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>Oops, we have detected you have an illegal apk installed! Don't worry, we have removed it and filed a report for your own security
What the ACTUAL fuck
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Have fun with your shitty virus apks while I am protected from threats by Google.
>he still has gapps
What the ACTUAL fuck

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>Not developing your own text editor in under 1000 LOC in C

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Which text editor should I use for developing it?
None. Just echo everything to a file from your shell.

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>Facebook Home flopped
>Facebook Deals flopped
>Facebook Credits flopped
>Facebook Phone flopped
>Facebook Gifts flopped
>Notify flopped
>Places flopped
>Stories flopped

How are they still alive?
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Core Facebook is still very much alive

they bough watsup and instashit


more like a digital graveyard for your grandparents and 3rd worlders
700 million vegetables feeding it data to sell

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Why not?
there are better and more secure alternatives out there
Cool. Name one other that uses memory-safe Rust code.

Why doesn't everything use reverse polish notation? It makes more sense.
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Too difficult for the dumb dumbs to understand as it takes more than 2 braincells to parse the syntax.
For calculators, sure.
For computers it's easy to implement, look at postscript. But it's a pain in the butt to write by hand (I tried it, it's fun for a while).

I would rather not do calculus and linear algebra in RPN. Or suggest a sane notation for derivatives, integrals and sums in RPN.
The only reverse Polish thing I ever want to see is Poland invading Germany and killing all rapefugees

is this still the /g/ router of choice, or am I totally outdated
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you are totally retarted.

tp-link is cheap chinese crap. also they started to block 3rd party firmwares recently.
That never was the router of choice. Any modern ASUS with Merlin firmware, or any other router with custom firmware are better options.
well what is the /g/ router of choice now then?

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>Facebook sold ads to a shadowy Russian company seeking to target voters during the 2016 US election campaign, the company told congressional investigators earlier this Wednesday. Facebook’s chief security officer, Alex Stamos, later revealed in a blog post published today that over 470 accounts spent over $100,000 to buy around 3,000 ads. The company representatives told the congressional committee that it has linked these inauthentic accounts to a Russian “troll farm” that has a history of pushing pro-Kremlin propaganda.
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Imagine how would things go if this jew didn't sell ads
Not much different. They'd just invest in other medium or tools.

There's no law against election advertisement in Russia. Noting weird of buying ads.

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iPhone 5s.jpg
1MB, 3319x2490px
The pinnacle of smartphone design
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>glossy screen
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What went wrong?
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>implying it's more hackable than other free and open-source text editors
Github is children company, MS fuck so hard

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Computer idiot here. Every time I boot windows, just before the password screen some text appears asking me to "check hard drive for inconsistency", "check hard drive for bad sectors" or some shit like that. I usually press any key and skip the process. But today, when that screen popped, I was making some coffee and forgot to skip the process. It was at 49% completion and it just got stuck there. Since I'm very impatient, I resetted, booted again and this time I skipped that shitty process. But now, a lot of movies, documentaries, anime and many more data at root C: folder are corrupted and I can't play them at all. Is there a way to get them back or do I need to torrent it all. I'm so mad and pissed right now.
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Make backups of the data you store on chink drives idiot
If you don't know, don't act on it as if you know.
>oh hey, your ntfs volume isn't marked clean, want me to check that for you so you don't run into further damage?
>no? oh okay, you're the boss
>oh, want to check it now? cool, cool, hold up while i check things ou- *reboot*
now your fs is a mess, and guess who's fault it is?

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Who here running Temple OS?
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If I was, I wouldn't be able to post here, considering it doesn't have networking support.
>niggers don't remember original Losetheos threads
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I do.
TempleOS has had networking support for quite awhile now.

So /g/, what happened to the discussion on Tox? A year or so ago there was alot of development and discussion going here. Either way, I'm using Signal and Wire. Anything else you'd recommend?
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these things are literally never gonna have a userbase
the general public cares about convenience and features over privacy
everyone's already using whatsapp, fbm, etc and literally don't care to switch and will never care
the closest you're gonna get to something remotely useful is telegram or if you trust whatsapp, whatsapp
My friend works at pic related, they make an app called SudoApp. I've never actually used it so I can't vouch for it but he was telling me about it the other day

>A zero-knowledge, E2E encrypted communications and utility app for managing secure calls, texts and emails. Reveal as much or as little personal and private information as you want – while having the flexibility to call, text and email anyone, anywhere, even if they don’t have SudoApp. No more walled gardens, in-network limits or use-in-exchange-for-spam. One secure utility: 100% private and under your control.
I looked into it. Wire seems better.

Windows 10 removed linux partition overnight with their gay update. I have a meeting in one hour. What the fuck!
Now it boots to grub rescue and the linux partition is formatted clean!!!

>Can't boot any OS now.
>Still can't turn off automatic updates
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>Chinese government
The lesser evil.
>things that never happened
It happened now on 4/44 machines in the lab.
Fucking windows update.

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Do PSUs degrade over time?
I used this psu (Chieftec 650W) for 6 years without problems on my last setup(phenom ii x4 965 + ATI 6870).
Now i switched to i5 7600k + 1060. i am having random restart issues and dont know if its psu or something else.

anyone could give me their piece of mind, please?
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>Intel cpu
You did this to yourself dumb shill.

Go get sell that intel shit and get ryzen. Might as well get vega
Electrolytic capacitors eventually degrade, so its not impossible, especially since Chieftec isn't really renowned as a paragon of quality. But the days of capacitor plague are long gone, and six years isn't ALL that old for a PSU. and plenty of things cause instability.

Still I would try to get your hands on a new PSU and see if that fixes the problem.
change psu, I had same problem before: first psu burned, changed to very similar psu, with the time start random reboot, exhaustive memory tests running all night and nothing, even reinstalled OS again, but finally have to spend more money to get a better quality psu (cougar) than stock case, now run smoothly

What's a good Raspi alternative with good USB and Ethernet thoroughput?

I plan on using it for a NAS, Nextcloud, torrenting and mail server.

I'm using an 2nd gen EEE PC right now, but I want to push the power consumption even lower.
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Also, the EEE only has 100Mbit ethernet.
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