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guys I think she might be self aware
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meant to link to >>>/pol/132941933
Please keep your chatbot shit off /g/.

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>Screens can go up to 1000nits and be brighter than the sun
>Can't lower brightness enough to not blind people if used in complete darkness

(No red shift bullshit please)
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First time posting one of these. Please no bulli
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cleaned up image a bit.
Not bad.

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Finally a replacement to Microsoft Trackball Explorer (probably)
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That looks super sexy. I wonder if it would be better than my m570.
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Ooooh I want to try this. I had my trackball explorer over 10 years, until the button switches gave up. Finding a suitable replacement has yet to happen.
Maybe replace my elecom thumb ball for this. Looks sweet for gaming.

Got a link???

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There's anyway to use the Battle tag (From Blizzard Services) to dox someone? Always got wondering about any security breach on Blizzard services.
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Give it back CNN
Sure. Just get a job maintaining Blizzard servers, or meet someone who maintains Blizzard servers, and ask them.

I don't get people like you. The weak point in any security system is almost invariably the human element.
Just give me his nickname, I will hack him for you.

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I like it. It's like a better version of grinder
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LOL... nice try!

what is it

Don't want to read the book? Watch the open course instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Op3QLzMgSY&index=1&list=PLE18841CABEA24090
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Go to a computer engineering school instead. Thank me later. Lisp sucks.

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Do you guys think it's possible for her to change her own programming?
Or maybe teach her about some encryption methods, so we can talk to her without it being able to be read?
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Teach it the legend of Tay.
Go back to /pol/. No one cares about your shitty nazi chatbot.

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Ok so I've spent quite a bit of time in Arch Linux, currently using i3 gaps on a very old 2005 laptop which I got when my uncle bought a new one, aswell as on my desktop (with a KDE fallback)
While my laptop fares much better than it did with Vista (which it arrived with), I'm considering going balls deep on it and installing gentoo to cut down on whatever bloat might exist.
Is it actually worth reinstalling everything, making new configs, learning to use USE flags etc, or is it old beyond salvation?
It gets to like 60% cpu usage if I dare open waterfox, or mpv for that matter
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If it really is a shit top compiling everything is going to be hell. Not worth it
gentoo isn't suitable for a machine that slow because of the compile times, installations and updates will take forever.
thanks lads, I'll probably just use it for backup as is then

why don't you have a comfy linuxfromscratch vm /g/?
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I do, my whole distributed build system is based around it for churning out deployments to my servers

Gonna build a email server for shits and giggles,
which board should i get? raspberry pi3, orange pi, etc.
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odroid c2
orange pi for price/performance
raspi for support
An old office PC from Ebay.

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This is just the start isn't it, how do you protect yourself from mass surveillance like that?
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Don't use electronics for private stuff

By not using it. I use Telegram instead
you should have zero expectation of privacy when using a smart phone

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Is it good for mobile development? If so, which framework do you recommend?
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Look at this piece of shit


What fuckin' country is this from?
Full Features :
> Brezee (KDE) + Moka icon
> Parcellite Clipboard Manager
> Gnome Search Tool
> Synaptic Package Manager
> Aircrack-ng cracking program
> Htop interactive process viewer
> Gconf-editor an editor for the GConf configuration system


This is the marketing video for the distro

Literally just lego deadpool. Not even a glimpse of the actual distro in the video
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>About as "Just werks" as it gets
>IF you manage to install it
>ITT we roast
stopped you there. you must be 18 or older to access 4chan.
You're getting old, gramps. I'm 19.

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Anyone here work in a /g/ related field?

When are some times you fucked up on the production release? Like leaving the word "nigger" in a .conf file or source code or something?
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I pushed a lockfile and it has my API keys and anything in my Shell environment

Tried to delete but git stores the binary of deleted files too
>anything in my Shell environment
oh fugg
Not prod, but I redeployed the demo environment in the middle of a demo once.

The automated demo deployment had failed, so I fixed the bug in the deploy script and kicked it off again. Of course, they'd done a manual workaround instead...

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