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did I do good?
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Now hang it from the ceiling
Fuck you people, put that shit on the wall

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>categorize connectors by gender
>"what if we need more than 2 categories?"
See you in hell
If anything, treating "trans" as a separate gender is disrespectful. Trans people generally want to be seen as the gender they identify as.

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Why does everyone here love thinkpads even though theyre chink shit
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there good
w-whatever you say anon
Name one modern computer company that isn't manufactured in an Asian country.

>hard mode:
Name one that isn't from an Asian Country and is widely used in corporate workstations or as a household device.

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Amerifags BTFO
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Haha joke's on the hackers because my credit sucks
Jokes on them they got too much information and now every lender will be more skeptical for a while.
I wonder if this is just all bullshit? Perhaps its hype leading up to series 3 of Mr Robot, which is due very soon.
And we all remember what the primary goal of F Society was in the show, right?

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What are the must have Android apps?
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some replacement for youtube, I use newpipe but there are others
nonstock launcher
fb messenger lite, unless you're so autistic you can't even strike up a conversation
some sort of adblocking is good. whether that's in your browser or in a hosts file is up to you, but browsers tend to update automatically
email client
image gallery
music player

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>open terminal
>cd Downloads
>"wow anon that's so neat. are you a hacker??"
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yeah bitch u know it B^)
I'm not, I just prefer to do things this way since my laptop mouse is annoying to use

>your PC is monitored
T-thanks microsoft. Also botnet preview thread, I guess
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Who's the target audience for this? Who wrote this text?
>we need access to literally everything

>principles of computer systems first day
>teacher assumes we all know boolean logic and arithmetic
>teacher assumes we know about boolean algebraic properties
>slaps us into a lab with his homebrew java vhdl software
>no manual
>tells us to build 20 different gates ranging from NOT, OR, all the way to some convoluted "comprehension check" abomination of demuxes and xors on a 32-bus
>can only use nand gates
>says we can stay until midnight to finish it
>anyone who gets less than a 90 will be dropped
>doesn't tell you how to construct a disjunctive normal form formula
>no google

JUST FUCK ME UP SENPAI. Why are professors like this?
>proofing de morgan's law
>creating functions from truth tables
>figure it out after an hour of floundering around
I-i-is this how all of CS is? I've got mathematical foundations of computing tomorrow and I don't know if I'm gonna have to figure out P=NP all by my own. Maybe I'll just drop out and become a bitcoin speculator.
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My condolences go out to your parents.
Sounds like your teachers are just douches who like throwing you into the deep end. I learned all of that over a period of weeks. Proofing De Morgan's Law shouldn't be difficult if your teacher has gone over other examples.

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help me convince my friend buying a 11gb 1080 ti for his 1920x1200 monitor is stupid
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jealousy is a sin, anon
Yup, friend of mine bought a 7700k, 1080ti for a 1080p / 60 TN monitor... Not even overclocking either of them and bought a hyper 212 for CPU cooler.. he plays CSGO, old-school Runescape and PUBG.
Everyone knows someone like this

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What do you plan on getting this black friday, if attending ?
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Time and a half.
LOL i get double time + overtime
I’m part time, so I don’t get double time. I get to smirk as a bunch of cucks buy $200 laptops because “what a deal, how could it be bad,” and then watch them get returned on December 26th.

For those in Florida, let's discuss battery saving on your devices.

What should be done to minimize battery drain when the power inevitably goes out for the large majority of south florida?

>inb4 airplane mode/low brightness/turn nfc and bluetooth off on mobile devices and close unused applications on laptops

Let's talk serious tweaks here, not that mainstream news article shit, ie. what operating system would provide the best, most maximized and optimized battery life? Even small tweaks will help.

pic was found on google, don't know anything about it.
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I always lock my x220 and t440p at 800MHz core speed when in power saving mode on battery. Makes a huge difference and only trade off is slightly longer load times and some hiccups.
Just buy some power bank/UPS and call it a day.
Whats a good UPC

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My MacBook Air fails at outputting to my 4K monitor. The MacBook Air screen flickers for a long time (blinking on and off), then my 4K screen starts blinking on and off with the pattern in pic.

Wtf? Latest OSX.

It's not the cable because the same cable works with my iMac.
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thanks doc
any idea on how to fix it?
install gentoo

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> he doesn't own a multimeter
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I do, but it doesn't make me a hacker or anything
It's been buried in the basement for 15 years
you clearly dont either if the first pic you posted was of some shitty no name Chinese meter.

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/tpg/ CIA nigger edition

Previous thread:


IRC: #/tpg/ on irc.rizon.net, IP addresses collected for your safety

Other business laptops are also welcome in /tpg/ (e.g. GETACs, Toughbooks).

>New to /tpg/ or looking for purchasing advice?


>If you're looking for purchase advice, READ THINKWIKI FIRST. Then post, stating budget and requirements (e.g. size and performance).

>Don't buy anything OTHER THAN Panasonic Toughbooks, pre-Lelnovo Thinkpad A, T, X, and number series, and GETACs if you want the Fine Laptop Experience.

>Be careful of CIA niggers recommending you flash unusal firmware.

>Recommended models:
T60, T61, X60, X61, 860, Transnote, PC110

>Models to stay away from:
Anything with 'island' or 'chicklet' keyboards.

>Used ThinkPad buyers guide:


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>tfw you run your finger around the soft rim trackpoint
you fucker I keep thinking about getting one to see if they're as good as you say they are
I'm not familiar with available cleaned BIOS for the x230t, but the FRU's I was looking at were 60Y3303 and 60Y3305, labeled as Foxconn and LiteOn. They hook in to the daughter card connector. Not sure what the chipset would be in either of them, which is partly why I asked. Some ebay postings have photos of ones with BCM92070 stickers.

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hehe good goy2.jpg
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old thread: >>62301784

Don't forget to inflate your billable hours!
You DO freelance, right?
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Fill with air. Like you do with your bicycle tires. My boss asks me to fill in a timesheet sometimes and then I blow on his face. It usually satisfies him and makes him leave.
How the FUCK do I install gcc

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