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Take a WiFi survey and post it here.
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Nice try
I don't have wifi broadcasting enabled. Wired everything.
So the feds don't discover your loli collection as it gets transmitted from your NAS?

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Hey im linuxnewfag &have an old Lenovo thinkpad x61 + SSD and 4GB RAM. Im currently running xubuntu.
Which linux would you guys prefer if you want performance, design/visuals and usability (run every app) ?
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Xubuntu with unity.
Anything that works.
XFCE preferably.
There is no absolute "God Tier" distro. I like Mint Mate for the stability. I can work, game, photo editing. Works good yo.

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>better better booru developer fucked off because of a bug

Someone on /g/ should fork it
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I mean when they dropped it

>Headphone purchase advice:

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.

If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

Previous thread - >>61275488
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first for traps
75$ budget
Max Comfort
Phone + laptop + walkman
Shitty 2$ IEMs
Any non chink proper IEMS that won't gape my earholes?
I really rather not get chinked.
This is a reminder that subjective reports of >$100 DACs/amps having a positive audible benefit to audio are entirely caused by the sound of headphones changing with slight movements on the head. Don't buy snake oil, /hpg/.

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So I inherited a Harman Kardon festival 300 from my mom, it works but my question was how can I get it connected to my pc over usb? ty
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How about posting a real fucking image of the back instead of a thumbnail?

Fucking moron
look it up
>over usb
What is wrong with just using a 3.5mm to RCA cable?

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>Check out free libs about x
>hundreds of options, open source, well documented

>Check out free hosting
>0 results

Why are admins so selfish? I just want a shitty server to host my shitty game.
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Developing a library costs time/money once. Hosting something costs money constantly.
Wow you are retarded. I hope no one important ever has to suffer through the displeasure of working with you
pay for your shitty shit, nigger

So what does /g/ think of Comcast?
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They are evil and constantly trying to lobby against net neutrality. Also I hate how they just decided one day to do a terabyte cap.
High speed internet is high speed internet.

Fuck their policies though.
Good internet, terrible company.

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Remember to degauss your monitor, anon.
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De-what, OP?
if you didnt degaus a crt it would lose image quality

we are not in 1990
Sir, you cannot degauss cake.

What do you think of Webmin /g/? Seems interesting and maybe something useful for quick management of a headless server.
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Maybe it's good, but I don't like to use it, I prefer the cli.
I've heard that it's not very secure and iirc it likes to run as root.
I usually do as well but a new tool is always nice to try out.

That is worrisome. Should be ok as long as you don't expose it to the internet.

Why aren't you using a BlackPhone, /g/?
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more like brickphone amirite
I don't get why more people on /g/ don't use BlackBerry

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>he pirates with torrents
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who is this faggot? I keep seeing him around but I don't recognize him
>he thinks there's a better option

great post, anon. One for the history books
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>he pays for a subscription for music

When it became known that primary Intel but AMD too put backdoors in their Hardware, People made a rough estimation what older Hardware could still be safe. Shortly after "News" spread that x86 got an security bug in hardware that goes waaaay back. This seems to coincidental to be true. Seeing as 32-Bit is phased out forcefully, even though it's still used, and many things go exactly the way systemd did in the linux community, I don't buy it.

You cannot have privacy on an x64 System, this is fact. I don't belive there is a "bug" on x86.

Do you really think it requires 16GB RAM to compile/ link a Browser? It was intentionally bloated like many other things.

This is a conspiracy, and you're part of it. I hope you'll burn in hell.
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The last non-botnet CPU is the AMD FX series.
I have FX-8370 myself and it has enough power for anything that I do. Video encoding, light gaming, compiling, virtualization, etc. Sure, more modern CPUs are faster, but the whole field has been stagnating so I'm not terribly pressured to upgrade.
My only complaint is that it runs hot, but the bundled Wraith cooler is enough it cool it so whatever.
Now that Ryzen is out, it's also ridiculously cheap.
My my 40% overclocked 8320 gets to like 40 45 degrees under load. I wish I knew about CPU settings so I could push it farther without a crash.
This is with the fucking 212 EVO, by the way. 4 case fans, but still, air-cooled.
>non-botnet CPU
This is what I mean, first post is a shill. There basically is no good Hardware post 2009, and here we have one claiming otherwise right away. Just like systemd, make a thread or a comment and there is always a systemd shill present.

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lets share our device IDs and folders and create a the biggest syncthing cluster ever.

get syncthing here => https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing

i'll start:
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It's a funny idea OP but I need to be able to use the space I have on my devices for things other than CP
You can use the minimum disk space option. so folders only sync when you have at least X Mbytes of free space available ;)
why aren't you running an nntpchan node anon?

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I need a linux distro that is good for noobs and idiots like me that can't figure out even a line of code without googling how to fix the damn thing
So yeah I need something popular (so it has a lot of apps), good linux distro that looks beautiful, runs well on a dual core processor or a shitting pentium 4
You know like those keks that upload a screencap of their desktop and they have some kind of "macbook taskbar" with good looking icons and that
That's probably fedora or something dunno
Just give me a linux distro that I specified
If you think fedora is good just type the damn thing, if not just say whatever distro is good
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install gentoo
Just get windows 7 moron
install solus

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Recent Videos:

if you were to meet up with him, would you be fine after or would you end up buried in his parent's backyard? asking for a friend
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