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please be nice this is a safe zone
Jesus, fuck off back to /pol/ or something.
Probably around when moot gave up.

First time making a hackintosh and I'm stuck at the apple logo and the whole system restarting. It keeps looping in clover.

I'm using transmac to set up the USB to install and everything seems to work fine with the creation until I boot from it.

What am I doing wrong?
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Usb3.0 makes the kernel panic
Turn that shit off
This. Turn off the USB stuff in the clover config page.
The disabling is on bios anon
I know this because an Alienware x51 can't have usb3.0 turned off so it will never be a hackintosh.

Do you think National security agencies infiltrate people on open source communities to fill software with vulnerabilities?
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Yes its called Lennart Poettering the CIA nigger.
If they don't, they're not doing what I'm paying them to do. On the other hand, I'm also paying them to ensure the security of MY systems. On the gripping hand, it's hard to ensure the security on our work and reduce the security of others' work. Personally, I lean toward letting the bad guys be as secure as I am, rather that my being as insecure as the bad guys are.
But they couldn't infiltrate Linux/GNU could they? It's too closely watched, r-right?

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>Pic related
Today i was at a thrift shop and I bout a monitor, 23 inch Veiwsonic vp2330wb for $13, it came with a usb cable and a vga cable, but not a power cable. Can you guys help identify what kind of power cable this needs, its not the normal 3 pin ones. And theres basically no info about this monitor on google.
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>3-pin (CEE22) plug

Fucking two seconds in Google.
The 3-pin (CEE22) plug doesn't plug in anywhere on this monitor, and that first article barely talks about anything. The 4pin connector area is the power connector, I want to know what thats called.

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did Amazon block kodi? I type in http //fusion.tvaddons.ag in source and get an error about not being able to connect
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Maybe. My app still works because I had it installed prior to the shut down but I cannot add it to other devices. It still streamed movies up until like 2 nights ago when it was spotty.

Kodi is a media player though, I don't know why it's being so aggressively attacked. Probably because it offers more third party app support than Amazon store does. Exodus should be banned for instance, not Kodi.
>using kodi streaming addons

Sent from my Vertex Poker 3
I guess I should not have updated cause now I can't get it to work

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>born just in time to cleanse the zomified commiefornia
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> California
> Google
how is this allowed???
where the fuck is the government?
how the fuck can an evil company like Google just do something that can impact lives of millions of people???


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So, yesterday I created a new Twitter account, and when I was about to post my first fucking tweet on that account, I got this message:

"This request looks like it might be automated. To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, we can't complete this action right now. Please try again later."

Apparently, it is an old recurring problem with no actual solution. I've already changed my password twice, but the error persists.

What do you suggest that I do to fix this?
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Try having an original thought I guess
great blog post, upvoted

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Just got my first android phone. What should I know or do first?
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you should frick off phone shitter
Install Gentoo
Why the fuck did you buy lg g5 you fucking retard

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I need a new router, can someone point me to a good resource for choosing one? I've looked around a little and the archer c7 seems pretty decent for the price. One with built in DNS pointing features would be nice as well. I haven't bought a router since wrt54g was the one to buy.
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Dedicated pfsense box with seperate wifi access points.
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pic related OP
How does that compare price-wise?

These are the top paid apps in the Windows 10 Store. It's worse than the Gnome Software repository that comes with Ubuntu. I am embarrassed to be a Windows user.
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>$17 to play DVDs
krita is freelibreopen software, how can they sell that stuff
top lel

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AMD: crap...we are running out of options, we can’t keep competing with Intel.

Intel: look at our slightly faster fancier CPU’s.

AMD: This is our last shot at making a CPU, let’s show intel what we got.

*releases ryzen*

Intel: oh crap, I think they actually did it. What do we do now? We didn’t plan for this.

*Intel: internally melts down*
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ty for the blog post
good thread
a new low has been set for shitposting

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On this day in 1969 Apollo 11, the mission to took America to the moon, was successfully launched.

It was done with the most powerful machine ever devised by man.

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Who gives a shit. Space is the gayest fucking thing I can think of desu.

Maybe Reddit cares. We don't.
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>took America to the moon
Oh boy, here we go!
no man has walked on the moon you brainwashed retards

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List operating systems from patrician to plebian.
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Patrician: whatever gets the job done

Pleb: caring about distros
>Respectable Distros:
Debian, Gentoo, Redhat, CentOS, Slackware, Linux From Scratch (not technically a distro yet, but becomes one when you're done), *BSD

>"I like to go with the latest trendy things and pretend I know about Linux but I need my hand held and can't handle a real os" Distros:

>User friendly or "noob" Distros:
*buntu, Mint, Arch, Crunchbang, Fedora

>"What? Oh I forgot about those, no one cares" Distros:
OpenSUSE, Sabayon, PCLinuxOS, Mandriva, Lunar, Xandros

>Laughably useless in the real world:
Windows, Mac OS X, Arch

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Is linus /ourguy/????
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hi linus. no you're not /ourguy/. hope this doesn't kill your self boner.
but look I put /g/ on the laptop graphics its mean i'm your guy pls
He literally namedrops /g/ in the latest WAN show

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Do you turn your computer off at night ?
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nah, i wouldnt be so cruel
inb4 the same braindead retards that always go "no bcuz the sparks wear down the electronics lul"

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