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Hello /g/.

In a month or so I'm going to start my first year of Computer Engineering and Communications at uni and I read that I need a notebook to run some programs, take notes and stuff like that.

I'm asking for experiences from people who studied/are studying CE: what kind of notebook would I need?
How much did you use it during your university career? What programs would I need to run on it? Also, I'm guessing Windows right?
At home I got a powerful desktop so I'd only use the notebook for university related stuff.

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Anything with 2+GB ram ll work
Okay so pretty much anything will do right? I've read of people buying MacBooks that costed over 1000 euros and shit..
No one here that did CE has anything to share?

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NBN/Speed test thread?

Last couple of threads seemed bretty good so here goes

Paying for 50mbit Fixed wireless and i get speeds like this from 4pm-10pm
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Oi mate anything above 1 Mb/s is good.
>tfw Aussie has better upload than me
Can't bother to test because I'm on mobile but I get exactly 67/7 on my best days.
Old hfc network, just want higher upload but will inevitably lose download. I also get full speed all the time even arvo/night. Will eventually have to go nbn though, might stick with Telstra in the hopes they're not cheaping out on backhaul like most isps.

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what the fuck happened to firefox? happened to see this on their website about some lady saying not to feed trolls? why are there no good browser?
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my guess is the company got infiltrated by degenerates which is easy to see on their page
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>Veronica Belmont
Say, what happened to her?

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>FEATURE: New icon theme with SVG source, so we can scale it appropriately in the future. (Bert Verhelst)
>FEATURE: Drop Qt 4 support. Raise minimum Qt version to 5.5.1 (evsh)
>FEATURE: UI for managing locally banned IP list (dzmat)
>FEATURE: Support for specifying where to save/load config files. Support for portable mode. (evsh)
>FEATURE: It is now possible to pass options via ENV variables instead of cmd options. (evsh)
>FEATURE: Allow to strip subfolder in multifile torrents. (glassez, sledgehammer999)
>FEATURE: Allow cmd args to specify options when adding torrents. (Brian Kendall)
>FEATURE: Widget for showing filesystem paths while typing. Used in the Add New Torrent and Options dialogs. (evsh)
>FEATURE: Trackerlist: Allow to toggle columns (thalieht)
>FEATURE: Add availability column to torrent content model and torrent properties window (evsh)
>FEATURE: Implemented share limit by seeding time (naikel)
>FEATURE: Revamp Torrent creator (Chocobo1)
>FEATURE: Enable drag n drop to create torrent on mainwindow (Chocobo1)
>FEATURE: Add show/hide statusbar option (takiz)
>FEATURE: Show number of pieces. Closes #6774. (Chocobo1)
>FEATURE: Allow to select & delete multiple entries in "Manage Cookies" dialog (Chocobo1)
>FEATURE: Fetch Favicons via google as a final fallback (KingLucius)
>FEATURE: Add a Tags (multi-label) feature to the GUI. Closes #13. (tgregerson)
>FEATURE: Use the system icons for each file type in the Content tab (evsh)
>FEATURE: Use SVG files for monochrome tray icons. Closes #6085. (evsh)

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>BUGFIX: Adjust icons names to better fit FDO scheme (evsh)
>BUGFIX: Optimized IP filter parsing, making blazingly fast (sledgehammer999, evsh)
>BUGFIX: Fix dialogs didn't position on the correct screen which qBittorrent window is on. Closes #1690, #2474, #3538. (Chocobo1)
>BUGFIX: Refactor and improve StatusBar (glassez)
>BUGFIX: Set expiration date for newly added cookie to +2 years from now, instead of +99 years. (Chocobo1)
>BUGFIX: Don't create subfolder inside temp folder (glassez)
>BUGFIX: Don't replace existing files when relocating torrent (glassez)
>COSMETIC: Trackerlist: Set text alignment of columns with numbers to the right (thalieht)
>COSMETIC: Enable alternatingRowColors for "Manage Cookie" dialog (Chocobo1)
>WEBUI: Allow to load/use ECDSA certificate in webUI. (Chocobo1)
>WEBUI: Add copy options to webui context menu (addresses #6815) (#7036) (Tom Piccirello)
>WEBUI: Set torrent location from webui context menu (addresses #6815) (#7062) (Tom Piccirello)
>SEARCH: Use explicit class for search plugin versions (evsh)
>SEARCH: Remove all search plugins from repo. There is another repo named 'search-plugins'. (sledgehammer999)
>SEARCH: Update the backend when a new plugin favicon is downloaded. (sledgehammer999)
>RSS: Redesigned RSS subsystem (glassez)
>RSS: Do not use hardcoded colors in RSS feed view (evsh)
>WINDOWS: Installer detects running process when it is 64-bit (vlakoff)
>MACOS: Various macOS UI improvements (vit9696)
>MACOS: Fix main menu item location on macOS (vit9696)
>OTHER: Use new classes/methods from libtorrent and stop using deprecate ones. (glassez
>OTHER: Various string fixes (Allan Nordhoy, sledgehammer999)
> Leave the uBotnet today!
Nope. 2.2.1 just werks.
Like how Windows XP still just werks, right?

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>over 3 years old
>Had a great than 75% screen to body ratio
With bezels almost as thin as the G6, why wasn't anyone talking about this?
Was one hell of a beasty phone when released
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This is the perfect frame for a phone. I'm still rocking my G3, even though it lags a little here and there it's still a great phone. I hope LG goes back to the G3 and just remakes it with upgraded hardware.
>huge bezel at the bottom for a shitty company logo you need to be reminded about every time you look at your screen.
What this guy said.
If you want to advertise the product brand do it on the back of the phone where someone will see it!

