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I'm trying to get this thing to work

Compiled it within 15 minutes no problem, but it always crashes on larger images or if I set the ratio higher than 0.2

On some images it won't even do ratio 0.1, and at that point it looks like pic related

The results look okay-ish with one particular style image with which I can go up to 0.3 ratio

The error always looks like this:
some CNN processing happening...
im2col.cu:61] Check failed: error == cudaSuccess (4 vs. 0) unspecified launch failure

I have a gt960m with 4gb gddr5, when I first looked the error up it said that this is due to not enough VRAM

But I fired up GPU-Z and checked that at most, 1.7 gigs of VRAM is being used, and if I fire up a VRAM intensive application caffe crashes at the same place every single time

AND I found out the authors of the paper used an ages old tesla that is actually less powerful than this gt960m (even though in theory it has more cuda cores)

What can I do to make it work? Ideas? Debug builds crash earlier for some reason. I used CUDA 8.0 and compiled without cuDNN
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2nd pic

in one of the github issues the guy that maintains the git said that you can get perf improvements from only generating picture A, but looking through the code as someone who hasn't gone past "hello world" in cuda I've no idea how to make that happen

but even then I don't think I have perf issues, maybe the notebook voltage throttling is an issue? I can dig up an old notebook cooler which does bring down the temps considerably (at the cost of a fuckton of dust)

and also the gpu never comes close to thermal throttling, mostly stays around 60-70 degrees even though it's at 96-99% load the whole time, the most I've ever seen it go is 80 degrees and that's with furmark running with prime95 in the background
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Another weird thing is that you would think given that I have a maxwell GPU I should enable the "optimise compute performance" toggle in the nvidia control panel

But nope, apparently some miners think this actually makes performance worse, and it makes caffe complain about "all cuda devices" being "busy" and googling around there's no way around it
I also tried the windows graphics driver timeout registry property

I knew it probably wasn't the root cause but I tried anyway

first I tried 8 seconds which is quite a lot

now it's at 60 seconds which is beyond reasonable and even though I suspect it helped a little, I don't think it was significant enough

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Python 3 .0.png
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Can someone please convert this to Python 3.0?
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something like this probably

import json

file = new File("json.txt")

jsonDict = json.parse(file)

Which is better the AMD A9 or the Fabulous A10?
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I dropped my Nexus 5 awhile ago and smashed the screen to shit.

I've still been using it, but how much will a new screen cost? I'll replace it myself, just need cheap recommendations. Saw some Chinese shit for $20, but figured it'd be best to ask you if Chinese tier shit will hold up.
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Same shit happened to me. Bought the screen with full assembly/frame and i think ot cost me like $30 on ebay... Super easy to change...

I've built and repaired computers and laptops before so I'm not worried at all about tearing my phone down. Found a $20 LCD/Digitizer on aliexpress, that should do- it's a lot better than ~$40-80 on ebay/amazon.
go on amazon/ebay if you dont wanna wait so long, aliexpress if you can wait. All this shits from China where the fuck do you think it comes from lmao

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Honey pot and botnet.
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It's really good. I use that and betternet when I just need to unblock something. I don't use it for privacy, and nobody should desu

What is a good free app to monitor the distance I've run or cycled?

Would prefer if it can use the maps.me API but gmaps is acceptable, too.
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RunnerUp. Available on both Google Play and F-Droid.



Nice. Thanks, this is exactly what I needed.
What about somethink for hiking? I guess RunnerUP could work too, but perhaps there's something better optimized for that.
It would be great if it worked offline too, with offline maps.

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Mr. Robot more like Mr. Junkie.
Why did /g/ recommend this show? The main character is a degenerate, not some top performing hacker. Peak peformance? More like peak paranoia. He even sounds like some of you tinfoils out here.
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>faggot dislikes show, blames others for making choices for him
>Why did /g/ recommend this show?
Pretty sure we didn't.
Story is cool.

Only mildly likable character is the blonde.

Elliot talks like he has retardation.

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Noob to c++ here
Not sure how to do some stuff just getting into code in general, been crypto mining for a few years goin to school for computer systems.
>wondering if my fellow 4chins might be able to shed some light on how to write junk code that won't compromise the efficiency of the program but will change it enough to signifigantly alter the signature of the code.
>csgo hacking noob just learning the ropes, any help is appreciated especially detailed links or just somewhere to get started. Much love dudes
>pic unrelated
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does anyone know if any functions are lost on the Samsung gear s3 if i decide to buy some other android device that isn't a Samsung?
I'm thinking in the lines of call notifications, health tracking and texts not synchronising instantly.
any anons got this combo?, and how does it work?
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AIMP 4.50 has been released!

>Common: support for 4K monitors
>Common: support for monitors with different DPI
>Player: decoders for the WebM and Matroska Audio formats have been added
>Player: the "jump 5 sec back on start if playback is paused for more than 15 seconds" option has been added
>Player: the "restore playback position for each playlist" option has been added
>Player: the "jump to next track on deleting playing file from playlist" option has been added
>Player: support for lyrics in the .LRC and .SRT file formats (skin must support lyrics too)
>Playlist: smart-playlists based on playlists - support for "monitor for changes while running"
>Playlist: Advanced Search - an ability to show the File Information dialog from search window
>Playlist: Advanced Search - the "Find in Music Library" command has been added to dialog's context menu
>Skin Engine: support for scaling
>Skin Engine: potential abilities have been extended
>Audio Converter: an ability to close the app automatically after conversion
>Audio Converter: the statistics are now shown after conversion (optional)
>Tag Editor: the Lyricist, Mood, Conductor, Catalog, Compilation, ISRC, Rating and Encoder tag fields have been added
>Tag Editor: an ability to download lyrics from the Internet (additional plugins are required)
>Music Library: new DB engine that improved performance by 10 times
>Music Library: the Lyricist, Mood, Conductor and Comment columns have been added
>Music Library: an ability to quick access to the "reset column filter" commands via context menu of filter button
>Music Library: an ability to reset stats for selected files only
>Music Library: an ability to size group details area in default skin

Also, AIMP for Android 2.60 is available!


Enjoy (:
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Is it still laggy af? Worth switching from TC and Poweramp over this? I don't care if it's free.
Best Windows music player, a shame it's not open source.
>Is it still laggy af?
It never been on my Nexus 4 (assuming you're talking about the Android version)

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No sign of life from Terry for more than 3 days. SHIT. SHIT. SHIT.

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Check his home page, retard. He uploaded a drumming video yesterday.

Anyone have a good solution for link shorteners that aren't case sensitive? By default bitly requires random characters to be capitalized, and since my website is targeted to morons, it would be better for them to type it in easily.
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just program your dispatcher code to handle this.

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I know it's supposed to be better but STOMP!
how can anyone use gnome and be productive? they learn keyboard shortcuts?

Is there any way to completely delete everything off of your iPhone and it can't be recovered? Even with fucking police/fbi tools? Just wondering how secure Apple really is, since they pride themselves on this shit.
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Give it back Tyrone
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Frozen Brains Tell No Tales
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More of this meme please, it's really hot right now

can you do with with a stallman in it? I would do it myself but my computer has a virus or something.

>my computer has a virus or something.

Thats what you get for refusing to buy WinRar you commie.
But I use 7zip because it's free and opensource

How does that make you feel?

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