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Why doesn't Linux have a graphics stack as good as DirectX?

It has the latest OpenGL spec, too.

Literally every window on Windows uses the GPU to render. So they look crisp and fast, and Windows uses less CPU.

Also why doesn't Linux have a good audio stack, too?
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are you retarded
linux natively supports d3d9

Also, Windows does **not** have the latest OpenGL stack, and it is also not as fast as the Linux one.

Linux has OpenAL
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Vulkan is still in its infancy

The GNOME logo is a footprint! It's, uhm... sitting there! Isn't that cute and adorable? W-we have a good mascot, guys! Y-you don't need thumbnails!


Logo ® the GNOME foundation
Since this logo is too trivial to copyright, you have no obligation to sharealike the replies to this thread, meaning the botnet is allowed to spread. Great job, GNOME.
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why does it need a mascot

what's linux mints mascot
To compete with >>62081897, ofc

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>download driver
>60MB of localized help files
>they're all html files
>download easily could have been 25 MB
Why do companies do this?
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You know ban evading is against the rules, right?
>download 380mb printer driver
>extract the 4KB doll file I need
>install the doll manually and use the printer


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>Windows 10 Privacy settings

which one should I leave on if any?
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All of them, it's how the OS was programmed, if you disable them you'll encounter bugs and constant crashes.
This. They're there for your safety and convenience. Why the hell would you turn them off?
none. Uninstall 10 and install 7. Make sure to remove the telemetry updates

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Is there any place where I can look at the original Firefox CSS or any type of documentation? I wan't to remove that ugly shadow while typing in urls. I'm using Nightly but I don't think that matters at all
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thanks sir
chrome://browser/content/browser.xul and then just use element inspector to get css then create userchrome.css in profile folder and add custom css there

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If I am in fl studio 12 and using the hardcore plug-in and am unable to scroll through presets unless I go into my files and manually choose a preset, how would I go about restoring the plug in to its default state? I'm on windows 10, and the box within the plug-in that describes what preset I'm using is blank and won't let me click the arrow to scroll to the next preset. Everyhing works fine if I choose the preset manually.
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Also if there are any advice on getting it to work without uninstalling would be greatly appreciated.
Buy your pirated software.
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>be me
>get laptop from school
>install linux mint dual boot without thinking about having to return the laptop
>first day (monday), it department is installing anti virus software
>if i get caught i could be expelled
what do i do, /g/? any way out of this?
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>hey uhm IT guys I added a loonix to the laptop will this be a problem and if so could you guys reimage it for me, sorry I should have asked first
1. Default Boot to windows
2. Set grub timer to 0 to skip grub
>but i already have an antivirus since i run lunix and not your proprietary malware shit

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lmao @ you if you're getting into Cisco today or recently.

White-boxing is going to replace Cisco in the next few years (definitely after two years)
Automation, especially SDN, will annihiliate Cisco within the next 5 years.

Hope you sysadmins and network engineers can program, or you're fucked and will spend your time unemployed unless you want to clean my toilet.
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this is worrying news for me.
SDN is like cloud was 5-6 years ago. Everyone's talking about it and the hype wants you to believe everyone's doing it. However in reality very few have actually successfully implemented it.
Also many that have implemented it, like cloud, have done so in a hybrid manor. Using SDN controllers to automate management but still relying on existing routing and switching protocols to do the actual work. I think this is the way it'll work for most people. Those of us that are big but not Facebook or Google big don't have the resource to write our own protocols, we still need to understand how BGP and OSPF work to design and build networks even if they are going to be automated with SDN.
Another thing to remember is networking isn't about datacenters alone. Enterprise LAN/WAN operations will likely still involve service providers as well as internal infrastructure and don't lend themselves to SDN as well as an all virtual datacenter.
ISPs and carriers also still need CCIEs. The internet is going to run on BGP for many years to come because it requires a universal standard for route exchange. Something SDN doesn't have yet, and something that to a degree goes against the concept of SDN.
Doing a CCIE now will get you a few renewals out of it before you'd need to worry about SDN taking over. That's also assuming Cisco don't create a CCIE track for SDN (one would assume to replace the current DC track)
Source: MY ASS

