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I dread the post that is coming next
>high school computer science class
As someone who went to high school in Norway in the early 2000s, I doubt it was "computer science class", as the only class that existed was called "brukersystemer" and "systemutvikling" and we didn't learn any programming in either of those.
The amount of nerdyness in this image will likely never be surpassed! Feel free to use hours to indulge all the satisfying nerd/computer porn this class managed save for the world to enjoy 15+ years ago.

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What is the Future of USB? will it become a truly universal bus, delivering even video, power, and audio? Is there now any reason for a home computer to have any other standard?
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Well if someone manages to mix both an HDMI and usb, allowing sound, graphics, and the basic delivery of data. That might just be the future. The power part, I feel will be a separate entity for a long while though, what are your thoughts
doesnt usb c already do that?
I don't know a lot about the technology, but it looks like from the Specs that Thunderbolt 3 can already do all of that stuff, I don't see why It can't be used for all peripherals, as well as internet and power (atleast for laptops). Is there any reason you would want multiple interfaces?

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So I've got an old laptop that won't boot up anymore. What's the easiest way of getting some stuff off the hard drive seeing as how I can't turn the thing on?
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Take the hard drive out and plug it in to another computer. YouTube is very helpful for tutorials on your specific laptop
Reddit or >>>/adv/ will help you
Or try sqt
A thread died for you
If it's a sata hard drive take it out & hook it up to another computer that has sata connections or you could buy a 2.5 sata to usb adapter.

What does /g/ think of the OnePlus 5?

Isn't the design just gorgeous?
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It's a piece of shit.

The design is just fucking garbage.
Their excuses 'we're just a small company, we wanted to do things but don't have the resources' when they are backed up by Oppo. One if not the largest manufacturer in China... Never settle my ass.

Screens mounted upside-down
Crash when dialing 911
3000 mAh vs OP3T 3400 mAh
Same sized bezzels as last year's OP3T
$479 starting price..

Why even bother buying one when you can get POTY for $650

Chinks getting chinked
Can't you just buy a Samsung S7 with Exynos 8890 for much cheaper?
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I got one and like it.
>Screen mounted upside down
Yeah, this is pretty much the only acceptable complaint. The jelly scrolling is barely visible and only when you want to notice it tho.
>Crash when dialing 911
No. Besides, not anybody lives in you murican shithole country
>3000mAh vs older model 3400mAh
The oneplus 5 has a 3300mAh battery, they only let it charge to 3000mAh so it doesn't go to shit in a week. They did the same thing to the 3 and 3t, so your argument is invalid
>It has bezels
Yeah, I like that.
>it's 500$ for the model worth having
Still better than other options available without contract in my opinion. I'm very satisfied, although with the current price trend at oneplus this will be likely my last phone from that company

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So, /g i've been thinking lately about these two...
Which do you think is the superior method of data transfer ?
How come QR are much more used in everyday life and much more accepted by the general public ? and above all : why the fuck aren't normies even aware of the existence of NFC, EVEN THOUGH IT4S RIGHT IN THE STATUS BaR OF THEIR PHONES
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Economics. Simple ink pattern vs. radio antenna and chip.
I think NFC is superior. Less futzing.

QR codes are more commonly used because they're just images you can print and/or stick onto most anything.

Normies are aware of NFC. They just don't know what it is in detail. And that's okay. People don't want to know about the wonder of a technology, they want to experience its implementations. Build it and they will come.
NFC = botnet

I need some help. Im looking to buy a laptop. How good is this one? Acer Aspire VX5-591G-76KN
Processor: Intel Core i7-7700HQ (2.80/3.80GHz, 6M)
Video card: NVIDIA GTX1050 - 4 GB GDDR5
RAM: 8GB DDR4 2133MHz
Hard disk: 1TB SATA 5400rpm
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If you want to pay a premium for gaming, buy a console.
lol when will speedlets learn?
Can you explain?

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>PC froze
>pulled power plug
>try to turn it back on
>can't find bootable drive
>look in bios
>SSD is missing

So now my OS SSD is dead and gone just because I did that? All my years of files are done for?
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What kind of SSD do you have?
Samsung 840 evo
electronics can fail. Should have made backups.

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ITT: Projects that should have never been killed off
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wolfarm alpha
Botnet, plz no.

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I see you are very interested in [Insert Dream CS Job Here], But why should we hire YOU?
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I'm not a pajeet
I poo in the loo
>implying my dream job isn't self-employment
silly wagecucks

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I live in the UAE where a lot of websites (including porn) are blocked by the government.
I also heard that they can find out if you're using a VPN, although some of my friends with Android use it without no repurcussions.
I've tried downloading some VPN apps but they don't get connected and even if they do, I can't surf the internet with it.

What are some good VPN apps that work for iOS?
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If you want a good VPN you will have to pay for it.

Also the government can't see what you do while on a VPN but some VPN services keep logs and will share them with law enforcement and government agencies.

Also they will see that all your outgoing connections go to a VPN service.
Contact the government immediately and tell them they forgot to block 4chan
bomb yourself

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>that guy who always wears a linux t-shirt
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>linux t-shirt
where can I get one?
spot neckbeard house, get gloves, raid basement.
sorry, messed that up, that's the way how you get a fedora..

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I wonder what language/library Fantasy Grounds was made in.

For an interface with that many textures and images, would it make sense to use something like SDL?
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Here's source code:
import FantasyGrounds

def main():
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looks boring make anime game instead
no ide what Fantasy Grounds used, but you could use SFML to work with textures and sprites

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/hsg/ - Home Server General
> https://discord.gg/9vZzCYz

ITT: We build home servers. Installin fresh operating systems. Trying new things. Self host services we want to use. Experiment!

a e s t h e t i c edition. Does your homeserver have LEDs yet?
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I'm a poorfag. Well, technically not, I earn well, but I'm so behind this year's savings target that I cannot afford a home server. I ordered a few orange pi zeros to play around with. I'm hoping to get an hp proliant microserver next year, before mi LPIC-1 and 2.
Anyone got a pfsense box that is <20w, can handle 100/100 and relatively cheap? What's your setup?

I'm looking at odroid or a rpi3 with a usb to bge adapter but heard reports it chokes with more than 70+mbps. also arm pfsense is a little shakey from what i've heard

Enjoy my early 2010 setup, i done use any of it day to day apart from the gen8
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>tfw no real server hardware and buying isn't currently an option
Going to nigger rig a NAS from an athlon x2 b22 3 1TB drives and 2 500GB drives, what could go possibly wrong?

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Why is Atom so much slower than Visual Studio Code? Aren't they both using Electron?
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Have you tried installing Source Mage?
It's actually very good for you mental health.
Atom's developers are incompetent
>Visual Studio Code

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How do I get into coding? Where do I start? What's a good language to start with?
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Be 9 years old and start with Lisp.
Malbolge or go flip burgers.

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