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Is there literally any reason to not update to this if I'm already using Wangblows 10? How long does this shit take?
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too long really. im on an old computer though.
Takes quite a while really but there's no reason not to.
please use the word "windows" so my filters work.


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Any image recognition algorithm (free)?
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Start with OpenCv and python or C. I am working on my own project right this moment, that is using HAAR Classifies.
fuck off pajeet I'm not doing your shitty ass thesis
inb4 too much to learn / too complicated for OP

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>paid £60 for NordVPN
>go to log in
>"No Account associated with that username/email address"
must have misspelled my email address when i signed up

Honestly want to die.
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Contact support you dumb fuck
nVPN is 40$ a year and better
As expected from a dumb frogposter

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what text editor do you use to program and why?
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>green text over black background
Hi mr hacker
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face chitoge face.jpg
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I use sublime for basic text shit and atom for anything involving code repositories because I am lazy as fuck and don't want to fiddle with third party git integrations.
eh i got the image off of google cause im too lazy to setup my vimrc

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Stop using Windows.
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there isnt anyone in /g/ who uses windows
$.05 have been donated to the FSF in your honor, keep up the good work James!

i use windows

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What the fuck am I doing wrong:
Im trying to setup ssh to my cloud VM with key access only.
But the moment I disable password auth, im getting:
Permission denied (publickey).

> local publickey has the correct premissions
> remote sshd_conf: %h/.ssh/authorized_keys + the pub-key is correctly inserted in there

what do I have to do???
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just redo the pub/priv key generation process

also try turning it off and on again
systemctl restart ssh

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Hey /g/,

Since marijuana was legalized in Massachusetts, I've been growing a legal amount of plants. But it's a lot of work.

As a software engineer, I try to automate as much of the task as possible - it's just more fun that way. I'm using basic mechanisms to control the lighting and temperatures of the room, but I'd like to also automate watering and mineral supplementation, and I think I need to program a control board to do this.

Does /g/ recommend a Rasperry Pi or Arduino for this? I need to run some triggers based off water level sensors I think. But this is my first foray into a non-virtual environment really.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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I know that undue expenditures aren't exactly business savvy, but why not just try both? Worst case is that you end up hating one platform or the other. What's more likely is that either can work and you'll find utility for the other in different contexts.

As far as money and time are concerned, it's not that much more to try both options simultaneously.
Pi there are a bunch of automated projects for temps, lighting, and irrigation.
when you harvest does the plant die and you have to start over?

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Can you help me /g/?
I'm trying to copy shit on my external drive and it starts out fine at a transfer rate of around 100mb/s
But about quarter of the way in it just drops to 2mb/s for absolutely no reason
Now as you can imagine, copying hundreds of gigabytes at this speed is fucking ridiculous, which is why I'm here
I've checked the drive with various programs, no bad sectors and read/write speeds show up fine, so I have no clue as to what the problem should be
Any ideas?
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Sounds like it's the port/bus you're using to connect your drive to your PC. At least, that's the next thing I would consider.
Is your external drive encrypted?
Well, it is USB3.0 and the drive is 3.0, not only that this problem hasn't occurred on other drives


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What online resources did you find most accessible whilst learning Python/whatever language you started with.

I understand how the strings, functions, arithmetic etc works so I've got most of the basic syntax down and understand loops, but I'm not sure where to go from here.
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Stack Exchange.

Once I learned the basics, I just picked a project and set to work. (FWIW it was a periodic HTML scraper with an alert for keywords.) Almost immediately I realized that I had no idea how to do 80% of the things I needed. Each time I had to think of what task I needed the program to do, phrase it in a way that got results on Stack Exchange and then tailor the answers to my particular use.
Plan a project on paper and realize it on your programming language. And finish it.
It will take you long the first time, as you will constantly search how to do things, but you will learn very fast from real problems and not some quiz bullshit like code katas
>but I'm not sure where to go from here.
files and exceptions
lists and tuples
more in depth with strings and functions
dictionaries and sets classes

So my h97 motherboard got a tiny bit of beer spilled on it and I'm wondering if cleaning everything I can with ethanol will make it work again. Right now everything Powers up, gfx card lights up and everything else ramps up, but no post. I have to power down by long pressing power button. I get no beeps, but then again it's not connected to computer speaker.

Anyone have experience with this? Do I bother?
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Sorry bud, you fried your motherboard. Time for a new one, and this time be more careful
I have done this in the past with an audio card and it worked. But I would be careful with a mother board because of the plastic on it
If your problem is that some conductive schmoo is bridging traces/components, it might work.

If your problem is that electricity passing through schmoo has destroyed some traces/components, cleaning will do nothing.

Try whatever you want but plan for the worst.

File: Polk RTI A3.jpg (403KB, 797x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Polk RTI A3.jpg
403KB, 797x1200px
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well, the big hole in the side of it may explain why it was $3

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I am looking for allowing spotify for my home over a VPN. Does somebody have a list of IP ranges their servers use?

I also have heard/read that they cycle this range every year.
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Im a bit slow but be patient please, what's the goal you're trying to achieve here?
Spotify isnt yet available in my country, so I am trying to setup a VPN route for it. I need the ip ranges so that I can setup a vpn to route spotify traffic over vpn always.
Spotify doesn't suppory country either which is blatant bullshit on their part.
I just use a vpn and connect to canada (where i set my account location) each 15 days, 15 days being the duration Spotify gives you for roaming and using their service out of your account location.
Each 15 days and sometimes earlier i connect to a vpn in canada and refresh those 15 days.
I've been doing it for years now.

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I've an Asus R7 250x 2GB I want to sell used online.
How much should I let it go for?
I bought it several years ago for ~$150 and now they go for ~120 new.
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lol maybe 30 bucks for a desperate minerfag if you're lucky
Not bad, actually. Any chance of 40-45?
No. Its a poojeet GPU.

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What's the best *BSD for a server?
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Windows 2000
FreeBSD is the only relevant BSD.

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So what the fuck is up with the orange plastic on this CPU and GPU?
I opened up a laptop to change the thermal paste and came across this. Do they serve any purpose or can i go ahead and try to remove them? There's a ton of dried up paste underneath, i cleaned up most of it already but it was some of the worst paste application's I've seen
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File: 20170709_195238.jpg (2MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And then there's this, but that's a whole different story
It looks like Kapton protecting some of the circuitry on the chip. It should be fine to remove it.

this. probably wouldn't hurt to leave it there as well.

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