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has anybody noticed that using an adblocker on facebook seems to stop all images from being loaded on some pages?

is facebook fucking with people using adblockers?

and yes i know, >facebook, i've got long-distance family to keep in touch with and i'm not going to give them some sperglord rant about privacy
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zucc means pussy in arabic
Nope, it's kus.
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No. You're probably not using uBlock Origin with anti-anti adblock setting, or you're using Chrome.

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which router does /g/ recommend?
> room is 16m across the flat
> bathroom and 2 doors in between
> Budged ~ 140 € / $ 167 USD
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I use an Edgerouter Lite and a Ubiquiti AP AC lite.

This is wifi from ~5 feet from the access point.
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Here is wifi from ~2-3 rooms away on the same floor.
I bought a ASUS RT-ACRH13 to replace my wireless g router and it works fine. I think pretty much every router these days are good.

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The highest court in the European Union has ordered a €1.06 billion ($1.4 billion) antitrust fine against Intel be re-examined, heralding a victory for other technology companies currently facing similar investigations from Europe. In 2009, the European Commission found that Intel had "harmed" its rivals by giving incentives to computer makers Dell, Lenovo and HP for using its microprocessor chips instead of those from rival AMD. Intel appealed, but the fine was upheld in 2014.


you cant make this shit up LOL everyone knows what they did and yet they escaped it
europe in a nutshell
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It should be readjusted to the current size of the company and value of the currency because they still haven't paid it.
If they get away with it hopefully someone will just start executing execs
I love the "le yurop" meme while there's much worse shit going on in america without anyone ever shitting on them in court for decades or trying to do so anymore
Our Atty Generals have done nothing for the past decade. It's fucking sad how much Google and friends have simply gotten away with.

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What is a good bookmark sync extension available for Firefox AND Chromium which I am using right now
>but anon, just sync your shit with Google sync
I don't want the botnet to know which sites I like ;(
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The botnet doesn't actually care about you, pick the best tool for the job, which in this case is google sync/firefox sync.
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Is this a meme or actual technology?
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The currency itself is meme, the technology and it's derivitives (i.e. decentralized internet) are not.
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Meme. They literally rely on communist electric subsidies to inefficiently move currency around. A good chunk of the price of Bitcoin is a waste of electricity.
Only coins that don't rely on mining have a real future. And in any case, Microsoft's botnet could handle a much bigger and more successful coin. Same with Google.
Also fuck Ethereum which is an even bigger meme. Note that ZERO people can rationally explain what kind of dapps would be better to run on Ethereum's gas than actual conventional servers. They fool you by comparing it to the "fold at home" network, but the whole point of that thing is it is made by volunteering hardware. It will never be cost effective to run something like that when miners expect an income.
>inb4 cryptofags tell me I'm a poor nocoiner
I never said it is a bad idea to trade in crypto. Just saying most of the coins don't have any purpose other than being a stock.
If you don't know yet, you're a retard.

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1. Go to Mega
2. Make an account
3. Now you have 50 gbs free
4. Make another account
5. Now you have another 50 gbs free
6. 50+50 = 100
8. Now you have 100 gb free
50. Repeat till you have 50 terabytes of storage
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You could write scripts to encrypt your shit and split it between the accounts. Have it keep track of where the pieces are to keep an account and then get it back. Feel like they would spot the ips though. VPN might keep them off you.
Just use your ISP servers.
Or uses google's, I can upload anything to youtube then download it back

>muh terrorists
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Fuck them
That's why UK must exit EU ASAP. Don't allow some euro bureaucrats to dictate eternal anglo if they can spy on their citizens
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Yes goy, it's for your safety.

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Already posted this in /sqt/, but it's not the fitting thread.
Discuss mice. I've used pic related for a couple years now and am looking for a similar alternative.
Should have:
>similar ergonomic design
>somewhere around 6000 DPI
>not be from Razer
Any suggestions or /g/ approved mouse?
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logitech g402
read about some sensors and decide which mice fits you needs. i bought a mionix castor and a logitech g402: while mionix fits my hand perfectly the sensor is pure dogshit when you directly compare is to logitech's. BUT logitechs mice doesnt fit my hand/grip style so i kept the mionix for everything, only light gayman with this mice
Reading up on the g402.
Sadly only 2/3 the DPI I'm used to, but that should be fine.
Is the middle mouse button as hard to click as the reviews claim? I use that one a lot.

Are there any /g/ approved usb sticks?
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Best ones I've used so far are the Kingston DT100G3
any cheapo stuff on aliexpress.
remember to format them before using them for anything serious.
got one myself too cheap as fuck with good speeds

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Why has Chrome deteriorated in quality so much? Can't speak for Chromium but Chrome seems to get worse every update and breaks things for no reason.
>stutters and flickers when you have too many tabs open
>cross platform history seems to break randomly
>no support for vsync on Linux, making it unusable for monitors higher than 60hz
>lack of configuration options, need extensions to do pretty much anything
>removed empty new page tab option, need extension now
>can no longer Goofle something then immediately start typing again, have to manually put cursor in search box
>Save as no longer remembers what file formats go in which folder
>Youtube of course gets worse every update, biggest issues are that the subscriber bar is a mess and browsing channels with hundreds of videos is painful
And I'm pretty sure I have a bunch of other minor complaints as well. All these nitpicks add up, Chrome just isn't a pleasant browsing experience anymore, and I'm not sure why since it used to be fine. They just seem to change things for the sake of it, even it it hurts the user experience.
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Also I know hating on Youtube isn't related to Chromium or Chrome, it's just a general criticism of Google.
Migrate over to Waterfox.
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Just got my wireless installed in my home today and its bloody great
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Yeah luckily the node is close to my house
Even still my 4G is faster
Top is Telstra 4G
Bottom is Aussie Broadband FTTN
Also the Libs need to be gassed for the abortion that is now known as NBNco
>that upload
Absolutely disgusting, why the fuck is that allowed? This isn't adsl for christ's sake
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I'm on ADSL2+

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Are you ready for the WebExtensions apocalypse?
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I use watefox.
It leaks RAM like you wouldn't believe. but extensions work.
and simple css issues that are 10 years old still remains unfixed

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>listen to /g/
>replace all of my lossless with flac and tta
>can only fit couple of albums in my phone for my car

Is there a better way to fit everything? Did I fall for another meme again?
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>listen to /g/

When will they learn?
Does it sound better to you? If not then go back.
>for my car
Ah, what a perfect environment in which to appreciate lossless encoding.

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So if i wanna learn how to create websites do i just hop on to HTML5 or xHTML
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learn both and html4 for more jov opportunities Thats what they told me to help me in finding a job in the process of searching fkr bwcoming an about that programmer so That they teach you xhtml html html5 html4 and scoping mechanism inside the domain of the document object module if everything else fails they retrieve to the house behind the cartwheeling car so that they get cover in before it shits itself again christ almighty give it a fucking break you piece of shot HTML5 is shit just learn HTML4 desu ot got less bloat and less options to fail because its model is based on old times sake so yeah I guess you have to do that lol

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I want to get a good Windows 7 Ultimate iso from getintopc.com that has the latest updates such as Segoi UI updated font that can support emojis, Internet Explorer 11 and many more but I don't really want that much bloat but I ain't gonna use Windows 7 lite, is it any good or is it an unstable piece of shit?
Whatever just decide for me, /g/ and yes I would go to Linux but I still haven't decided if I should switch to Antergos
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If you're gonna tell me to get NTLite at least provide a link or i fucc ur boi pucci
Never mind, you're obviously too retarded to understand any of this.
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no u are

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