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>Be me
>Meme tier coder, get in touch with a 'boss man' of some pajeet tier web dev company, cuz muh contacts
>after a while apparently there's an unpaid intern position open and "boss man" wants me
>agree for exp points
>show up when he had told me to
>was told to sit in his office, he's not there wtf
>apparently his roastie broke her leg or something and he went to the hospital
>wait there for 4 hours, he calls and tells he'll be in 10 mins
>wait for another 2 hours, be does not show up
>People in the office start leaving
>his sec also leaves
>Go home and have some cereal
>two days later find out it was given to some college chink fuck
>Did I just get memed /g/?
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>unpaid intern position
not even /g/ stoops this low
Not really your fault.

Experience pads resumes. Better unpaid-but-padding-muh-resume than pure-couch-potato.
Yup exactly what I thought.

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I need help creating a function that randomly produces a letter from the set (a,b,c)

I was thinking the rand function but I don't know how to apply it to characters, or constrain it to a smaller set of options.
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Have letters in an array, then generate a random number which you use to determine which element you'll retrieve from that array?

we haven't learned arrays yet, so I don't think we should have to use them.
learn about mod(%) operator, and you should be fine.

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As for videos game storage for consoles/handheld, what's the best storage yall think?
What do yall think will last longer?
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Optical media doesn't last very long. Well maintained cartridges can probably last longer. I'm no expert though.
Optical media can rot. Cartridges is the best, especially now that they're basically SD cards now.
Optical media and Cartridges can rot. especially when consoles and pc use downloading software for games now.

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I am very interested in learning programming. Specifically Python.

I have 0 programming knowledge. Imagine a child just being born and you tell it to learn programming. That's basically me.

Where do I start?
How do I learn to think as a programmer?
Where do I learn the most basic, fundamental stuff about programming, how they work, what they do and how to be creative with them?

tldr; Infant wants to learn programming, where do you guide it so it starts learning?
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First I would teach him math, from numerical sense and motor sensibility. Same goes with language: communicative sensibility and glyphs. Then I'd teach him the basic operation with cases and then fractions, operations with them, getting ideas, making them love reading, and after teaching him the rest of things... ¡Programming! :^)

Here goes my serious comment:
Programming is not the only way to get involved with computing. There is a shit ton of ways to make awesome things. Eh... just get in here http://4chan-science.wikia.com/wiki/Computer_Science_and_Engineering
You could've searched this yourself, and it would've been way faster than asking for us to spoonfeed you here.
The fact that you can't do anything by yourself leads me to believe that you're not cut out for programming, but whatever, have a go at it, give up and never ask me for shit again. Or better yet prove me wrong.

The fact that you have to ask shows that you won't make it. I'm not being mean or trying to inspire you or anything, but even with determination, self-teaching requires an emphasis on 'self'.

i found this on the bus ride back home.
What model is this/ is it worth something?
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Give it back Jamal
Looks like junk
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it works on my phone but there's no name, just some serial number, must be off-brand shit.

funny thing about cellphone robberies in my town is that next to all stolen hardware ends up being sold and for sale in the same place downtown, most people end up buying their cellphone back.

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What are you working on, /g/?

Old thread: >>61263402
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D a best
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First for C.
fuck off terrorist scumbag.

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And why is it Lubuntu?
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Lightweight would be Debian XFCE, if I want something to install on some old as fuck machine, chances are it's not for me, so yes, Lubuntu.

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Uryyb crbcyr, ubj ner lbh?
Zl Sevraq P0q3 gbyq zr gung n crefba jub fnj lbhe cbfg, znqr n irel vapbairavrag nafjre, jvgubhg rira gelvat gb zrrg gur punyyratr, sbe gubfr jub pna abg, qb abg gel gb svyy gur pbzzragf jvgu guvatf jvgubhg ybtvp.
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Cthulhu, please go.
>Hello people, how are you? My Friend C0d3 told me that a person who saw your post, made a very inconvenient answer, without even trying to meet the challenge, for those who can not, do not try to fill the comments with things without logic.
Baby's first cipher
rot13? seriously?

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You're at a party and this guy slaps your wife's ass, what do you do?
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Hey Woz! How are you doing? Your wife is there btw
accept that I got woz'ed, that it happens to the best of us, and just deal with it
Suck his dick. Luv Woz.

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>be told by /g/ that adblock is evil and I should feel bad for using it
>decide to listen to them for once and disable all my adblockers
>pages take about four hours to load
>sites are cluttered with garbage I have no interest in
>endless 'sign up to our newsletter xd' messages, autoplaying video adverts with sound
>fucking on-click pop-up advertisements that open new tabs
>remember /g/ is retarded
>re-enable all my adblockers

Why the fuck would you ever NOT use an adblocker? When was the last time you ever even clicked a fucking advertisement anyway? Surely only normies do that?
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>be told by /g/ that adblock is evil and I should feel bad for using it
If you were really told this on /g/, someone got you good.
Is that a child
what /g/ are you browsing that recommends surfing the internet without an ad blocker?
when i fix my normal friends computers I usually remove whatever shit they put on and install uBlock Origin. that should be enough to retard proof windows 10 computers.

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Amiga nostalgia

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not on Amiga but I remember "pirating" warez in the 90's on dialup. half the fucking time it was literally a shareware demo that took hours to download

was that on p2p or before?
before, by the time p2p came around my pc was too shitty to play new games so I used it to download albums. this was decades ago but I remember thinking 'warez' was pronounced 'juarez' and most of the games i downloaded that were not just shareware demos were abandonware, ilke the old sierra dos games like Kings Quest and stuff.

>hurr durr MPC-HC is dead

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>21.8 MB
It's trash. Long live mpv.
>running mpc on a 20 year old computer

Jesus fuck what?

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Thank you based Intel.
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should say thank you based amd for getting intel to even want to try to compete again. actually you can really thank both intel and amd by buying amd. as buying amd would cause intel to go even more deal crazy.
>using amd products
no thanks
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What's this got to do with intel? You've been able to buy combos for years, it never went away.

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Does anyone know if there is a video player that uses mpv's code but gives it a good interface with lots of options.

The player is very good but I hate the barebone options we are given. Especially the fact that it just closes when playback finishes.
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You're an idiot
Good interface with a fewer options - GNOME MPV
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So I misspelled a URL by mistake, and I was taken to some kind of official AT&T counter terrorism website, and then immediately all the devices in my house connected to my internet restarted with "updates". Should I be concerned?
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What was the URL so we can avoid it
What the fuck kind of malware can infect your entire home network after visiting a website on one device? That's fucking insane.
Well, it was a rockstar URL for GTA V, because they thought I cheated, even though I couldn't cheat in that game if I wanted (I'm not tech/game/internet savvy at all), and I typed in this long string of letters that made up the URL (I know it was official), but I think I misspelled the URL and it fucked everything up and now I'm paranoid that the NSA or some shit is recording me and my internet history through my devices. Am I paranoid, or are my fears reasonable?

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