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The absolute STATE of Android
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I don't need to call the cops I have my own problem solver right here
Gay SJW IOS shill.

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adblockers will find a way.
and if they fail I will greatly enjoy watching every minor website utilizing this system fall into irrelevance.
Good thing I already avoid any site using that Cloudflare shit
Then why are you here?

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>7800X 6C/12T
>Almost equal to Ryzen 1600X
>3.5/4.0 vs 3.6/4.0

Given that Gaming is one of the domains Intel still has left, what will happen if Coffee Lake uses their new bingbus?
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Who gives a fuck about 5 FPS?
Give me a link to this bench
it looks like it is from computerbase.de

I recently received an Alienware desktop for someone who had been exclusively using it as a “FarmVille computer” and I want to upgrade it a bit.

It has a GTX770 in it, I found another 770 online near me but it’s the MSI branded model. Would there be any incompatibilities, and would they work for SLI?

Pic unrelated.
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To incompatibilities? Or SLI? Or yes as in it will work fine
>GTX 770

You would be better off just buying a more powerful video card to replace the 770 with.
This. Get a 1050ti instead. SLI support in games is dwindling and the performance is sketchy at best.

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brick os.jpg
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I think I'm gonna unironically buy myself a Brick OS device. I need calls, e-books and sometimes a music player, I don't wanna pay $1000 for 8 cores 8 gigs that I'm not gonna use but which are gonna eat battery like crazy.
Did I judge right? Should I do it?
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You can get them for less than 70 dollars. I heard they are great. Fuck it go ahead
My parents have them. Great devices, no lags, insanely great battery life(3 days with WiFi on). Only downside is NO APPS & NO GAEMS. And often software that is free on Android cost monies on M$ $tore
You only get amazing battery life because you have no reason to even touch it, so it's technically unused.

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How can a system still work and only some text in messages gets corrupted?
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Install Gentoo
You have to be some mad nigger to start wandows

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Do reduced keyboards (+function shortcuts) worth it?
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Damn that's a nice keyboard.
Do you know what model it is?
>Is a subjective commodity worth it?
Stop shitposting, a thread died for this!
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It's a WASD keyboards custom

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kyubey stare.png
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>not buying the Ryzen 7 1700
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> not buying yourself on deepweb for a 30% discount
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But anon, I'm a poorfag who had to buy the 1600x because miners jewed up the GPU prices.
>making shitty threads and then wondering why mods ban you.

Right now I have a 6 yr old PC. Its an i5 2400, GTX 550, 2x 2gb ram.

Could I get away with upgrading one of these to play games in 2017. Would a motherboard that supports this even allow for me to upgrade much?

Main game i want to play is PUBG
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You might be able to get away with upgrading the GPU and sticking with the i5, though that would be a bit of a stretch. The ram is also an issue, with 4gb you'll have to close any programs you have open when you want to play a game
so do you think I would need to upgrade all three?

would it be feasible on a 2011 mobo or should I consider full rebuild

i guess RAM would be a must, prob 2x8
GPU at least a slight upgrade

How many of you have autism and has it helped you in life?
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no hope for you
kys now

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Why firefox is bad?
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From whose perspective?
It wants you to donate money to SJWs

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Do you unironically support anything Stallman says beyond "free software is good"?
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I especially agree on his views on patent laws and how it's literally communism designed to crush the small investor and enforce monopolies.
Commies hobbyists actually do, cause' they're retards
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>tfw I get the reference

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Is anyone here actually using this extension?

>switched from Fx to IceCat last week (great browser btw)
>LibreJS came with it
>why not try it out
>literally blocks 99% of all javascript
>configure uMatrix to block JS and whitelist gnu.org and you get the same result
What's the point of this? Am I missing something?
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What makes JS Libre anon?
I use it. It's kind of broken, but not enough people use it to get better.
>whitelist gnu.org
There are several more web apps ("applications" if that triggered you) that have put in LibreJS compliance, including a simple little thing on my website. The intent is that web developers tag their javascript as free, but:
1) most people who write javascript don't know/care about licensing;
2) the license detection is wonky and broken;
3) it runs the javascript outright as normal anyway, with no prompt or consideration that the user might not want to run it; and
4) it's slow.
https://nonfree.pizza is doing wonders for awareness but even among the vast huge audience it has (i.e. /g/ and some more obscure areas of the internet) it's seen as a pizza botnet meme and not a serious issue.
As for the next three issues, they're looking for javascript developers to help maintain it. https://www.gnu.org/software/librejs/
>What's the point of this? Am I missing something?
In uMatrix you have to whitelist every site that runs proprietary js.
LibreJS automatically blocks proprietary js for you.

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Old thread: >>61451907

What are you working on, /g/?
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First for Ruby is /comfy/.
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>Old thread lasted for just over 3 hours
Slow down, you turbo-autists.
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karen would never say this

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is there any point in seeding torrents? does it make my download faster?<
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Yes it does
stop making useless threads and fuck off >>>/g/sqt
I stopped seeding when I realized that I can now afford Netflix or some shit like that when torrents die out.

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