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Is the Basslet worth it or just a gimmick?
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Do you drop acid? The answer for that will also answer your question.

>Sending a lot of low frequency vibrations through a part of your body with a highly complex bone structure and tendons that can easily be damaged

I cannot wait for the news articles about 2 years from now
I bought one last month, dont get it dude. It's just a fancy vibrator.

Buy an iPad Pro. Get beats.

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i prefer the airpods desu
reverse shill?
but I bought my dad a iPad
shit was cash, no contest with android
I literally saw someone today wearing the wireless ones. I couldn't believe my eyes

Type heaven. Paid 270$ 6 months ago for this keyboard. Everyone said I was insane but I couldn't resist that sensual thock.

Just cleaning the keycaps now for the first time since getting it and I see that there's a decent amount of rust inside. I can't remember having any significant spills but I suppose over time some liquid must have gotten in.

If I'm super careful not to let moisture get anywhere near it will it still last a long time? Is there anything I can do to remove/treat the current rust to stop it from spreading? ???
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It just looks like droplets that where left from a spill if your that paranoid about corrosion just use a mixture of banking soda and water and scrub the rust with a toothbrush it won't take it off but it will neutralize any corrosion. I would also say get some paint but don't know anything that would be good for that
i literally water pick my keyboard clean calm the fuck down
that's what you get for falling for the meme. next time keep your fucking strawberry milk and dr. pepper away from your $300 keyboard you fat piece of shit

What is the maximum number of cores
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When you cluster an operation, as many as you can afford. But, on one chip.. 24 physical cores. See POWER9.
Something something GPU's

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More and more scientists are warning that within three decades superhuman robots could take over every job currently held by human beings.


According to cosmologist Max Tegmark, the world has little over 30 years to address the possibility of humans being replaced by superhuman machines—and that is the gravest threat facing humanity. Tegmark, who founded the Future of Life Institute alongside business magnate Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking, told the United Kingdom Express newspaper:

>"I think we have very little time to stave off this stupid arms race right now, basically glorified drones that make their own kill decisions. We might have a matter of decades to deal with the question of superhuman machines, which might sound like a very long time but it might take 30 years to get answers to AI safety research questions … I think the problem is that we've traditionally thought of intelligence as something mysterious the can only exist in biological organisms, especially humans. But intelligence is simply some kind of information processing performed by elementary particles that move around according to the laws of physics. There is no law of physics that says one can’t build machines more intelligent than us. We should really start now so we have all the answers by the time we need them and not the night before some dude on Red Bull decides to switch on super intelligence."

Last week, Musk and others penned a letter warning the United Nations to implement a ban on weaponized AI systems.
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Maybe the robots will actually ascend to the stars and claim our birthright for us, so it's definitely worth it
>people won't need to work
How is this bad?
something something you can only derive a sense of self worth if you spend 12 hours a day doing a monotonous task

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Do you let everyone around you see your wifi?
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Nope, I have my SSID broadcast turned off. It's a simple SSID and I know the password.

I also have a guest network SSID that is visible and on it's own VLAN segregated from my true LAN (and limited to only 250mbps max bandwidth). So if I have friends staying over they can still access the internet without me having to let them onto my private network.
any station in promiscuous mode can read the broadcasts for your SSID anyway. disabling this literally does nothing.

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Is there a way to get PHP 7 on Windows XP 32-Bit?
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for what fucking reason
Im a website designer
then use sketch and marvel app you faggot

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So BitChute is a peer 2 peer alternative to youtube.

But anon said that because of the nature of peer 2 peer connections, the other side will be able to see your IP address.
Is this true? Is BitChute a meme?
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>front page
>all trump, pepe, etc garbage

wow epic, take that google!
The other side doesn't need to see your IP in a p2p system - but mostly it does.

And so what? It's not like every single person who uses BitTorrent gets a visit from the Police either.

It I guess would be possible to use onion routing for BitChute and but think about the added latency. Do you want to go to some video site and click the video you want to play and wait an hour for it to buffer enough to start viewing it?

Cat videos won't appear until cat videos are censored.

Think of BitChute as a measurement of free speech at Google, it's essentially an overview of what kind of content isn't allowed there.
>front page of YT
>all trump, PewDiePie, John Oliver, etc garbage
wow epic, take that Bitchute!

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Source Code: https://git.teknik.io/Zero3K/OrionIRC
IRC Channel: #orion via synIRC (Server List available at https://www.synirc.net/servers)
Webchat: http://cgiirc.synirc.net/
32-Bit Download Link: http://files.tellini.info/OrionSetup.exe
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is that windows 95?
I am running it on Windows 7 with the Classic Theme.

*smacks lips*


*cashes welfare check*

We was XDCC ?

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Gnu is clearly unix. Gnu IS unix
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GNU's Not Usable
Gnu's noy UNIX©

Not without a kernel, try Linux, its highly recommended

>not using 4096 bit ssh keys
>using backdoored RSA

its like you want the NSA to get into your server and steal your loli.

here's a guide, fix your openssh setup fags

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Nice guide, thanks. Mods can lock the thread now.
>security advice
lel there's a letsencrypt guide coming up soon

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why in the hell OOP-fags has to over-complicate sometime as simple and elegant in C style like
  fwrite (buffer , sizeof(MY_DATA_TYPE), sizeof(MY_DATA_TYPE)*bufferSize); fileDescriptor);

with their tons of crap Streams...


and the worse parts

>AnalButthurttedBuffer( new PenisEnhancedBufferReader())
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For the same reason that Pajeet thinks she builds enterprise software while kneeling under someone's desk.
Who is this curry semen demon?

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why arent you gaming outdoors with your own gas powered inverter generator and fully desktop setup anon?

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don't wanna be caught masturbating to strange images
i'll just bring my Republic of Gaymers gayming laptop and play games for ~one hour and forty minutes when I go camping
I used to play games outdoors a lot. It's actually -really- comfy on a nice cool, overcast day with a breeze going. I had a little JVC TM-13U video monitor I'd take outside and sit on the picnic table and run an extension cord out to it and hook up my Dreamcast.

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Are the computer science courses from edx any good?
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idk i'm doing cs50 but it gets hard really fast. You definitely will want to do some outside reading.
there is a pythoncourse that starts tomorrow it has five parts from rice university. it is pretty tough but it doesnt jump around like cs50 and the teacher is good. If coursera and edx are too hard go to udacity and do some baby shit to get your feet wet
I have some exp but honestly im a fucking pleb working a min wage job and trying to somehow learn some shit so I can actually get a normal job somehow without an education

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being pythonic is really just about not doing anything out of the ordinary because that's too hard
what happened to that poor snake
it stucked at 2.7

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