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I have 200$ to spend on a sound system for my apartment, what should I get?
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Where do you live?
a pair of fucking headphones. nobody wants to listen to your dubstep.
At that price point it doesn't really matter. It's all going to be shitty sound bars and home theaters in a box.

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When will there be the first ASIC that can run Linux?
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Everyone is just building CPU cores, but for a complete system we also need a memory controller, UART, PCIe, USB - is anyone working on that?

opencores.org doesn't seem to have anything in a working state yet.
don't they?
isn't RISC-V aiming for SoC?

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Hello /g/
I am using puppy linux on my USB Flash Drive and I'm showing it off
Also screenfetch/neofetch/screenshot thread
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Install Gentoo
Install Porteus
Thanks for the idea, anon

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Buy a case that costs more than $20 next time.
Recommend me a non meme case.

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Everytime I startup my computer it goes to this screen and freezes. Why is it doing this?
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Install Gentoo.
it's entering self-destruct mdoe

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What is the most alpha distro, /g/?
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Flash Vega 56 to 64 BIOS. Get near 64 performance.

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Who cares, you can manually OC it.
And it's still not working properly.
>vega 56 with 64 clocks scores close to a 64

But I had 64 performance for close to a year and a half now?

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Qwant is it safe as in better then Google
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>engine you can trust
yeah not falling for that again.
Respecting your privacy

Qwant delivers the best available results to your queries and never tries to guess who you are or what you are doing. We strongly believe that what you search on the Web is an important part of your privacy.

Therefore Qwant never records your searches and never uses your personal data for advertisting or other purposes.

Neutrality and impartiality

Qwant allows the whole Web to be visible without any discrimination and with no bias.

Our sorting algorithms are applied equally everywhere and for every user, without trying to put websites forward or to hide others based on commercial, political or moral interests.

Based in Europe

Qwant respects the European laws and cultures, and contributes to developping the digital economy of each of the European Union and European countries.

Im suspicious because of EU part
The only search engine you can trust is something like YaCy but unfortunately it's shit even with a large search index.

>Im suspicious because of EU part
EU actually has pretty good online privacy laws. Why do you think UK wanted to leave EU?

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Is anyone else experiencing Ublock Origin uninstalling itself while remaining installed?

Ublock Origin is listed in my installed extensions and yet the icon that usually appears in the top left corner isn't there and I'm getting ads on Youtube.

Am I the only one experiencing this?
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Works on my machine
The same thing happened to me. Seems like it updated today that's why the "webext-hybrid" is in the title now. Just copy+paste your personal filters to clipboard and uninstall/reinstall ublock. My settings got reset but it kept my filter lists.
Started to happen on my relatives one. Seems to have started around update 54.0 or so. Just re-download the add-on or update your browser and it should work.

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I need help. How come reCAPTCHA will not appear in my pale moon browser, I just installed firefox to see if it worked in that and it does not either. I do not want to give those sjw faggots at google any support so I really don't want to have to use chrome. I have to use internet explorer if I want to post on 4chan, but I would really prefer to use pale moon on this laptop im using which is pretty old so I don't want a memory hog browser like chrome either.
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Works on my machine
>I do not want to give those sjw faggots at google any support
>I want to post on 4chan
pick one
Get a 4chan pass

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Alri lads, i wanna know if Brave is a botnet. What do you think about this browser?
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It's ok as an android browser. It's not ready for desktop.
Fpbp. It's great for mobile.
If you dont really use extensions it's good and it's fast, for some reason it keeps crashing in my windows but then again it is probably infested ...

But on Linux works just fine at least on Manjaro

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Do you guys buy your phone in store or online? Which one is the better choice?
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>asking on /g/ if people go outside
Check in store, buy online.
How about an unlocked or locked phone? Which is better?

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In this thread we discuss various methods of self-improvement, with emphasis on objects closely related to biohacking and cyberphunking.
We welcome anybody, whether he is an unmotivated kid, or whether he is an outstanding individual with distinguished taste in reverse engineering who wants to perform harder.

If you always considered yourself smart but lazy, we've already been over your problem and we know solutions.
If you wish to stay sane in front of a shell for 13 continuous hours instead of 12, start here.

>The Guardian: Narcolepsy medication modafinil is world's first safe 'smart drug'

Nootropics are substances that in most cases improve your cognition or performance of your neurotransmitters. Your brain's processing power simply speaking. Some make you remember better, some make you happier and more motivated by inhibiting dopamine, some make you think faster, some help depression. They might as well make you a fan of the Limitless movie.

Keep in mind that your daily coffee, green tea or creatine monohydrate are considered nootropics. If you wish to be pointed to a magic pill with 16 hours half-life that might make you a monster *safely* - see link above or do your own research.

>>>We encourage
- Consulting your doctor first
- Critical thinking and/or whitepapers
- Boycotting Big Pharma and ordering your Rx from India
- Eating your vegetables like a good boy, but throwing away the breakfast bread
- Putting great thought into trivial things, such as eating your vegetables
- Long-term safety
- Staying productive and motivated for 18 hours or longer
- Questions that you were always afraid to ask

>>>We discourage
- Not consulting your doctor first
- Getting 'begging for a prescription' mixed up with 'consulting'
- Mycotoxins. Ask Case if he eats wheat

We are neutral about being one's own lab rat.
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Sometimes I like to think real hard about stuff so I can do the thing
>Putting great thought into eating your vegetables
wtf i love nutropics now
Some good reading

>Motherboard: The First Real Smart Drug? Researchers Say Modafinil Works

>Illimitable Men: on Monk's Mode enhanced with modafinil

>Modafinil: The Rise of Smart Drugs

>What the fuck is this I don't even

>Nicotine as a cognitive enhancer.

>Citicoline vs cognitive impairment

>Scientists and Silicon Valley want to prove psychoactive drugs are healthy

brand names: Modvigil, Modalert, Provigil
Bought cheap from India, best imported to EU through parcel forwarding services in UK. Requires a prescription if you want to buy it locally.
If you wan't to just try modafinil, it is easier to obtain adrafinil which does not require a prescription. Works almost the same way. Make sure to consult your doctor first.
>>Modafinil improves attentional performance [...]
>>[...] Modafinil-Induced Wakefulness
>>The neurobiology of modafinil as an enhancer of cognitive performance [...]
>>Effects of modafinil on cognitive and meta-cognitive performance.
>>Cognitive enhancing effects of modafinil in healthy volunteers.

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What are you working on, /g/?

Old thread: >>62156754
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Probability of Python 3 becoming an ISO standard?
>many supported platforms
>widely used and deployed
>multiple major implementations (CPython, IronPython, Jython and PyPy)
>multiple cpython variants
>multiple sub-set implementations (Brython, CLPython, HotPy, pyjs, PyMite, pyvm, RapydScript, SNAPy, tinypy)
>multiple implementations in progress (Berp, phpython, Pyjaco, Pystacho, pyvm2, Skulpt, Typhon)
>shitload of libraries and frameworks
>many working products made
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Please post a _cute_ anime image next time.

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Programming is fucking hard.
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well it is not
if you think it is, youre a code monkey, not a programmer. programming is like another form of expressing thoughts and processes, it comes natural to me
>using your brain is hard

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