Why does every version of Windows after 7 feel like a buggy beta version? I've even encountered bugs in the WinPE install process. How can a serious company release a product that has so many faults?
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Use the LTSB version of 10. It's literally the only stable release.
It's your own fault for using windows, wincuck.
Because it is in early access

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I always thought that systemd being bad and Lennart Poettering being a stupid asshole are memes.
I mean, systemd just werks, it's fast (look at Solus) and it's the closest thing we have got to a modern init system...
But then there is a funny unfortunate bug. If you type a number as a first symbol in your user name - you automatically gain root privileges.
Is it bad that this bug exist? Of course!
Is it a big problem? No, I guess this can be easily fixed.
But the way the main dev is handling the situation is truly bad. All that he is saying - "not my problem. it's not a valid user name to begin with"
I mean that just an unacceptable behavior for someone who is managing such an important project. I can't trust this guy and anything that he develops. Fuck it. Gonna distro hop to systemd free distro now.
Any suggestions? Not really in love with Gentoo, though.
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Why dont you like gentoo, I totally recommend it. If you dont like gentoo I would recommend arch with openrc, void linux, or devuan.
>Why dont you like gentoo
Not really into all this compiling fetish
>arch with openrc
Arch is not an option. Because AUR is shit (whatever Arch users are saying)
>void linux
got to look closer to this distro. A lack of documentation is frightening, though.
I guess I will go with this one. It's devuan vs slackware for me at the moment.

Also, is anybody useing MX Linux? It looks verry good on paper.
This is hilarous. Enjoy being Red Hat cuck.
>install gentoo

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Since you can get extremely high quality matte displays with IPS panels now, why are glossy panels still so popular? Do people like reflections that much?

Too many people still think matte = shitty TN panel that's dark as fuck. Not true at all.
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nice enlish
Why is the va panel purple in this comparison?
I don't give a fuck, I still think glossy looks better

Need a laptop for college. Nothing fancy so decided between these as they are in my budget. Only games I'd really be playing are roller coaster tycoon 2, age of empires 2 (and definitive 1 when it comes out).

What would you suggest, /g/?
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T430 is good. check out X models if you want a smaller laptop
T420 over T430
As long as it's smaller than 15.6 I'm good

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>paying to pirate
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>posting frogs

Who are you quoting?

Thinking about buying my buddy's Alienware 14 laptop. He's asking $500 I talked him down to $400.


Nvdia GTX 750m 2, gigs
8 gigs DDR3
Intel i5-4200m @2.5GHz
750 Gig HDD
14 inch WLED HD no glare display

I mainly play Ark, League, sometimes WoW.
Do you guys think this would suit my needs? Or do you think it's so outdated that I should find another laptop.
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Leaague of legends, csgo, rocket league will play fine, they can be run quite easily, this laptop has the right components to play WOW according to the game requirements.

I am not sure if it'll play ARK.

DDR3 is outdated, but shouldn't pose as a problem. Gpu might be a problem if you decide to play heavy games.
My desktop has a shitty rx 480 and ark doesn't run that bad do you think the gtx 750 would be an upgrade?
The rx480 is a decent card. The 750m is most definitely a downgrade. A large one.

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SailfishX anounced for xperia X phones

Will xperia x users of /g/ try it?
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I've been thinking about buying an Xperia X for this. It's a shame the tablet fiasco crippled Jolla. This could've been out a lot sooner and not as unfinished.
Sounds rather interesting desu. I can somewhat understand them for charging 50 bucks for it. But how is Jolla? Had anyone here used it already? I have basically two apps that I want to work on a smartphone, threema and signal. If either of those doesn't work then its a no buy for me.

>be poorfag
>buy XA

well it's not complete so i guess i am not missing on much.

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