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>$ sudo pacman -Syu
>a shitload of updates is available
>net upgrade size:

Take that, Obongo and Devuan shitposters.
Arch is anti-bloat BY DESIGN! My packages get SMALLER as they get updated!!1 Enjoy your 4.0+ processor load and bloatshit Gnome DE
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12yo detected
>a shitload of updates

>Arch is anti-bloat BY DESIGN!
It's the opposite. Arch has fewer packages, but they're huge. Debian splits packages so you can install only the parts you need.
That's nice and all, but how bloated are you personally ?

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memes aside, why are there still people who recommend Ubuntu over Mint?
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this image is a great bait
Mint is horrible so Ubuntu
There are alternatives to both that are user friendly
Because mint is trash

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anyone try to charm a tech company like goog or whatever with your being.. to keep you a job?

I'm thinking of writing to a tech company hoping they sponser me for my advice on their company...
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if not allowed don't ban me I'm a shut in!
How do codes tell a computer to do something it hasn't done before? machine code tune?
you know that millenials are asking big tech giants for jobs but they dont even get paid, they are just happy they can write that in their resume later. you cant expect to be paid.

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I got a brand new Alcatel POP 4 that I will not use as my own personal phone.
I cannot sell it.
I cannot root it.

What use can give it?
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Give it to someone in need.
Stop hoarding shit.
I can't. Company phone, it's just gonna sit here.

Then buy a stand and convert it to baby monitor/home surveillence/spy camera.


Build a nice box around it using some material like plexiglass or whatever you have at your hand.

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foobar2000 has virus
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chink antivirus are untrustworthy.
So does your mum
>Trend M

Shitty AV being shitty as usual.

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da only reason me tryin to learn programming is to build ma bery own POS system coz me wishin to open ma business within the next few yeers n I no trust any programmes made by som1 I dun know of.
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So you want to learn programming?

Pick a starting language. For beginners, there are generally two recom- eh... hold on.

Start with English. We will get to programming after you pick up English.
remind me of what gayme that thing is

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Intentionally Not anime Edition.

Old thread >>61140848

Google is your friend, you are our bitch.
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Trying to get Pokémon GO on my Samsung Galaxy S3, running Android 4.4.2.
It crashes on the Niantic logo screen.
Older versions get a bit further, to the log in, but won't authenticate.

Is my only option root and install a more recent OS?
Problem is Pokemon go wont run at all on custom OS's, unless they've found some sort of work around. So if you can't do it on stock, you can't do it at all.

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Where do I get retro computers like 386 or 486? Best would be anything that can run some kind of unix/Linux.

Looked on eBay and they are expensive as shit on there
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Why the fuck do you want to get them? By a raspberry pi if you want to feel like a mommy's hacker.
Classifieds mostly now a days, but why not just run a VM? Are you going for full nostalgia?
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Well not sure desu. Just thought about learning better C and maybe asm. Also I am doing lots of project Euler recently and was curious if I could solve most problems on there in reasonable amount of time.

I have 4 raspberries at home. Two laying around. Prolly just want an old x86 machine for shits n giggles

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What are /g/'s opinions on Hacking Games, like uplink and hacknet?

hackmud is actually pretty decent at teaching people javascript.
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>Hacking Games
its sad that fags r so stoopid they cant just do it withut some faggy normie shit
is that photo from a crane cabin? where's the boom?
dont be so fucking childish. Uplink is actually a good game

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Alright you niggerfaggots, I asked in /sqt/ twice now and got no answer, so I'll ask in this shit thread: HOW much actual impact does font antialiasing have on GUI performance? I'm ricing a 1gig RAM T42 and want to know if there's any point in suffering the sight of unfiltered fonts. ANSWER ME REEEEEEE
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lmfao give up
shit how lazy are you i mean just try both and compare haha wtf nigger
Stop ricing toasters ramlet...

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I am now teaching myself how to Python. How long would it take for me to reach a certain level where I can make a very basic game like snake or minesweeper on my own?
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Everywhere from 2 weeks to half a year based on your previous experience.
He's right.

If your sole goal is to program Snake in Python then you could do it in a few days tops, but I'm assuming you mean learning the fundamentals of programming, so it'll take more time.
Not OP but if I want to make a game like snake in a language I'm unfamiliar with should I pseudocode it first and google everything after or should I learn syntax then just do it

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what does /g/ think about msi?

am wondering if i'm the only one that had shit customer experiences with them, my 980's second fan just went rip after 1.5 years...
and o boi their half-assed translations
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Just use AssRock or SASV
Don't know why but I don't trust msi or gigabyte...
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3MB, 1280x720px

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Has anyone made some money in this website?
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No. 99% of jobs there start bidding at minimum US wages per hour and end up all the way down at about .5c/hour by poos
You can make plenty of money if you play dirty like everyone else.
Lie about your skillset and sell yourself below minimum wage.
eg. offer german translation services and use google translate
That isn't "playing dirty", just fraud.

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Hegemony edition.
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>want to program in c++
>Have to overload my templates just to reverse the binary

Why has there not been a proper replacement to C++ in all these years?
Because C++ has a hegemony over all programming languages and platforms.

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I want to make my own game server for Jackbox Games (one of those games). I've already started looking st wireshark pcaps of the conversation that occurs when you try to start a multiplayer game, and it's unencrypted http and websocket.

What's the next step? It's my first time doing something like this.
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become A+ certified. best starting place tbqh
Fo r what purpose? I don't feel like I'll learn anything from that cert; at least nothing useful.

what is jackbox games

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