removed.

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>own my own laptop
>still go on private mode for pr0n
how to feel secure, /g/ents?
why do I hide?
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To limit ad servers from profiling you with too much confidence.
oh yeah, there's that one...
but damn if I don't feel paranoid all the time
I know people who leave their search history out in the open, and aren't embarrassed when others see
I just wanna feel free like that, I don't know
>powerpoint presentation
>accidentally show browser history
>tfw wouldn't matter cause of private browsing

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Dubs decides between galaxy A5 2017 or A3 2017
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trying again

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Who writes this single threaded garbage? Why do anons go crazy over emacs, when it is complete garbage. If you want to actually get something done why don't you use vi?
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Do you think vi isn't also single threaded?
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vi isn't trying to be an emulator for an OS

Hi guys!
I need a new notebook and I was looking at this one
I'd use it mostly for university (engineering) works, so Office, internet, matlab etc., but also for things like soft gaming (TF2 and AoE), very light video editing (we're talking of 7 seconds videos), Lightroom and FL studio.
I've read that the monitor is not that good, but it is not a problem since I have a second monitor
What do you think?
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ramlet and screenlet. get at least 8gb ram and at least 1600 x 900. that does not seem like a good deal to me.
Ram is not a problem, I'd buy another one for just 40€ or so
Anyway, do you have any other suggestions?
Remaining in the price range of 600-750€
Don't get asus, cheap plastic, cheap components, bad linux support, shit bios, shit soldiered components to the PCB so you can't replace RAM at anytime, and still have to open the whole shit whenever you wawnt to replace the hard drive.

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Hey /g/ some butt hole sold me a frp locked galaxy s7, is there any other way around the lock apart from the already plastered shit on youtube they have most likely already ironed out already?
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Hey /g/, just got my first android phone, where is the best place to torrent/download apk files?
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piracy is illegal, pajeet
the Google Play Store
Oh no, thanks for pointing out anon, now I can spend my time on 4chan safely

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anyone else here a brainlet when it comes to physical/mechanical technology?

i've always been good at algorithm design, database management, networking, etc. but today i tried to fix the brakes on my bike and now they're in even worse condition than when i started. i worked on it for 2 hours and i can't get them to work right. it's just a fucking brake assembly, i can see how it works but it's like once the wrench goes into my hand i turn into a total retard
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Your just smart and not born for manual labor, let the losers do that while you do more important stuff
this t.b.h.
lol brainlets

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Hi, i'm trying to build a cheap PC, what do you think about this ? It'll cost about 140-150 dlls

>AMD A6 6400K 3.9GHz
>Motherboard GA-F2A68HM-H Gigabyte Socket FM2+ AMD A68H Micro ATX
>320GB HDD
>No graphics card

I want it as a starter pack, I want to gradually buy more RAM and if it's possible other processor (A8 or A10)

Help me out, anons, thanks.
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If you have very little money it's stupid to throw it away on junk you can't flip, like a dual core for a dead socket.
Look for a mid tower with an i5 2400 or i7 2600 on ebay. Then if you plan to game save up for a GTX 1050 or 1050 Ti. Most OEM power supplies should be able to handle it.
>It'll cost about 140-150 dlls

I can buy things with DLLs?
yeah, i have like 200 to waste on a PC, i know that i can't buy a really good one with that money but at least i can buy a basic one

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