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>Headphone purchase advice:

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.

If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

Previous thread: >>62147717
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Inb4 HD600/Anti-HD600 sperging
Any good alternatives to the Etymotics HF5 or HiFiMan RE400? I don't like the form of the HF5, and I heard the build quality of the RE400 is pretty bad, so what alternatives are there in a similar price range for neutral in ear phones?

How does the Etymotic MC5 compare to the Etymotic HF5? The MC5 is at half the price of the HF5.

Thanks in advance.

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Starting an introduction course in java and apparently I "MUST" use one of these IDE

Also I am using a low-end laptop with linux, I would like to have a IDE that does not take a bunch of ram and run very slow
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Whatever real companies use the most
Netbeans is considerably less resource-intensive than Eclipse.

is Audigy 2 Platinium still a revelant sound card?
Im looking for something ultra cheap to replace my Realtek ALC887 which has terrible electrical interferrence
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Sure, if you have a PCI slot for it. My personal go-to is the Audigy2 ZS. Great linux support, great fidelity, and even a good level of amplification for some of the less-sensitive headphones out there.
if you're a real enthusiast then to completely cut out interference then you need to do your own shielding, which isn't very difficult.
Optical out + desktop amp. Keep the signal digital as far as possible.

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Okay, so I've been here long enough to see that /g/ hates Linus Sebastian.

But what do you guys think of Luke
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/g/ dosen't hate Linus
/g/ is full of GPU and Intel/AMD threads

you think those people really hate Linus? nope
i liked him in The Guest

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spyware is a miasma that poisons everything. The only cure is holocaust. For the first time.
I had a feeling this would happen
I jumped ship to pale-meme a week before
Yeah, Soros started funding the team since the update that dropped last week, no lie, look it up.

Since then, multiple extensions related to adblocking, such as Ublock have now been given "legacy" status, which means they will no longer run on the most up to date version of Mozilla Firefox. Luckily, Brave is still an option, so I just dropped Firefox and went with that instead, seeing as it has adblocking extensions built in and so far has been doing a good job.

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>that kid in your CS classes taking notes and programming on a gaming laptop
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Nothing wrong with that kid tho
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>that kid that goes to school to study
> that kid in your CS classes taking notes

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hey /g/ i was thinking of getting ryzen for gaming but my friends tell me that ryzen 2 in 7nm will be coming out in late 2018 so it's not that bad to wait just a bit longer

is that true or they're trolling me?
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it's true, but you don't have to wait, buy anything on a AM4 socket then when zen2 comes out you just change the cpu
This, just buy Ryzen now and upgrade to Zen 2 when it happens. They'll be on the AM4 socket too.
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I would count with Q1 2019 launch at earliest, with possible slip to say may-june (Computex). That I will call a success, the timing is really quite tight.

Q4 2018 is not very likely I think. YOu could wait for the 2000 refresh to launch and then you can probably be sure that Zen 2 (Ryzen 3000) is not going to launch sooner than 12 months since then.
So if 2000 (Pinnacle Ridge) launches in march 2018, you can count on march-april 2019 or later.

Previous thread

Post mascots & software logos along with your request.
Must be CC BY(-SA) or compatible (i.e. no nonfree software logos/mascots not explicitly licensed/PD because that's illegal)
Post NSFW art offsite & link to it.
Comply with all applicable license terms (i.e. attribution, share alike)
No bully for people trying.

Text of the OP post in the public domain, please repost as needed.


Konqi CC BY-SA Tyson Tan (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)
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>/g/ draw thread
Okay. Requesting Katie and Konqi eating GIMP peppers for dinner together.
This better be technology.
great thread
Thanks! <3

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Did you take the blue pill yet?
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this little faggot is pushing me to void linux and bsd
over 99 percent of /g/ can only regurgitate what somebody they percieve as smart has said was "wrong" with systemd

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Why isn't there any adblocking for mobile phones?
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>iPhone users
not your tech support
>using an iPhone
Your fault

How much do you guys pay for mobile internet 4g?

Is there any special way of getting free data or even a lot of data usage for a small amount of money?

Curiosity mostly, please post your PAYG or Contract details below:

I'm on Three, PAYG for £20 with 12GB limit I believe.
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Bumping for an idea of what people are getting and how much they're paying.
Shameless bump

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Do you rike it?
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The search box on the top does not really fiy the style to my eyed.
The channel name/logo isn't immediately visible, I have to scroll.
The pace doesn't render immediately, it first shows the video box and then loads the rest of the page.

Not that it bothers me that much but it tingles a bit my autism.
if I were autistic and 5 years old, yes
Fucking auto correct

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Quick. Minimize Steam and Discord. This is important. We gotta fight back against Google and its evil monopoly on content and ads.
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Shut the hell your mouth
I don't have Steam and Discord. If you do then you are on wrong board.

Are you a green bubble?
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Doesn't matter cause no one would text me anyways.
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Green bubble poorfags never get the womyn

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Idon't understand.
All he did was eat shitty food while wearing a suit.
Is it because he larps like he's from madmen?
Are they really that offended by that?
He has white skin. That's problematic.

Fuck "content creators".

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