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ren-chon 02.jpg
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Previous >>61692442

This thread is for the discussion of NyaaPantsu (pantsu.cat), a free (FOSS) torrent indexer, and other nyaa alternatives.
The aim of this project is to write a fully featured nyaa.se replacement in golang that anyone will be able to deploy locally or remotely.



>Why is Pantsu down/error 502?
Most likely because the team is deploying changes. Wait for a bit and refresh the page. It should be mostly stable now.

Latest news
>Stat scraper is probably up again
>PantsuDev is back from vacation
>Kilo is still a fag

General updates on the site
>Torznab api
>RSS feeds fixed
>Performance issues fixed
>Python uploading script
>Torrent file generation
>More frontend fixes
>Editing and deleting torrents
>Public mod log
>Filesize searching
>Audio captcha
>Language flags like anidex
>Mobile app
>Customizable mascots by URL
>DB clean up
>Text board
>Refactor done

As for the coming weeks
>Improve scrapers to scrape more sites
>Move db dumps to just nginx to prevent any issues/corruption
>Anidb integration
>Add in the nyaa.si and anidex scrapers into the main program

Dev live server:

Database dumps:

Local Client:
>An anon made a local client in case the online sources are down: instructions and download at
qBittorrent plugin for Pantsu.

Development roadmap:

NyaaPantsu Status:
>Copyrighters wall of shame

Development and discussion channel:
>#nyaapantsu / #nyaapantsu-dev on Rizon
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Holy shit Miao deserves a medal for these replies. The fuckin invoice tho
PantsuDev update when?
Once tagging is done.

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I'll be 29 at the end of this month.

I feel like my "youth" period has only 1 year left.

Is it worth it to devote and rush my 29th year of life to focusing on learning more about computer science and IT (on my own), to the point of trying to get a job in it down the line?

I always super behind when people exchange programming and CS terms around me. I feel like there's an opportunity for work there and a way to understand a lot about the world that I don't know yet. I feel like CS will continue to be in high demand for the next 30 years.

Like I know there's 30 million Pajeets graduating with bullshit IT degrees from India every week, but I feel like if you know what you're doing that there's a ton of opportunities out there for you.
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No one is going to hire a 30 year old junior. You’ll have to get experience by yourself or just try another field.
If you know fuck all then yes. Otherwise you should just give up.
I'm going to go and do a bachelor's computer science degree when I'm 19 (currently 18 before you say underage b&)
Scrap that. Just give up and get out of the industry while you can, op.

Is this a stupid idea?

The Brave browser has all this adblocking shit built in but if you want you can choose to establish a monthly allowance to donate to websites you visit based on time spent (though you can just set specific amounts to specific sites per month if you wanted)
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The whole ecosystem makes sense sure but the challenge will be if they can get all the different players to start adopting it. Not sure where they are on their roadmap atm but I don't think they have any advertisers yet do they?
brave = botnet
I dont know how this can be legal? how much of the donation goes to brave developers?

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Old thread: >>61784776

What are you working on, /g/?
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anim haskell.jpg
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Learning category theory/type theory with purescript
Is there a Scheme-tan?
I will also accept a Lisp, but it's not ideal.

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google chrome.png
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Chrome is the most popular browser by a lot. How did Google convince the normies use it instead of the browsers that come with their computers?
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Internet Explorer sucked. Lacked a lot features andHTML standards. Edge came too late. Firefox looks and feels outdated. People who switch from PC to Mac stick with Chrome because they don’t want to try Safari and are used to Chrome.
They bundled it with every popular software. They also used banner ads on popular websites to brainwash normies that it'll run better in Chrome.
This website runs best on Google® Chrome™

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Why isn't GNU/Linux a desktop dominant yet?
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Because normies are allowed on computers.
I guess we should stop blaming things like
> hurr muh distro is better than yours
and join all together as a community and be strong
there are lot's of distros normie-friendly


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Is it just me, or adwcleaner 7 detects far less than its predecessor? Old versions don't seem to work after this one was released
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Why not just use Norton if you're this retarded?

Format and reinstall.
> winblows problems
They're getting their sum from the malware developers and laughing at losers like you who trust their product.

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How do we redeem this man? How do we make sure he wasn't fired in vain?
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set up a Patreon to support this poor, poor downtrodden soul for the rest of his life
boycott Google, it's a long time coming anyway.
The lynchmob and the media are all bleeding heart feminists who will crucify anybody who disagrees with them in the slightest.
His career is toast.
Just like that guy who lost his job because some absolute cunt tweeted about how TRIGGERED and OFFENDED she was over him making a "dongle" joke.

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Found a old T60 in the trash. Seems to be working just fine all needs is a SSD/HDD

Whats some things to do with this thing?
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install gentoo
You've to give it back, Jamal.

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>bought an R9 290 in 2013 for $415
>friend's graphics card died today
>check on google to see prices of my card

What the fuck happened?
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Cryptocurrency mining.
ethereumfags throwing the prices of GPUs out of whack, selling them out everywhere, and making it impossible to get GPUs for reasonable prices
They had 5 years to make graphics cards just for mining, not gaming. Why didn't they corner that market?

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