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What happens if I set up VPN 'client' on my vps server? Can I run my website truly anonymously?
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So I have RT-N56U as my router which advertises 300Mbps wireless speed. My internet connection is 100Mbps. When I run speed test on my main computer I get what's advertised wether I'm connected wirelessly or by cable, but when I run the tests on any other deviced (ipad, PS4, tv) I get really shit speeds between 10-25Mbps. Location doesn't seem to matter.

Any idea? I've reset the router already and upgraded the firmware. Only thing I can think of is that my wireless adapter on pc is from Asus too, is there some speacial technology that only works between products of same brand.
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I had this router, it dropped the wireless connection repeatedly after a few weeks of use. I also got lower speeds than advertised on everything (30mbps down when my plan is 80mbps down). I bought a TM-AC1900 for my house (might be overkill for a small home), and it works flawlessly so far.

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I'm designing a netbook that's VR ready

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I'm an autist that has already has a "vr ready" smartphone. AMA
how good is your english?
native, i'm just autistic and rewrite my posts 3 or 4 times before I post it.

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Show your Homescreeen Iphone
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GREAT thread
Check your fucking gmail jesus christ
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whatever happened with ekansovi?

did we ever figure out what it did?
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It was gone a month ago, probably hiro knew what we were on about. Dunno about the further details.
It had to be some shady shit if he pulled the plug so quickly after being discovered. Mods deleted threads about it afterwards if iirc
We embedded it in scripts that would break the site experience if blocked so mentally ill autists like you could get a grip on your collective delirious psychoses

2-hour long animated films have much smaller file sizes than 2-hour long live action films encoded with the same codec and settings?
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Less detail in animated films
Each frame is more detailed.

This also means there's more difference between frames, resulting in higher compression size.
plain colour patterns are easier to compress in the animated films, also less keyframes make a big difference.
RL stuff on the other hand has more action, movement, changing colour patterns and also artifacts being a result of bad lighting or camera settings.

A lot of possibilities, really.

Is there something as versatile and well supported as Python BUT WITHOUT FUCKING WHITESPACE INDENDATION?
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this desu
Lua breh

So now what do I use to contact normie HR guys who probably think PGP is a kind of drug? I'm sure they won't appreciate my @hitler.rocks address.
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@lastname.com of course.
spoofing their address ofc
but muh features

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Let's suppose google at some point builds this massive supercomputer running a neural network system that can access the sales of products of everyone paying google to include em on this service (this being it's "goal"), and this neural network also have full access to the internet AND google services.
Let's also suppose that google will just keep increasing it's power and code quality to reach the goal of increasing the sales numbers.

What kind of bullshit things you think it would do, other than hacking itself to give itself a higher score?
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No one is responding to this because you posted Google Chrome. Today is Firefox Nightly hype day.
It's going to show you even more relevant ads

Neural networks can't go outside of their programmed scope, stop being a retard

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tfw a fucking rust os is more appalling than any linus/stallman monstrosity

linuxfags on suicide watch
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both are shitty archaic memes, install plan9+inferno
Does it even have software? Is it even stable? Does it even run games on linux level?

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Should we be concerned that this is happening even more often than before? It seems like every day more software is removed from the App Store and Android's Market.

>It used to be it took government action to get a website to remove certain content, and now all it takes is something that threatens to be offensive to someone

Can we ever recover out Internet to be the free, fun-loving provocateurs it used to be, or will we slowly sink further in this rabbit hole without a way out.
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Why are you mad that walled gardens have conditions of entry. If you want to be free, use the web and not these shitty native apps.
Who cares about the play store? It's google's selection of apps.
Just use fdroid
Any context for this?

Why is reCAPTCHA v1 no longer supported when it's infinitely better/faster than v2? The new version randomly seems to work when it wants to even when following it's directions.
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It is still supported.
The only time you have to use v2 is for thread creation.
Hmm, why doesn't it work for thread creation? Seems odd.
Man I really hate that shitty new captcha.

> Select the squares with vehicles
Okay, I'll select these cars, but what about this biycycle? That's a vehicle right? WRONG. And what about these fucking cars I can slightly see but they're mostly obscured by trees? Fuck knows.

> Select the squares with street signs
Okay, but the signs go slightly outside the bounds of a square and into the next square, so I should select that one too right? Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. And what about the poles? Are they part of the sign?

Sometimes it makes me go through like ten fucking pages of captcha before it lets me through. The legacy ones are so much better.

what is this?
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you have to go back, phoneposter
I mean what does it mean?
looks like an OH-58 Kiowa to me senpai

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What does /g/ think about the Talos II?
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Or buy a Thinkpad and Libreboot it. Costs much less.
Is this going to be another gofundme that doesn't even reach $10k
Can you do that to new thinkpads?

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How many of you fell for the second grade korean panel meme?
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qnix used to be the choice back in the day, these days crossover has better qa of second rate panels, but hey - the prices are just so insanely good compared to the so called 'first' rate panels
good stuff
>fell for

I've been using two 1440p 96Hz IPS 27" panels since early 2014, cost me $650 (total). No dead pixels on either, only a bit of backlight bleeding on one. Don't think I'll replace these for years.

What were you saying?

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