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Speccy / desktop thread. Rate edition.
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>not screenfetch/neofetch
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speccy 4930K(1).png
2MB, 1920x1080px

I can't wait to see Pawl destroy a TouchPad!
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>Sandy Vagina
Just wait for Bulldozer lmao

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Just heard about this new startup, seems like a very interesting concept, i'd like to see /g/'s thoughts on it
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Have you tried to stop being a techonology autist and became a normie?

>pic unreleited
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le bump
le up
Not even /b tier good try though.

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Other than magnetic tape, what storage medium boasts a high resilience to outright failure over long periods of time?
Bitrot to a degree is acceptable but total device failure is not, capacity need only be 4GB capacity. Device will be nearline WORM intended to protect metadata.

Was investigating old flash memory with larger cells like compact flash for this task but wanted input from you guys.
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Reduncancy is the best solution. Having your data backed up on multiple media is more reliable than any one format.
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I will keep two separate devices with intraspaced redundancy to repair stored metadata and mirror two of them for device level redundancy but the internet seems devoid of any reliability stats on older flash memory like CF and barring the write cycle issue I wanted to know if they're a safe bet for storing cold and periodically rotating to refresh the cells and repair flipped bits in a small amount of data.
Have you looked at M-Disc?

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Tech nostalgia thread
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This is like calling living in a dumpster when you were younger "nostalgia".
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>pokemon walkthrough
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post more older linux looks

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can you guys stop making ur images big it takes me too long to load them in full size so please make them smaller thank u :3
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is this seriously why people are saving tiny fucking images you can't read and then reposting them?

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Can "games" made with Twine even be considered games?

All of the ones I've played tend to just be shitty little stories with clickable links to progress. It's less an even lesser version of visual novels.

e.g. https://gains.itch.io/hygge
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Someone made one for the Google manifesto
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Is this a game?


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Heyo /g/, what do you guys find to be a good technology career? I know computer scientist and software engineers make bank and is somewhat enjoyable. I hear that IT is a fun job, but sometimes can pay poorly.

Coming from aspiring hardware engineer
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go larp somewhere else 'hardware engineer'
Just spend a month studying CSS HTML and JS and become a front end """"web developer""" if you're looking for easy money.

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I updated the driver for my HD 8650 and ever since then it's doing this weird thing where dark content on the screen gets darker if a bright window (like an empty notepad window) is placed next to it. This is in Windows 8.1.

I booted into Xubuntu on the same hardware and the effect was gone, so it's definitely the Windows driver, not the display and not my eyes.

Anyone else seen this?
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Sounds like some dynamic brightness setting turned on somewhere.
I've been poking around in the catalyst control center and there were two suspicious checkboxes checked but they were under the Video playback section. ("Color Vibrance" and "Brighter Whites")
I misspoke (typed) - I have an HD 6850, not an 8650, and this part has been put on legacy support and no new drivers will be released. I rolled back the driver and the problem went away. Though now I'll be getting crashes from shitty Guns of Icarus Online...

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Can anyone recommend me a simpler access.log parser? One that is written in C ideally, and uses only basic libraries? Ideally it would update every few seconds while I ssh. I'm trying to view activity for my site wiby.me and don't care for all the out-of-the-box web interface solutions that are also a pain in the ass to install.
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apachetop or ngxtop (python) are good
Interesting. Installed in seconds. Thank you patriarchy!

What do you listen to when you code?

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>be me
>browsing r/firefox (official mozilla employee shill site)
>firefox 55 fast as fuck meme
>sparks interest
>addons gone
>browser broken as fuck
>tabs all fuckified, themes gone
>browse r/firefox more to try and make sense of this shit
>anyone complaining downvoted to hell
>firefox...right in the trash
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Addons not gone but on the chopping block.

What up /g/ i currently have an iPhone 6s and my big ass hands are too big to use it comfortably. Where is a site that is reliable and i can buy an iPhone 7+ for cheaper than anywhere else?
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Unless you want to look at eBay, iPhone's really stick to msrp.

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Reposting for OP:
It's a new week. Time for more shilling. All text is a WIP.

>Current state of hardware/software, and what we're getting in the near future

>Setup guides, tips, resources

>Recommended games and applications (includes NSFW)

>Last thread
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Is VR practical yet? Or is it still in the beta phase? I haven't heard anything new about VR yet.

Well define practical?

I don't think there's a lot of amazingly good VR games out there right now.

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