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Where were you when Intel was kill?


>At 4.8GHz the processor achieved 3688cb
>pushed even further to 5.2GHz the 16-core CPU's score was boosted to an impressive 4122cb.
>the previous high for a 16-core CPU in Cinebench was 2867cb.
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Hold on to your butts. Intel has to be shitting themselves. Memes aside about the HEDT market the real money is made on the enterprise side.
LN2, hopefully those clocks will be possible on water/air with 7nm LP

I can't even imagine the power consumption though.
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Looks impressive OCed to 3.8 GHz.

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what am i missing here?

GTX 1080 uses GDDR5X: 484 GB/s

RX Vega 64 uses HBM2: 484 GB/s

i thought the whole point of using HBM was to get better bandwidth?
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>i thought the whole point of using HBM was to get better bandwidth?

More like it's Raja's fault for pushing shitty meme memory in to their products causing it to be late, hard to make and expensive.
hbm is a meme
hbm is much more efficient and the future. the process is maturing

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anyone know of a decent web browser proxy service I can use here on 4chan?

A few of my favorite boards say my IP range has been banned due to abuse despite never having done anything objectionable in my 10 years on this website, and id rather not buy a Pass because of someone else decided to shit things up.

The past couple browser based proxy sites ive tried wont let me post on the boards, because the link to reply to a thread is the same as the thread itself so the page just refreshes instead of opening the reply window.
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Don't use a browser proxy
what to use instead?
What do you think, newfag?

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Radio autism general
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How may people here screw with the drive-thrus at fast food places with these?
I don't know how common it is, but it's pretty easy. You just can't do it at all places, since some of them are encrypted. I know Hardees where I live isn't, I can pick them up since they're analog but I haven't tried messing with them.

Additionally, the analog signal is interlaced with a DTCS code. You'll have to decode that -- it's just another $20 thing you can get from China though.

Really frowned upon by the amateur radio community and highly illegal. A lot of police forces are in contact with local HAMs, hence HAMs are basically weaponized autism and will use direction finding to find you if you do it repeatedly.
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>mfw americans call portable radios "walkie-talkies"

get it, because you can talkie while walkie

Bought more stupid shit edition

What's changed with your setup, anon? Post pics as you rate and hate.
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I want a fish tank but the maintenance is too much for me. Have you seen aquarium general on >>>/an/ OP? You might enjoy that thread.

For me, I changed my swastika fan and added 2 extra. Left (old) right (new).
Full setup. Wish I had nicer decoration desu.
I feel you on the decorations part. Not enough until you don't see any more wall. Got enough leg room with that desk? Great storage space, though.

/an/ is dangerous territory for me, I'd have to start sleeping on the floor as to make more room for fish tanks.

Don't forget that with a good sized fish tank, soft water or RO/DI for evaporation topoff, a light stocking of fish, and some easy to care for plants that grow quickly even with low light, a fish tank can be effectively no maintenance asides from feeding daily. (Water changes every other or every 3 months, for example).

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There are classes like
class MyClass {
method someMethod() {
// ...

myObject = MyClass ();

and there are prototypes like
myPrototype = object {
someAttribute = "some value";
method someMethod() {
// ...

myObject = myPrototype.clone();
myObject.addMethod(method anotherMethod(){
// ...

But what is it called when every object is created from scratch without prototype inheritance and duck typing instead?
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first and only bump
> not using C

It all depends on the programming language. The basic "class" is simply a bunch of data structure and some methods to operate on them. The idea is to avoid dublicate code (you can simply create an object of the class), to hide information from "outside maipulation" (by allowing only certain mathods to operate on the data) and to get more coherence by binding data togeter, that belongs together.

But languages have many slightly different concepts. For example in C you can have a struct with function pointers, which is "almost" like a class. Or in Ruby each class is also an object, so it's more like an Prototype, but with some things a normal prototype in something like JavaScript can't do..
Each language of those will look at classes/objects in a different way.

>what is it called when every object is created from scratch without prototype inheritance and duck typing instead?

Could you give an example here? To me that sounds like a simple Class/Object relationship..

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I have hard time configuring Gentoo on a Samsung NC10 netbook (bought in 2007, good little machine). It's starting to get really time consuming but I'm ugly and obese and I don't want to kill myself. What should I do ? The kernel configuration rustle my jimmies, only 3/4 of the devices seems to work.

Don't reply to this thread.
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install Xubuntu
Install gentoo.
go ask gentoo forums /g/ doesn't actually use gentoo

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>mining extensions

Don't worry folks, Vega will sell out as soon as it comes out, be it RX or WX

AMD told gamers to fuck off, it's fucking delicious.
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That's funny, because I remember gamers telling AMD to fuck off several times since they overwhelmingly prefer to buy NVidya.
The feeling is mutual.
Mining > Gayming thb

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Why exactly does this need to be bleeding edge?
Isn't main developer announced project being dead? Or did they find more people to support it/ways to monetize it?
This. It's a media player. Does it work or does it not? I think some people just like the feeling that updating their software gives them even if it means nothing.

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I am learning Golang. I hope it becomes big in the future.
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Great choice, my man.
Fuk you Google cuck. Suck my privacy then.
Seems like an interesting lang, good luck friend.

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Gamers got shafted by AMD again... another arch for compute... why AMD why do you do the same shit every time, fuck you AMD FUCK YOU, Nvidia makes gamer hardware not this psuedo enterprise crap you make, you have tricked me for the last time, no gamer will ever want your GPU again!
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>lil baby gaymur is mad his favorite corporations are no longer pandering directly to him

They see greener pastures and much richer customers in other markets. Deal with it fagotron. Also, Volta is meme-centric as well.
The biggest margins come from enterprise always, if they're able to get make major profits, maybe they'll humor you with a card that doesn't suck ass.
I want gaymers to leave this board.

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>6c/12t i7
>6c/6t i5
>both the same price as current generation, i.e 350$ and 250$
>support for older lga 1151 motherboards
>better IPC than ryzen
>all core turbo over 4.3/4.1GHz
>overclockable to at least 4.5GHz on all cores
i wanted to get ryzen and support amd. but for the same price i can get both more cores and better IPC.
i'm sorry AMD. you tried but intel already has an answer. better luck next time.
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Remember when Skylake-X was supposed to be 6 cores at high clocks and completely BTFO AMD?
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>Actually beliving this rumormill bullshit
The previous "Leak" looks almost the same in terms of layout and has much lower numbers. Obviously the guy just re-released it with higher numbers to bait more retards like you into beliving it.
>4.3GHz on all cores out of the box
>Poozen struggles to hit 4GHz at 1.4V+

It is quite literally over for AMD.

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>amd rx vega
>requires 1000w power supply
>400w power consumption
>90C operating thermals
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the $150 i saved on a freesync monitor will pay for at least the first 6 months of home insurance when my vega liquid edition burns my house down

>Search intel CPUs on amazon
>AMD takes up half the results
What did they mean by this?
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3/9 is not half my friendo
Still a lot
AMD's cube box is fucking autistic btw
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Why should i NOT use Django if i already know Python? is there a reason to switch to PHP? Give pros and cons
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Why would you switch to PHP in any circumstances, ever?
jobz tho, everyplace seems to be looking for php webdevs
runtime is faster

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