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Cat S60-2.jpg
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So I know a few other anons on here own the CAT S60. We have root now in case you dont follow the subreddit or XDA thread.

What works afaik:
lucky patcher

The stock ROM for this phone is almost pure AOSP aside from google cancer and a few "rugged" apps that BullitGroup added in.

Is there any software you /g/entoomen want me to test?
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Other then an entire OS?
which one?

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install glibc


why is /g/ such a good board compared to 99% others?
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less windows users compared to the rest of the site
less threads like this
more mods use it would be my guess

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Advanced users of GNU/Linux (and I mean advanced), remember to try Source Mage GNU/Linux. True source-based distribution, and (in contrast with Gentoo and Arch) is:
Free from obfuscated and pre-configured code.
Fully committed to GPL, uses only free software (as in freedom) in their main package.
With even the documentation licensed as FDL.
Without 3rd party patches, sensible defaults or masked packages.
Doesn't need obfuscated python libraries, only bash.
No systemd (they've implemented their own init scripts system http://sourcemage.org/Init).
Uses clean dependencies as they came from upstream developers, which by the same provides instant updates.
Can heal broken installs.
Can also use flags.

Do you like Arch Linux's AUR? Do you like Gentoo's portage (or ports-like) package manager? With SMGL's "sorcery" you get all that. Making new spells (package build files) not found in the grimoire (repository of spells) is easy http://sourcemage.org/Spell/Book

Bash hackers welcome! Come and join http://sourcemage.org/

Installing SMGL is easy, here's the simplified process:
>boot a live Ubuntu (or whatever) USB drive
>go to SMGL website and download compressed archive of the base system
>partition and mount partition(s)
>extract the archive onto the new partition(s)
>chroot, set root passwd, hostname, configure network and locale, write fstab, install grub/lilo
>compile a kernel (preferably the newest stable one from kernel.org)
>update sorcery, grimoires and the build toolchain
>rebuild the system (hold spells you've already built, so you don't build them twice)
The install guide will hold your hand through the whole process http://sourcemage.org/Install/Chroot
Do the chroot method, since the regular live ISO method guide is out of date currently.

Here's a list of common commands: https://pastebin.com/i4DALaNV (embed)
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For those interested in some history, Source Mage was originally called Sorcerer (first released in 2000, the same year as Gentoo), but due to some problems (around 2002), Sorcerer split into 3 distros: Lunar Linux (pretty much dead), Sorcerer (fork by the original creator, he took it offline for some reason and killed it) and Source Mage (with most of the original dev team).
By the time Source Mage got off the ground (2002), Gentoo had already amassed a large and vibrant community, basically leaving Source Mage in the dust.
Since Gentoo had much more momentum at a critical time, Source Mage remained in it's shadow ever since.
That's the reason why Source Mage is largely unknown now compared to Gentoo, despite technically being as old as Gentoo.

Despite all that, Source Mage is still a good distro.
The package management tools work well and there are still people working on them.
The problem is that the distro is so small right now, there are not enough people to maintain all the spells and keep them up with the upstream.
If you're goint to install it, you should use the test grimoire (it's not bleeding edge, but quite up to date and fine for my needs at least).
What does the source mage screenfetch look like
>Fully committed to GPL

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What are your favorite /g/ related Movies?
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This is a must-see documentary. Guy was decades before his time.
interesting thread here

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What does /g/ think of the X230 Thinkpad ?
Does it has the /g/ approval ?

>inb 4 OP is a poorfag
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I only have a X220, so I'm even poorer as you

Get that X230 and swap its keyboard with an X220 one

Nice !

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If Waterfox is so great and Free, then why does it still have Firefox sync integrated?
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Why wouldn't it?
because it's non-free
Waterfox isn't about disabling non-free shit, only default telemetry. It was originally a 64bit fork of Firefox, but now when firefox does have official 64bit and you can disable telemetry in less than 2 minutes waterfox is literally useless placebo.
IceCat is the "libre Firefox", not waterfox.

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what is it?
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Uploaded a torrent of the Last Samurai but I edited it to just cut to a AMWF porn half way through.
Nalimov tablebases and other pregenerated calculations that you wouldn't understand.
1.4 TiB rare Pepe collection I stole from some skid

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Whats the difference and when to use which?
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Websockets allow you to keep a persistent connection between the client and server. Overkill for REST though. Use them when you would otherwise need to poll.
The entire idea behind REST APIs is to use the standardized HTTP verbs.
>>>62254370 (OP)
>Websockets allow you to keep a persistent connection between the client and server. Overkill for REST though. Use them when you would otherwise need to poll.

What's the difference with HTTP/2?

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1MB, 1458x2340px
Is anyone else having trouble updating uBO filters on 1.14.4 version? 1.13.8 works fine.
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Is this Knightley or xenomorph?
works for me
It's clearly a werewolf.

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>be modern web design
>we should make a new design for our site
>shit the adblock faggots are ruining our revenue oy vey
>if we make shitty interfaces for computers that look OK on mobile, most normies won't go through the trouble of getting an adblocker on their mobile phones, once again exposing them to ads, and also giving a boost to the mobile industry, so the cycle can continue.
>oy vey a job well done.
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>not using newpipe
fine with me. usually when i see somebody watching an ad preroll on youtube and ask why they dont have adblock, they just tell me they don't care. so who cares?
that's why brave really shines on mobile.

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microsoft lying.png
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Why is Microsoft allowed to mislead like this by using 5 month old benchmarks?
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They are notorious liars.
>speedometer starts at 25 000

really makes you think
they all have their flaws

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>accidentally entered password for website x on website y
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>being this autistic
Passwords are hashed when sent. Even if they wanted to, they can't get your password
>Passwords are hashed when sent
says who? internet police?
on several occasions i've signed up for sites and had them send me a confirmation email containing my password in plain text.
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>accidently enter password in username box

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All Kevin fuckery aside, why is everybody in the Linux Community is shilling so hard for this distro? Is it more Mint like or Arch like?
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they're actually making desktop linux for normies viable. they're actually developing new software that improves the quality of life for desktop users with a coherent desktop interface that isn't horrifically ugly.
How are they doing that?
Does it have a GUI for everything? What makes it normie viable?
flat + drop shadow + soft blur

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Uhmm... anon... is that your enter key? Pffffahahah that's pathetic!

How can it be this small omg... I wonder what else is small about you... teehee!
It's like a little baby key! Meanwhile Harry and Hans both have large and proud enter keys like real men!

>still having a tiny baby enter key
enterlets, how can they ever compete?
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Wait, do burgers actually have enterlet keys??
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how can they even compete?
the most depressing thing about this thread is that it almost feels normal compared to all the other crap the mods let live in this board

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