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We know AMD was near bankruptcy in 2014-2016. Was the only reason they survived because of the massive amount of fanboys and shills they have?
People who buy their products primarily based on an emotional attachment to AMD and secondarily based on performance figures.
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>We know AMD was near bankruptcy in 2014-2016.
Do we? Have any citations?
There are several people that buy products to stop monopolies from happening.
As soon AMD bellyflops, both nvidia and intel will turn computing into a living hell with no escape but mobile shit.

*blocks ryzen 3's path*
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It's fake. Sorry.
>buys ryzen 5

I refuse to believe Intel will release 4c/8t i3s. That's dropping their standard i7 config for several years down two product tiers.
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What kind of porn do you think he has on that little ole laptop of his? CP? Hentai? Been wondering this for a while.
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goat porn
jew porn
GNU x Linux hentai

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What's the best open source music player for Android? The generic "music player" on FDroid isn't that great
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Phonograph. It's not on fdroid, but it's still open source.
But the answer is Vanilla
I used to like VLC. But since they took off, I don't have any but the default player.

Wtf is this shit???
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Remove the "m." between "en." and "wikipedia.org"
you forgot to include the "male feminism" tab OP

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Is ubuntu Budgie stable and ready enough for everyday use?
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No. Use openSUSE Tumbleweed
>tfw real engineering
>tfw no fagotry
I use Manjaro Budgie on my laptop and I love it
no. GNome is retarded.

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How do I fix this? Can I just push that blue thing back to the hole? Or is it completely messed up?
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It's broken anyway. Just try it. Probably will work fine.
Take apart, solder in new switch
should have bought a topre

post tech /g/ tricked you into buying
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only this tbqh. I really like it.
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not my x230.jpg
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Thinkpad x230 5 years ago
It's been great; still going strong
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/g/ tricked my into buying things made by AMD.

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I'm beginning in computer science on my own, I'm working a seasonal job where I have some time to spare.
I have a computer but of course I can't do whatever I want on it since it on intranet.
So what can I practice to get better? I'm a pure beginner.
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You don't seem to understand, I require an answer /g/...
You mean you want to learn and practice programming stuff?
>So what can I practice to get better?
Read. Download textbooks and read. Find online tutorials and read. Read the official documentation of languages. Read other people's source code. Just keep reading and learning. Practice everything you read.

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So my Raspberry Pi 2 tablet gets a 27 hours of constant youtube video playback on a 20000maH powerbank. Can your Laptop get such battery life? By the way, I own two battery packs.
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Of course not since my laptop is substantially more powerful than a Raspi.
Can you believe people are buying original, overpriced laptop batteries? That's what pushed me into this project. No netbooks on the market in normal price and prices of laptop battery packs.
Why do you need more power in a laptop? Inb4 video games.

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FYI, this is now real

> Two executables with different behavior but same MD5 and SHA1 hashes
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Wait wait, same md5 AND SHA1 hash at the same time?
I call bullshit
yes, at the same time
>not using SHA512

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What are you working on, /g/?

Previous thread: >>61722378
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Bought 25 Raspberry Pis and I'm gonna make a concurrent FizzBuzz
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>What are you working on, /g/?
Improving my programming ability.
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I fucking asked you to post an anime image this thread, and you didn't.
Make it again.

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>rotate console on boot via fbon
>boot X, have to rotate again with xrandr
>launch dosbox fullscreen, rotation is not taken into account
and this is why lincucks is trash, nothing works wells together, everything is bandaid over bandaid, not to mention that the amazing new X replacement wayland doesn't support rotation by itself and you are forced to be cucked by gnome to have screen rotation feature.
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I didn't even read your post.
Stop posting le reddit frog and kill yourself.
Dumb frogposter
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I love how freetards literally can't come up with a defense and instead just resort to ad-hominem.

Why aren't you using SELinux?
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I am on my home server. It's too much of a pain in the ass for desktop use, though.
NSA honeypot.
Overkill for desktop. I just use Firejail instead, although even that is probably overkill when using GNU/Linux.

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found an old computer (celeron 700Mhz) with windows Me. I'd like to make a clean install with this OS. Is it possible to recover files from the hard drive to make an install media (cd or usb) ? and how ?

PS: same question with win 95/98
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OP, can you remind me of what year it is?
Unlike the newer NT based Windows, WinME lackks the feature to create the Windows.old when you make a clean install on the same partition.

Just put use a LIVECD OS and boot if the current OS doesn't load (Since you obviously don't have PATA ports on your current rig I assume).
well first thanks for answer. but i try to make a computer with game of middle of 90 to begin of 2000 era for nephews. As i said it's a celeron 700 Mhz, so i think it's a little to light for Win XP or emulate (WINE, DOSBox, ...). And for video games i have to use a windows OS

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