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Why is there no web converter on Android so I can post video clips to enhance my on the move shitposting?
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Because androids are capitalist corruption that want to take your control away.

Hack, install a real linux on it, have niceday.
We all know this will only reduce the number of options

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I come to you asking for advice and guidance

I'm on Discord. I'm worried about being shut down and am looking for another platform.
I came across gitter.im. I'm trying to stay away from goolag's web and am looking for something secure.
Gitter is open source and here's the source:
I'm not asking for anybody to sift through all that, just for your interest.

My main questions were: has anyone used Gitter and what do you think about it?
and how secure is open source?
If something claims to be open source, how likely is it that people are looking at the code?
How worried should I be about this stuff?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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bump & poop
There's a free version of discord that have lots of servers that like freedom of speech. It's called IRC.
>I'm on Discord. I'm worried about being shut down and am looking for another platform.

Iv never used Discord, but cant you make private chats?

Show me what you got.
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>Show me what you got.
Reposts and more reposts.
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is anybody else on the botnet?

How are they?
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It's cost prohibitive for me given the amount of data I use.
Their plan only make sense for low data users.

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>mfw he hasn't pre-ordered a Basic Talos™ II Bundle

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Like you're one to judge where people get their compute power from.
>keeps reaction images after downloading them

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Bullshit article. Meanwhile, we just keep wortking and coding.

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Is this /ourdistro/?
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No but this is your sage
HAHAHA how is OP going to recover?

Kill yourself. A fucking thread died... for this?

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>trying to compile a lede image
>put ubuntu on a VM
>follow this guide step by step https://forum.lede-project.org/t/quickstart-guide-compiling-lede/431
>make sure Im not missing anything
>1 hour later Im ready
>me tries again
>another error
>"type make -j1 V=s" to see whats going on
>lots of shit going on in the screen, kinda like typing tree over and over again
>30 minutes later the thing ended, I still don't know what went wrong

it cant possibly be this hard. how do Linux users deal with this on a daily basis?
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It usually prints some error in a last few lines with the usual make. Googling helps.
>make [1] image
make -r image: build failed. please r-run make with -j1 V=s to see what's going on.

That's what i got. I mentioned in OP too. Asked in the forum and some guy said "start from scratch" (JUST). Then I started from scratch twice and still got errors.
Why don't you just grab a precompiled binary for your router from their website? You don't need to build it yourself unless there's something you want to change in the source code.

Is this too good to be true?


It's a Dell optiplex. I remember thread a while back about these things.
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nice link
It's worthless junk now that ryzen is a thing.
Follow this link >>>/g/pcbg

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Is there a way to software emulate the quality of an RCA video cable on a windows PC?
Something OS-wide would be appreciated.
I can also use wrappers like Reshade or SweetFX for games, but don't know of such a feature.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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I have text of SSL certificate.
How I can, based on this text, detect key length?
If I just count all text letters - I have another number, not 2048.

Then, for example on sslchecker.com I have "Vendor signed" - Yes value.

How I can to know if certificate signed or not (with openssl or by logic) ? If "issued by" values on sslchecker.com exists - signed?
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>pajeets trying to figure out how to security
bottom kek
openssl x509 -in public.pem -text -noout | grep "RSA Public Key"
RSA Public Key: (2048 bit)

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>650€ after 1 year of waiting for GTX 1060-1070 performance

Has AMD lost their mind?
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MSRP is lower though, price gouging is due to miners emptying the shelves.
just wait for navi

Hi /g/ I'm planning to install xubuntu on my x220. What essential/useful programs should I download after a clean install?
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I usually start with my browser of choice and wavemon. Gotta get the internet squared away since that's the gateway to any other installations and troubleshooting.

Lots of people use laptop power tools but personally I think they're not worth it.
Install solus.

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My work requires me to go into different places so I can't build my own PC and is forced to buy a laptop.

Considering getting Helios 300 or Aspire VX 15.
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Pick one

How long will take to Microsoft just port windows infra to Linux as a subsystem ? And start to focus more on what is really worth: Good Aplications because the worst part of windows is the bogus NT kernel.
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