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If you spaces instead of tabs you should kill yourself.
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I enjoy the autists in this board
>durr hurr if you do thing I dont like then kill yourself
Severe autism has gotta suck.
Tabs indent, spaces align.
Spaces only is fine, but not as elegant.
Tabs only is cancer and you ought to kill yourself if you do that.

>reading this
>is mostly shit I already know from java tutorials and /g/ memes
>tfw I was memed by /g/
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>mostly shit I already know from java tutorials
But it isn't. K&R is supposed to be an introduction to the C programming language for already experienced programmers, not an introduction to programming itself. Stop thinking that it's supposed to teach programming.

What would be the best book for an introduction to programming ?
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C is written by idiots like this

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What are you working on, /g/?
Previous thread: >>61183729
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Dynamic "typing" is trash
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japanese anime.png
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Reminder that Japanese anime is cute and cool
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Monads are only necessary in a language where immutability, statelessness, and purity are concerns.
In other words, a shitlang, because computers fundamentally don't work that way, and any language that insists on working that way cannot go fast.
Correctness, readability, and going fast are the only three things that matter. Imperative languages with mutable state are better for going fast. Hasklel, Lithp, and I[dr]SIS are better for correctness and readability, but anyone who is not a brainlet can write correct and readable code just as well in an imperative language with mutable state. If you're especially not-stupid, you can even write *gasp* type-unsafe code that's correct, readable, and more efficient than its type-safe equivalent.

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Pay the jew or poo in cpu
What do I pick?
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lol poorfag
>spending 50% more for 5% speed increase
r7 1800x

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What is the point of having a high end PC, besides gaymen?
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Fast CAD design and simulation, the CNC & Printing doesn't take much though, so I game while I wait.

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Have you seen FriendUP? It's an open-source OS from a lot of ex Commodore/Amiga people.

Source code for v1.0.0 is on Github: https://friendup.cloud/friendup-v1-0-0-is-here-the-internet-is-now-your-computer/
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That explains why it looks like a shitty modern update to GeOS.
>dumb terminals are a new thing
looks shit

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What's the diference in the real world between i++ and ++i

in practical terms, I already know both definitions.
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If you assign it to something, it's between doing the increment before or after the assignment.
>i = 0;
>thisValue = i++;

>i = 0;
>thisValue = ++i;
I know the definition of both.

what does this mean in real working code?

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What OS you anons use and why?
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Win 10 because muh games
Debian because I'm used to it
Windows XP
because it just werks
antergos cause it´s literally the most comfy and reliable thing for work i have ever seen.
and w7 for gaymes

I remember looking at the games supported list for vulkan on wikipedia like a year ago, it wasent anywhere near the size of the DX12 list. Looking at it today they are far more equal... DX12 being proprietary window 10 only BS has likely crippled it severely. Don't know if that will last though.



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You know fine well /v/ don't give a shit about FOSS.
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Direct Physics.png
405KB, 1197x840px

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>tfw the only solution to all my dev problems is to embrace enginedev
>tfw I've tried every framework and engine there is but always complain about everyone
>tfw all engines are dog shit made to retards
>tfw time to learn and master CS just to make 2D games without bloat and high performance
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>OP ends up making a bloated 2d engine
>learn cs
>other engines are shit

Do you were trying to make a game without programming?

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0016 - iWezrgX.jpg
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>be univ student
>friends are in IT and CS
>both are full of SJWs and wymen
>none of the women are competent, except a few of those crazies who probably dont even bathe and just there to show others that they can
>i am studying electronics
>no dumb bitches here, only hard working girls
>mfw embedded low level software is too hard for dumb women to get into

Is embedded software the only computer field safe from this faggotry?
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Web dev is cancer rotten.

If you want to avoid sjw shit, go to a very small company. Mine is 4 people, soon to be 3 because we're going to fire the only female because, although she's really nice, pleasant to be around and is trying really hard, she's a bit dim and can't handle the level we work at.
>none of the women are competent, except
If some women are competent and other women are not, how are they different from men?

P.S. sage
I am studying CS in Germany and i can luckily say that the local SJW community isn't this big
There's maybe a 5-10% women ratio in my lectures and all of them are cute nerdy girls
Currently i am working on a embedded project using a fpga and my partner is a super hot, tall, blonde girl
She is very smart and is really good at programming in C

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images (4).jpg
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Tell me why iOS is better than Android.

Protip: You can't.
>inb4 false arguments like "lag"
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How is lag a false argument? You Android fags use it against samshit.
Makes you think who sits behind the computer.
Looks better
Update policy

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Is this browser botnet?

Because holy fucking shit its good, went from Chrome to this because i just couldn't stand Chrome eating up 20% of my 16GB RAM with 1-2 tabs.
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>vivaldi shills are back
>Vivaldi will send a message using HTTPS directly to our servers located in Iceland every 24 hours containing this ID, version, cpu architecture, screen resolution and time since last message.
Botnet confirmed.
It doesn't feel like botnet. I ungoogled everything off the chrome flags and its working flawlessly. wont change for a while

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Why aren't you mining?
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Are Bitcoin even possible to mine anymore?
Yes, but profit is extremely small
what are the other suggestion to mining other than bitcoin?

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Post tech memes you've fallen for.

Pic related. Glossy screens are easily scratchable cancer.
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>shitty plastic screen
it has nothing to do with being glossy or not
you need a hard plastic
>reflective as fuck
>proudly show dirt and dust
>Fingerprint magnet

Their flaws go beyond just being scratchable.
is ok to admit you got scammed too.

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