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How do I contribute to a Linux library? I'm not a very good programmer but I know C and I'm a NEET and would like to feel like I'm doing something with my time.
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His daughter is hot.
>linux library
>posting the kernel

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>€480.00 for merely 40% as the upfront cost

I don't really own a phone yet, so I am wondering whether this is worth the money. I suppose the cost isn't so bad if its total lifecycle cost is cheaper than owning numerous planned obsolescence phones over several years?

Sort of anxious that if I pass up on this, and this gets manufactured and sells out, it will be a long while before there is a freedom respecting device like this again.
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Waste of money
>The Neo900 has a 1 GHz TI OMAP 3730 Cortex-A8 single-core processor (up from a 600 MHz OMAP 3430 chip), 1GB of RAM (up from 256MB), and a 3.5 inch TFT 800 x 480 pixel resistive touchsreen display (about the same as the original, but with support for dual-touch input).

what the fuck

I think this is roughly the same spec as my old laptop which I had from 2005 to 2009, and loved dearly.

Pick one.
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>speed rank 6th vs 19th
>buying an AMD product
Do you even need to ask?
amd fanboys will still defend it for some reason.

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Could you recommend some good and extensive tutorials on passing 2d arrays to functions in C? Whenever I think I start to understand the subject one little program modification proves to me that I have no clue what's going on and why.
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A 2d array is an array of arrays. An array is a pointer to a block of memory. Pass a pointer-to-pointer and two dimensions.
int dosomething(int **array, int max_x, int max_y) {
for(int i = 0, i < max_x, i++)
for(int j = 0, j < max_y, j++)
printf("array[%d][%d] is %d\n", i, j, array[i][j]);
How do I interpret such error
note: expected ‘char **’ but argument is of type ‘char (*)[(sizetype)(max_chars)]’|
What is a char**? It is "a pointer to (or an array of) a pointer to char".
What is a char (*)[...]? It is "a pointer to (or an array of) an array of chars of size ...".
The compiler expected you to pass a char[][] but you passed a char*[].

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Which one would you be more willing to fuck, anon?
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where's amd vega?
It's drivers crashed trying to render the image.
>intel HD is bad meme
To be honest its surprising how good games run at 720p.

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What do you use to browse 4chan on Android?
Clover or Browser
And if browser, what browser do you prefer? I prefer Samsung stock browser.

Also android app thread
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Chrome for browsing all web on Android.

Pi Music Player
Chase Mobile
Amazon shopping
How is it superior to Clover?

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Just how much is Nokia N92 worth?

I see people asking $500 for this piece of shit.
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Who would buy it for that much?
collectors and shit

I seriously don't know.

I want one because it looks cool but sellers insist it's worth $500 and I don't wanna pay that much.
There are only a bunch of them out there and the sellers have decided together to pump the price up.

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>Content Creator
I swear if I hear this term one more time
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>film maker
>internet entertainer
>content creator

choose one
I currently make how to vidoes for 82-92 fbodys.
I like to make videos to provide quality content to the community I'm a part of.

So how is the term "Content Creator" Wong?

What does a mobile operating system need 2.6gb of ram for?

When we are getting rid of this android meme and get phones running native code with minimal memory usage?
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Unused RAM is wasted RAM, OP
>What is cache
When Indians start learning C instead of Java

Are Windows phones still a thing? I've only ever seen one irl and it was a worksphone. Can you still buy them? Can you use them as a mini laptop?
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Not exactly. MS will still develop mobile software, but "Windows Phone" as a brand identity was killed off last month. I'm sure you could still buy old stock if you want but they're not going to get any software updates. And no, the one thing MS never did well (despite having every opportunity to pursue it) was to bridge the mobile and desktop Win10 experiences together.

I liked my WP but it's definitely inferior to what both Android and iOS can offer me.
>it's definitely inferior to what both Android and iOS can offer me

I'm not OP but can you explain a couple reasons why?.

I have always assumed Windows phones to be shit and annoyingly useless, just never felt like wasting my time to prove myself right and not sure what exactly I'm right about.
i think people use them for GPS. they apparently are randomly really good at that or something.

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>tfw fell for the linux meme
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just install GNU operating system at the top and it will work
It's a good OS, anon. You should give it a try.

It has everything I need.
we all been there OP. Now that you have seen how shitty it is you can stop worrying about it.

Where were you when openmailbox was kill?
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what is the rationale behind making external access paid?
there's already a thread about this, delete.
next time check the catty first.
jesus I just checked the site to see how I can configure my thinderbird and what the fuck is this shit
hello protonmail, you'll get my money

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>torrent client
>Vuze devs
>GPL v2
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It's Vuze with proprietary bits and ads removed. Very feature rich but heavy on memory. main devs are cool dudes they will probably respond if you find bugs but I don't think they are working full time on it anymore
still written in java. AHAHAHASA

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Who here /overkill/?

>have 6950X and 1080ti even though I only have a 1080p monitor and pretty much only play CSGO and older titles
>1200W PSU even though my system is only pulling around 600W from the wall (ive checked with a power meter)
>intend to buy a ThreadRipper CPU even though the closest I ever come to multitasking is maybe having chrome open in the background when im playing CSGO so I can listen to music on youtube
>had a 1TB SSD since 2013 when they were insanely expensive
>despite all components being overkill still overclock them as much as possible
>64GB of RAM of course

I can't figure out why if you build a PC you'd do it with anything less than the best of components, what's the deal with people who do that?
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Cool story, bro. I wish it had some dragons.
>ryzen 1700
>16gb ram
>4 noctua case fans
>noctua cpu cooler
i only browse 4chan
loads of poor slav subhumans in here who dream of having components newer than 2010

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hi /g/

I recently got a cheap r9 290x from my friend and I got them into crossfire on my motherboard

My question is: is it worth it to upgrade my mobo? I have a 16x and a 4x slot and I don't think the second board is on its full usage for crossfire

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It's not even worth it to crossfire even if the second card is free
I hope you plan to water cool them if you do, I have 1 r9 390, and it's a good enough space heater as it is, but having two of them, Jesus, I'd only do it in winter.
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why so ? Statistically, it would beat the 1080

It's 40C here and I'm affraid to open up speccy to check on it

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