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I know next to nothing about fonts and font rendering.

Redpill me /g/. What is font rendering exactly? Why should I care?

I got a fresh Ubuntu installation, is there some settings to know regarding font rendering? Using XFCE if that matters.
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it's typography for computers et al.

Macintosh wins in that regard
Calibri's so lame
Recent versions of Freetype fucked up no-anti-aliasing mode. You can fix it by putting:

in /etc/environment

If you do use anti-aliasing this will make things look worse.
Ubuntu has the best font rendering out of all distros. I never have to change font rendering options on Ubuntu. Idk if XFCE renders fonts differently compared to Unity. I've never used XFCE because I have more than 256 MB of RAM.

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If I start studying machine learning now will I be rich in five years?
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lmao machine learning is a meme for making shit tier selfie phone apps. learn a java framework like spring or SAP if you want $$$.
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no. by that time there will be an AI that can study machine learning better than you.

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Running a 4 year old laptop that only cost like $350 new, it came with Win8 but I hated it so I downgraded it to Win7. It's got an Intel B960 CPU and 8gb of RAM, along with a 720p screen. Would installing Win10 speed my laptop up a bit (I've heard it's less resource intensive) or have no effect? Just FYI I don't play games or anything on this laptop, also buying a new one is not an option at the moment because I'm in the middle of moving a couple of states away.
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Personally, I saw better results from installing windows 10 on my laptop (lower specs than yours), so you may very well see an increase in speeds like I did.
might as well just install a light weight distro
try it out first
it's still free (Free)

>Clover is go-
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Google desu
Stop using chinkshit.
Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
How do i enable legacy captcha on the latest build?

So i just got a promotion at work, and I will be typing up 50 page reports every day. I wanted to get a mechanical keyboard that wouldn't bother my co-workers (so no cherry keys). A friend of mine suggested a Topre keyboard, which looks really nice, but it's a bit expensive. I was wondering what other options I had in terms of a cheap, quite, mechanical keyboard.

TLDR: I need a quite mechanical keyboard. What do?
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promotion to secretary?
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Cherry MX boards are quite mechanical indeed. More so than Topre.
promotion to doing more work
wew lad

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>bu-bu-bu-but Linus is not a shill
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Intel cited fucking WCCFTECH in their goddamn slides.

Anyone who tries to make excuses for them is a confirmed shill.
AMDfags hate linus again?

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how to get all the threads in tile manner in rather than linear manner
>inb4 "GTFO newfag"
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I assume you mean
What the fuck is tile manner? Did you mean nested replies?
yes, can't find it settings

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Do you ever feel alienated by how much technology has progressed since you were first exposed to it?
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No. Keep up or get out.
No, but I do feel a little alienated by how tightly socjus has decided to wrap its tentacles around tech.
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Definitely when it comes to how people interact on newer social media platforms.

When I was a teenager I was part of that zeitgeist I guess, but now I can't believe the kind of stuff people willingly write on youtube etc. I feel confined to anonymous or semi-anonymous forums (chans, reddits, forums, irc).

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I'm sick of phone number verifications.

Isn't there an app to give you a fake number for this shit?
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There's the Burner app. But even Burner requires a real phone number.
You could also get a Google voice number, but again, botnet.

If you really want to keep your phone number detached from online botnet services, get an actual burner. Will cost you about $15 and maybe $5-10 re-up every 90 days.
>Google voice number
I'm fine with that.
How do I get it?
Google it

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>/g/ tells me to invest in AMD
>spend my savings on zen processors and am4 motherboards
>price still isn't higher than when I bought them

Have I been meme'd?
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Who knows.

Back in April though I bought a some of RX 580 cards for 260€/each and over the last couple of weeks I've sold them all for 350€-380€.
I think they meant the stock you dumbass.
Why would you think that the price of a cpu would go up?

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>want to order pizza online
>order website requires nonfree javascript
>tfw the botnet wants me to starve


Reaction image cropped from Pepper & Carrot by David Revoy, CC By
This post is copyright nonfree.pizza and available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license
By replying to this post you agree to license your contribution under the same CC BY-SA 4.0 license or compatible terms.
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Fuck off.
>just want to order pizza in freedom
>/g,/ freedoms capital of 4chan, tells you to fuck off
install gentoo

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I guess
Only if you use the updated version.
You can use every single operating system depending on how and what you are doing.
No security patches on Windows XP So Internet browsing is risky.

There's a new Raspberry Pi copy, but this time a drop in replacement, on kickstarter. It's powered by a s905X, typically used in the home video boxes, as it can handle 4k60fps by HDMI 2.0, and hardware decode h265 and vp9.

It's already founded, so i went for it.

It's probably not perfect for used the GPIOs, there's bound to be some limitations and small differences, but for the home piracy player and android TV machine as i intend to use it, it seems good.

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Nice shilling, goyim
that is one sexy, delicious thing yummy.
now I can be just like mr.robot.
Nice personal blog. Liked, Shared and Subscribed.

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Serious question here
My VPN provider told me they use the same IP for years because they can scan better what's going on and if someone is trying to mess up
Are they memeing me or the safest way is to a VPN provider change their server IP every day?
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Host your own vpn on a FreeBSD vps with openvpn on it
>using own VPN
no thanks
Not following this meme.
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>paying for other people to track you

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Are Xeons good or just a meme? I'm building a new PC that will run many processes at once and I'm thinking why not buy 2 Xeon E5 2670s ?
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They're for servers not home desktop usage. You can blow all your money if you want, idc..
Just buy some used ones, there are so many for sale

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