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csg comfy.jpg
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In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Discord link

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Chink Shit Infographic

• Anon receives a MarkRyden backpack >>62317896 it evens comes with a free wallet >>62318118
• Anon gets a Blitzwolf USB cable >>62318372
• Great deals on mechanical keyboards as shared by >>62320547
• MantisTek® GK1 a blue switch Rainbow LED mech keyboard for only $21 / €17.65
• The Mantistek® GK2 104 comes in Blue Red Black Brown Switches for $27.50 / €23 the software sends info to Alibaba but this can be blocked >>62323478 it also has a microphone or sound sensor (unknown as of yet) >>62323446 >>62323898
• Two differently backlist E-3LUE K753 keyboards https://www.aliexpress.com/item/E-3LUE-K753-USB-Keyboard-RGB-104-Keys-Gaming-Mechanical-Keyboard-Blue-Switch-Colorful-Backlit-Gaming/32802821720.html
• Anon receives a new plush >>62320911
• Anon unboxes a 8Bitdo Zero >>62321442 >>62322138
• Anon riced out his Convoy >>62325540
• After complaining about the $6 KZ ES3 flash sale being a scam >>62312601 anon actually manages to get one himself gives advice on how to get them >>62328728
• Gearbest has lucky bags for the autumn sale, anon bought 4 >>62329541
• No exploits for these GB games yet >>62329777

Previous thread >>62317199
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lost my xiaomi original adapter charger, i believe it was 5V and 2A , any aliexpress alternatives?

recommend me some plz.
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I got your back OP

>Telegram group
>buying a power adapter from aliexpress

i'll look forward to news of the fire.

This is the solution to 98% of all nuisances on the web.

>Bonus: it also includes the annoying clickbait on 4chan.
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...and? What's your point? Host blocking has been around since the last century.

I use privoxy + dnscrypt filtering + hosts blocking.

Works a charm. Convert AdBlock lists into privoxy compatible.
already done
I didn't even think of that...
Quite effective really.

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>your browsers face when
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what did he mean by this?
fuck I almost fell for that
doesn't point to anywhere... yet.

hahaha Firefox shows ads now. ahahaha
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where is AD for open society foundation??
And eventually it will fill up with your recent website visits and you'll see no ads
You just had to make a thread today didn't you
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wow that was hard.png
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Any Asus bros here? I have this shit system tray icon that can only be removed if I uninstall smart gesture, but that fucks the mousepad, so what do? How can I make windows install the driver on its own and remove asus shit?
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Uninstall windows
Install gentoo

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Audiophiles of /g/, do you convert the YouTube audio tracks you download to mp3 or leave them on opus?
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I convert them to mp3 then I repost them on my account and set them to private for conveniency
Is there any reason at all not to use Opus?
>Audiophiles of /g/,
>downloading audio from youtube

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It's time for you faggots to install a real operating system.
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I tried linux for 15 minutes, it's so fucking gay it blew my arsecheeks two metres apart, I spent the next two hours putting my colon back together while reinstalling XP, the only real hacker/programmer-friendly operating system.
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>it's another kid installs ancient operating system thinking it makes him cool episode
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le doggy.jpg
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>it's another post from a person who thinks 10 year old laptops don't deserve life or have no use, because he only plays latest gaymes

Show us what you got boi!
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I did a KLWP rice but I feel like something’s missing. What do you suggest?

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Why is installing graphics card drivers on linux almost always such a fucking hassle? I have an old laptop that uses integrated intel graphics by default and every guide to installing the non-free or even the nouveau drivers (so I could use the dedicated graphics card) is at least 5 pages long. How can anyone expect linux to succeed when even the most basic things are such shit?
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>sudo pkg-manager install video-driver
>using non-free video drivers

I'd be glad to even use the non-proprietary nouveau drivers but instead I have to use the shitty integrated graphics because this meme OS can't even handle drivers properly by default

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I just installed W10, what programms do I have to run now to fix the privacy things?
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Rufus. Use it to copy an iso for installing a better OS on an USB.
None, stop believing /g/ memes and stop being a tinfoil retard

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the fuck is wrong with them. vega 10 is still not available and they already start to shit another mess out
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What's wrong with company following the roadmap?
>release vega 10 on low capacity
>start producing vega 11
>release vega 11 on low capacity
>start producing vega 20

Because these are different dies for different market segments?
Are you fucking retarded?

iTT: we describe each other based on their adnauseum ad cloud.
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hahaha, if i want to try this for like a week, should i disable umatrix?
Problably not, you only need to disable other adblockers

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*breaths in*

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Childish post
Looks like a biker suit.
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The fuck is up with the spacex shilling/antishilling tonight? Did this really need a new thread you braindead cunt?

sage/hide etc.

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Defend this.
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i will definitely will not do such a thing. dot-net, vs, vb, etc. runtimes are a complete joke and utter mess! there is no excuse, especially in this day and age.
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install GNU+Linux of you're choice
Have you seen linux lib directory of nonfresh installation?

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> turn this shit off
> it goes back on
google really have no shame anymore with their tricks
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maybe you cleared your cookies so the setting wasn't remembered?
Not OP, but I can confirm that this happens if you haven't cleared cookies.
Is there any alternative to YouTube Center Developer Build for the new design?

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